How To Get High-Quality UGC Ads At Scale?

How To Get High-Quality UGC Ads At Scale? | The Enterprise World

If you’re here, you’ve heard about the power of UGC content. You’ve heard it can massively grow your brand, increase conversions, and build a strong customer base. 

Now you want to know, how to scale your brand with UGC ads. And more importantly, where to get high-quality UGC ads that will skyrocket your business. 

Click to discover how to make the most of your advertising with UGC this year. 

What are UGC Ads?

How To Get High-Quality UGC Ads At Scale? | The Enterprise World

User-generated content or UGC content is becoming an increasingly important content type for paid advertising, especially in the form of a UGC video. And for a good reason. 

Working with UGC creators can be incredibly beneficial for your brand and can help you elevate brand presence, awareness, and consequently conversions. 

On top of that, here are some of the most impressive UGC benefits:

  • Provide social proof
  • Influence purchasing decisions and increase conversions
  • Authentic and trustworthy content
  • Increases engagement and brand awareness

What makes high-quality UGC ads?

  1. Excellent video quality
  2. Crisp and clear audio
  3. Engaging hook right at the start
  4. The creator’s face is clearly visible
  5. Genuine and authentic content
  6. Natural, well-lit scene
  7. Product placement
  8. Relatable narrative

How do we get content at scale?

How To Get High-Quality UGC Ads At Scale? | The Enterprise World

There’s only one time- and cost-effective way to get high-quality UGC ads at scale: by working with UGC creators through a creator marketplace, where creators have all been vetted and tested. They have experience and portfolios and have been trained to create all types of content for any niche. 

That way, you can increase the volume of UGC videos and ad creatives for your advertising by working directly with UGC creators to cut down the content cost, streamline the collaboration process (including contracts and payments), and get a regular flow of content for your ad creatives.

How do you get high-quality content?

How To Get High-Quality UGC Ads At Scale? | The Enterprise World

You can run as many high-quality UGC ads on your channels, but if they’re poor quality, and inconsistent with your products, message, and audience, you’re just wasting your time and money. 

Here are four ways to make sure your ad creatives are always high-quality and ready to be used in your campaigns. 

1. Write a detailed creator brief

When you work with UGC creators, the first thing you need to do is to provide them with a creative brief, so that they know exactly what to include (and not to include) in the video. 

In the creative brief, include:

  • Talking points
  • Important information about your product
  • Product features or benefits
  • Campaign goal
  • Video type (unboxing, testimonial, how-to, tutorial, review…)
  • Target language (if advertising in more markets)

2. Work with creators that are best for your business

When the creators apply to your brief, select the ones that you believe are the best fit for your brand. 

Ideally, you’d want to work with a few different creators to find ones that are a perfect match. That’s why you should select a wider circle of creators at first and test them all to see how you like their work. 

After all, since you’ll be doing a lot of A/B testing on your ads and probably have already segmented your audience, you’ll need a few different options when it comes to ad creatives with UGC. That way, you can expect to cover your entire target audience. 

3. Approve only content that fits your brand

When creators deliver the work, review the content and approve only what fits with your brand. Ask for reviews until you’re happy with the final result and run ads only with the creatives you’re completely satisfied with. 

4. Automatize the process 

When you’ve worked with creators and tested to see which ones are the best fit, make sure to automatize the process to create a constant flow of content for your advertising. Working with creators long-term makes the content-sourcing process much easier.

That way you make sure of two things:

  • You’re getting the content you like (and it works with your audience)
  • You’re getting content regularly when you need it without delays or long waiting times

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