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Digitization helped the economy to get a boost that reflected in the earnings of people. While one earns, he or she thinks about investing his earnings and get more returns to secure tomorrow.  A layman doesn’t have knowledge in brief about the financial sector. By knowing this many people misguided clients for personal interests. Many time a layman never pay much attention to the last line of any advertorial regarding investments such as “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.”

It was a need to educate a layman and save him from getting robbed. Keeping this in mind, Mr. C S Sudheer started and today the company is running smoothly with creating its unique place in the market.   

The Company was founded in the year 2008. It was a personal incident that inspired Mr. Sudheer to start this company. A brief interaction with an auto driver during a journey, who was misled by an insurance agent made him realize the extent to which financial literacy was lacking in common people. is a financial advising company. The purpose of the company is to ensure 100% financial literacy in India. The company sells no specific products. It provides financial advice to over 23,000 people every day for free. On giving a missed call to the company’s toll-free number, a money doctor will call you back to assist you with any financial product. Queries related to any financial product can be asked to the money doctor in your preferred language.

Besides this, now the company has ventured into various mediums for imparting financial knowledge to the public. This includes workshops conducted in various locations, YouTube videos in several languages, TV shows, and newspaper columns, and so on.

The early days

Beginning an entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 22 years had some hurdles. It was challenging to introduce this new concept to consumers. A free service is often looked upon suspiciously; hence getting people to trust and rely on this new service was a real challenge. The second challenge was regarding how to reach out to a large population. To solve this, IndianMoney introduced different regional languages in all their services.

Factors behind the massive achievement of

• Teamwork.

To be successful, it always requires to be backed up by a great team. IndianMoney comprises a big team driven by the same vision and mission. A fully-fledged team trained by suitable mentors has proven to be the greatest success factor of the firm. From a start-up company, it has transformed into a well-established firm and received attention at a national level.

• Priority for customers.

IndianMoney has always placed customers as a priority. They are continually working towards introducing new programs and tools to ensure their customer’s needs are met. Customer suggestions and criticisms are considered, and changes are made accordingly to meet their requirements.

Their Services

The priority of is to provide financial education to the public. Besides advising over the phone, articles, and videos on commonly enquired topics are made available through their website and social media platforms. Videos are uploaded every day and topics are chosen based on customer requests. It is available in various regional languages, to ensure that viewers do not face the challenge of linguistic barriers.  Financial Freedom Workshops are conducted where the audience is educated about various techniques to invest, save and attain financial freedom. Workshops are interactive sessions that have proven to be more effective.

What makes stand out from others is that at present, it is the only company that gives financial advice for free. Also, they make sure not to interrupt unnecessarily in the daily life of customers using cold calling. Therefore, the business model is developed considering this factor. A customer will be called back only upon request. Data is made available in multiple languages because financial inclusion is their topmost priority.

Mr. C S Sudheer, A leader with a transforming vision

11 years’ journey with has helped Mr. C S Sudheer to evolve as a better person and better leader. Initially, it was challenging to transform a new concept into reality. He was not sure whether his concept is being transferred to society exactly the way he wanted. But with hard work, determination, and required team support, it was achieved much easier. A start-up company teaches you how to begin a firm from scratch and build it into your dream project. Challenges are inevitable in such a journey. But solving each challenge brings out a new version of you.

“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need.”

The sustainability of the company was often questioned by the public. But they were driven by the necessity to ensure that their customers become wise and rich. Customers were their priority then and continue to be until today, and that alone has been one of the major reasons for’s success.

While talking about constant vigilance, Mr. Sudheer says, “Constant vigilance is a need. It is not an additional strategy to be included in the firm’s operations. Rather it is a necessity for the smooth functioning of any organization. Change is the only constant thing in the world. Every passing day brings in changes. It is important to monitor these changes and alter our system accordingly. Only then we will be successful in providing adequate service to society. Only a firm that is constantly vigilant can be well equipped with strategies, innovations, and services that will meet customer requirements.”

The key achievements

• Over the last 11 years, has educated more than 53 Lakh people in different languages.

• IndianMoney’s YouTube subscribers are shooting up ever since the channels have been launched.  They have different channels, for different languages. Regional channels like the Kannada channel have more than 4lakh subscribers.

• Employees are the backbone of any firm. is a preferred working place, especially among the youth. Employee strength has increased considerably over the years. Currently, over 1800 employees are working with them.

The happening working environment

It is said that only happy employees will produce happy customers. Therefore, employees in are always treated and considered with respect and care. Since the employee strength is large, they have assigned one HR employee for each group to communicate their problems and queries. Team meetings are held frequently, where everyone is given the chance to express themselves.

When most of the companies give promotions and salary hikes only after the completion of a fixed time of service, they do not hesitate to promote their employees if they are able and talented. It is the right place to grow and learn. Team lunches, a celebration of festivals, birthdays, are all conducted within the company premises, to make sure employees are one family, and not just salaried employees.

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