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EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Records) are a revolution, especially during the pandemic. Not only have they effortlessly shifted medical treatment and care to an online medium but have also created many opportunities.

With EHR and EMR services, a patient can have a consultation with the best doctors to get the most effective treatment in the comfort of their homes. This means a patient can consult doctors located at different places, continents, etc. 

Many companies are providing such services but one of the most prominent is HealthmarkIT. HealthmarkIT is one of the foremost companies providing exceptional EHR and EMR services. With an exhaustive list of loyal and satisfied clients, they are one of the most prominent EHR and EMR solutions providers to watch out for, 2022.

The Company

HealthmarkIT is a healthcare IT consulting firm focused on the build, installation, training, and upgrade of a hospital’s EMR (electronic medical record) systems. The company was founded in 2015, with an aim – “To be an advocate to the client and consultant alike, in helping them reach and achieve their goals.”

The mission statement of the organization is – “Your Vision…Our Mission,” and the team of HealthmarkIT lives up to this mission, striving to provide their clients with perfection and the best services possible.

The founders have been working in the HealthCare field for decades and have seen many changes in the industry. They witnessed the relationship between consultant and consulting firm being diminished in the industry. After gathering experience in versatile roles, understanding the industry right down to its core, they founded HealthmarkIT, which is beneficial to changing that trend and creating a successful company while setting a standard for others to follow. 

There were many initial challenges for HealthmarkIT. Despite the leadership team having precise expertise and immense experience in the HealthCare industry, known for their work, establishing a name and achieving recognition was a major challenge.  

The next challenge was getting the opportunity to prove themselves as most clients were hesitant of trusting a new company in such a major and integral field.

Factors Pushing HealthmarkIT to Success

Jeff Urban HealthmarkIT Quote
Jeff Urban, COO, HealthmarkIT

Their success is rooted in their culture. They are very steady and consistent with their services and standards, what you got yesterday, is the same thing you will get tomorrow. While consistency breeds familiarity, it can also be a hindrance to growth.

They continuously and relentlessly strive to get better. While giving their best recommendation for the client’s needs/wants, they meticulously work towards finding the best solution, even if it is referring to someone else that has better expertise to their exact need than them.

Jeff’s Take on the Competition in the Market and how He Deals With It

If your only goal is to beat the competition, then it can be tremendously motivating. But that’s not the case in our business. Our industry, and business in general, is a non-zero-sum game. Our success does not have a dependence on a competitor’s loss, or vice-versa. Just because someone got knocked down, doesn’t mean you got taller.

“I welcome competition. I believe we are the best consulting firm in the country…. Period”, Jeff responds. “If someone does things in a new way or better way, we have the flexibility to use this new knowledge to improve.” 

You cannot be the best without competition. However, it is not an “us versus them” scenario, and to think it is, is short-sighted at best. It is completely about the client and the consultant. What are we doing to make their situations better every day? 

We hold our success, or failure, in our own hands. We have consciously chosen to be better and learn from every scenario where we can be better. That is not the easy route, but it is the only way to be the best…and make tomorrow better!

Services Offered by HealthmarkIT and What Sets Them Apart

HealthmarkIT is entirely service-based. They empower their clients to see the value of the technology they have and are looking at. They are experts at identifying talent and providing them with the tools to be successful in their contracts that can help reduce error and wasteful spending. 

This allows the next person more free time to focus on different things, and so on. It truly has a ‘trickle up’ effect.  

Jeff Urban HealthmarkIT Quote
Jeff Urban, COO, HealthmarkIT

Their growth has been very consistent. While the pandemic has had dramatic effects, they were able to maintain their level and standards. They didn’t expand, but also didn’t contract.  

This is due to their low overhead model, and strong relationships with their clients. They have seen significant growth in the last few months, as they have loyal and recurring clients, and new clients at the same rate.

All this adds significance to their upcoming growth, expansion plans, and sets them apart from the competition in the market!

How HealthmarkIT Goes a Step Ahead with the Changing Times and Trends

Healthcare technology is changing at a rapid pace. The EMR integration with different ERPs and other software, to have a single spot for everything has the potential to change the focus of companies. The “Best of Breed” organizations are running into problems and will be searching for an integrated solution.  

Also, EMR’s and the industry are beginning to expand into what many would consider “ancillary” areas. Dental, vision, long-term care, etc. are beginning to move toward installing or integrating with an EMR. This is only positive, as the long-term goal is a complete and all-inclusive record of a patient’s healthcare. You can’t necessarily have that if you have no inclusion of these “ancillary” areas.

This is where HealthmarkIT carves its name as one of the best in the field with a team of experts that are always up to date with the changing times and trends. 

Using their varied and superior experience, they knew what had worked in the past, and could lead to success in the future. Their tactical methods may have changed, and their angle of approach has adjusted to different communication methods (text, email, and video meetings have replaced phone calls and traveling meetings), but the fundamentals of the industry don’t change.

These factors not only set the company apart but also make them one of the most client-oriented companies in the industry, evolving with the trend, and innovating with the best services possible.

Leadership at HealthmarkIT

Leadership at HealthmarkIT consists of experts in the field with experience in many roles and all the sides of Healthcare IT. Not only should a leader be able to defy challenges, but also create the same feeling in the team. HealthmarkIT is lucky to have a leader just like this! One of these leaders is Jeff Urban.

As Co-founder and COO of HealthmarkIT, Jeff Urban redefines leadership but also makes sure that his team is nurtured and evolved into leaders of tomorrow, taking the company and its services ahead as their own!

He started his professional career in Kansas City in the accounting and finance staffing world. After a few years, he founded a small staffing firm and had it for two years. After selling and merging into another organization, he decided to start over, and moved to Dallas, to get into healthcare IT.

After learning the industry from a recruiting capacity, he was recruited away to help build a consulting firm. Jeff believes this experience helped him gain an appreciation for the operational side of things. After a high level of success, he decided to take the large, calculated risk, to work with Mark to create HealthmarkIT.

Jeff always wanted a seat at the table where decisions are made.  

Jeff Urban HealthmarkIT Quote
Jeff Urban, COO, HealthmarkIT

The Work Culture and the Team of HealthmarkIT

The culture at HealthmarkIT is a mixture of serious and light-hearted. The morning meeting sets the tone for the day, and positivity is one of the key topics of discussion!

One thing they do differently than many organizations is handling the PTO (Paid time-off) of employees. Their employees accrue a large amount of PTO, to the point that they will rarely use it all. This is done for a reason. Mark Fangman, CEO of HealthmarkIT, has always had the belief that when you’re present (working), be present (fully engaged). It is difficult for individuals to be completely present and going at a high level if they are worried about other things. HealthmarkIT and its management team feel it is better to be fully present for a portion of time than be at 50% all the time.  

This has been very effective for them along with a learning-induced environment where the free flow of ideas is appreciated, and coordination is cultivated. These factors make the culture and team of HealthmarkIT one of the best and into a close-knit family.

Summing all of these factors, it is not hard to see why HealthmarkIT is gaining success by making others vision their mission.

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