Implanted Microchip: The Mark of the Beast?

Implanted Microchip: The Mark of the Beast?

Updated Dec 2020, In today’s world, just mentioning the mark of the beast makes people instantly think of some sort of techno tattoo or a technological device like a microchip. A number of people believe that the mark of the beast is some kind of implanted microchip underneath the skin or a physical mark that will be enforced upon humans, which will be the divined mark of the beast prophesied in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

The Implanted Microchip Technology

Microchip or RFID is an advanced identification process wherein an item or individual is tagged with a definite ID number. A computerized reader is capable of accessing any stored information by scanning the unique serial number of a tag using radio waves.

The tagged object needs to be only within a few feet of a reader to progress an identification number, which is beyond today’s barcode technology. The Implanted Microchip is of the size of a rice grain and is inserted through the skin. This procedure does not take more than 10 minutes. The microchip industry was developed almost a decade ago and it is still used today in phones, swipe cards, merchandise, and cars.

Professor of cybernetics, Kevin Warwick had a chip implanted in his hand in 1998. This demonstrated that chip insertion is possible and that it is a way of exploring the transhumanist idea that coalescing technology with the human body is the next step in the evolution of humanity.

Back in the year 2015 in Sweden, a high-tech office block started offering employees the option of getting a tiny and miniature sensor beneath their skin in place as a substitute for the swipe card to pay for food at the café or access amenities such as printers. At the same time, a remote-control contraceptive chip was created by Massachusetts-based MicroCHIPS. This chip allowed the woman to turn shots of birth control medicine off and on.

Also, digital RFID tattoos are obtainable for those who want to monitor their body by measuring temperature, UV exposure, hydration levels, and other bodily factors. In addition, Implanted Microchip technology is now even used in hospitals to diagnose and treat patients.

Despite the numerous benefits, the Implanted Microchip technology causes restlessness for many, mostly with recent concerns over improper handling of sensitive data and privacy violations. It is clear that if someone is capable enough to read it, then there is always someone smart to hack it. However, for others, it sparks thoughts of the biblical mark of the beast of the book of Revelation or George Orwell’s 1984. Many evangelical Christians and prophecy watchers are convinced that the RFID chip inserted into the human body is a prophesied mark.

The Mark of the Beast?

As per the executives of ‘three Square Market,’ the microchip is not a GPS and it is not used to monitor an individual’s day-to-day activities. For instance, at Three Square Market, the Implanted Microchip does not monitor an employees’ bathroom breaks or lunch hours.

However, the possibilities are endless. According to Richard Jefferson who is a cybernetics researcher at a “write my essay” service, the microchip can be encoded with medical records, thereby making it easier to determine the need for a booster shot for tetanus or access health care. On the other hand, microchips have been already implanted in pets.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could use Implanted Microchips for speedily executing the procedure of screening passengers for air travel, whereas various countries all across the globe could use it for multiple purposes such as collecting fares. Microchip technology could also be used for various security purposes such as identifying travelers with fake IDs. While voter fraud is virtually absent, an implanted microchip may perhaps dismiss any remaining doubts.

There are many people who perhaps don’t agree that RFID or microchip technology is the ‘Mark of the Beast’. But the origins of that concern do raise stimulating questions about the merging of computing and human bodies. A popular Christian website says, “the mark of the beast will be something given only to those who worship the Antichrist.” It was further stated by the website that having a financial or medical microchip into your forehead or right hand is not the mark of the beast.

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