How to Market a Dating App in 2020: The Best Practices for Your Marketing Strategy

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Over the last decade, online dating has become one of the most prolific categories of mobile apps by upturning stigmatic attitudes. In 2019, according to a report by global app trends, it was found that dating is one of the fastest-growing app verticals, which is just behind the ride-hail and gaming apps. It is estimated that the dating app market will reach up to $8.4 billion by the end of 2024.

Despite the growing demand for dating apps, about 90% of online dating startups fail. Thus, the dating app marketing strategy has to be impermeable by ensuring what you must show the users that will make your dating app unique, exciting, and relevant to their individual needs. In this article, we explore how to push towards your most ambitious targets by implementing several strategies to market a dating app in 2020.

The Best Practices for Your Dating App Marketing Strategy

Apps such as Grindr, Bumble, and Tinder dominate the mass dating market, but there are profuse opportunities to build a loyal community by finding your niche. Defining your target audience is considered as an effective way to improve your value to users and it is a significant step for ensuring that your community will build organically. Listed below are some best practices for dating app marketing strategy:

Develop the Gamification of App

If you’re not foreseeing how gamification can help in progress your dating app, you’re skipping on improving the user experience and also an essential method to retain users. The gamification pioneer, Yu-kai Chou in his TEDx talk has described the term as “harnessing the power of play.” This perfectly defines why you must want to gamify your dating application. Particularly, this can be powerful in the dating market sincedating apps are designed to be fun just like gaming.

By discovering the ability of your app to be more simplified, entertaining, and competitive, you could identify the areas that are needed to be gamified. For instance, it could be as simple as introducing emojis and GIFs to your chat function. You must consider the feedback of your users on any features that are proving to be destructive for your app.

Share User-generated Content

One of the most effective ways of sharing your message authentically is by user-generated content. The user-generated videos get 10x more views because of this authenticity than branded content. According to a study, it is found that about 45% of people unfollow a brand if that brand is too much into self-promotion. The best example of how user-generated content can be harnessed by grabbing the attention of potential users is Tinder’s Twitter account.

Make Use of Social Networking Functions to Your Benefit

Dating apps can benefit from setting in social networking functions as these apps are primarily designed to be social.For example, Tinder’s integration with Facebook enablesusers to sign up with ease. Making use of social media API outlets is a smart moveto make the most use of your features that users are already acquainted with to your advantage.

Bind the Media’s Interest in Dating

The developers of the dating app are fortunate to be video marketing a topic that has prevalent appeal to a variation of media outlets. Word-of-mouth is extremely valuable for dating apps, and hovering awareness of yours in the media is an opportunity that must not be missed.At Mobile Spree, this topic has been extensively covered as the best practices for dating app marketing.

The Co-founders of Dig, Casey Isaacson and Leigh Isaacson have outlined ways in for getting into media and sharing the news of your app for free.The dog person’s dating app, “Dig” is where users can connect over their common appreciation of dogs. Leigh Isaacson was formerly an investigative reporter and she has used her inside knowledge to market and cost-effectively promote Dig.

The Bottom Line

According to media reports, it is found that a significant number of unions and marriages occur because of dating sites and apps. Technology has opened the way for strangers to network and find themselves a perfect match. Despite the number of flaws with dating apps, the potential matches here seem to be limitless. However, it is believed positively that about 30% of relationships will start online by 2026.

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