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Today, with the boost in the digital economy there is a significant change in almost all sectors which is empowering businesses and individuals to grow more. To hold a paramount position in a particular sector, a business must keep a keen eye on taxation and other account-related operations. Strategically taken decisions at right time can help businesses to accelerate their growth.

India has left behind the ‘Chalta Hai’ (let it be) attitude and adopted a ‘Badal Sakta Hai’ (can transform) approach in terms of taxation after the government introduced GST. That is, the emphasis is on taking immediate and prompt action on taxations and modes of digital transactions to add a boost to the digital economy and power up businesses across the country.

A niche in the business consultancy space, Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. is empowering its clients in various verticals with utmost unique and cognitively ahead GST services and Talent Acquisitions. They are helping businesses to smoothify their GST operations and generate maximum benefits. Jupiter is one of the leading and trusted partners for many largest enterprises that desire to be at the top. Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. holds the paramount position in the GST compliances space with its best-in-class services.

Over the past few years, the term “consultancy” has been used as a synonym for “business advisory” which focuses on management, strategy, organization, and technology, and that is what Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. is all about. (Earnst Jupiter Consulting). Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 2005, by the late Mr. G.V. Gulavani with his vast experience in Indirect Taxation to guide clients towards the right path, helping them form a perspective while providing the solutions to the problems and difficulties they face as well.

Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. is now managed by a group of professionals providing specialized services to their clients in two different areas – Indirect taxation -GST and Talent Acquisitions.

Cutting through the complexities

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat! Jupiter also has its fair share of initial hurdles. Without sitting back relaxed, the founder and his team of passionate professionals tackled well all those challenges which helped them to be what they are called today, The prime Leading GST Compliance Service Providers!

There is no company in existence today that doesn’t face problems in its early years and it was the same for Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. They tackled well with the challenges like adapting to the change in technology, dealing with unfamiliar issues, being diverse with no conflicts, but they have been consistent and never looked back. Around 4 years back transitioning from the Excise and Service Tax regime to the new GST regime was itself a big challenge in terms of adapting to the mindset of the client and technology change.

Their offerings

Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. helps clients in end-to-end GST compliance including internal audits and GST return filing. Without considering different or outstanding themselves from other similar consultancies, Jupiter humbly delivers the best from their side. The company has steadily grown over the years with more than 75 clients across different business verticals thus taking immense pride in their knowledge base. They consider themselves a partner as well as advocate for their clients.

The power to transform India lies in hands of the able working strata of people. With a legacy of 15+ years of our services in Indirect Taxation, Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. launched the Talent Acquisition division as a separate Strategic Business Unit(SBU) to focus on Talent Acquisition Services, with deep experience in the domestic market in multiple industry domains including IT/ITES, Manufacturing & BFSI. We see immense potential in this SBU and have already started expanding our offerings across Manufacturing/ITES/Retail and other business verticals

Unmatched leadership and driving force of Jupiter

The company is constructed by great professionals who have the deepest knowledge and experience about Indirect Taxation. The combined ascendancy of team Jupiter has given shape to the founder’s vision of becoming a consulting firm that increases efficiencies and 100 percent tax compliance through the technology of Cloud. Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. is seconded by an experience advisory group formed by experienced professionals including former government officials who advise businesses on various policy issues related to GST.

Vasundhara – Managing Director of Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. says, “Leadership is simply influencing and guiding a group of people using the knowledge we possess towards the right path. We believe that this is the main reason our company, rather every company stays persistent. We provide the workforce with needful resources, give them a clear idea of our expectations, be open to their ideas, communicate periodically and provide feedback.”

Team Jupiter’s dedication, futuristic vision, and positive approach have helped the company to create a unique place in the market.

The Key Achievements

It is said that Numbers don’t lie. So the company focused on helping businesses with consistency and then their past performance spoke itself. With every passing month and year, their track record kept improving and so clients showed high confidence in their services.

Up to the present day, team Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. has processed more than 10,000+ GST returns comprising of approx. 8,00,000 lines of transaction with 100% GST compliance of their clients. Many of their clients received an appreciation certificate from MoF GOI for 100% GST compliance.

Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. is counted amongst the top-tier GST advisory and consulting companies. As Jupiter Business Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the right advice and timely services, 78% of clients, who started their journey with the company since its inception are still with them. 

Vasundhara’s take on the GST

We think there are more positives to GST than negatives. With GST, India is now a unified market. There is an increase in foreign investment. GST has made it possible to have one tax system for all states of India thus having fewer taxes, The central GST and State GST. This has reduced the cost of doing business and increased transparency.

As it is said, “every good thing comes with a bad one”, GST also has its negatives. It is a dual tax system, sectors like Textile, Media, Pharma, Dairy, IT and Telecom are at loss because of a higher tax, this in turn has increased the cost of the commodities. GST does have a few initial problems, but with time we will be able to see the result in economic integration.

The inception of GST in 2017 has kept businesses, professionals, and tax practitioners on their toes, thus we need to adapt to the changes and understand GST. There are a few common pointers we keep in mind which act as our checklist for day-to-day GST management. We file the GST returns in time, upload accurate data, maintain proper documentation, reconcile the returns, reconcile E-way Bills issued with the invoice details, compare and reconcile returns, correct and amend returns before filing the annual return. This is what we think every business should consider for smooth GST compliance.

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”

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