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Every organization focuses on hiring only the best candidates for their teams. If your organization is still using traditional recruitment processes then you might be holding your growth back. Evaluating and generating results from assessments to acquire appropriate talent that suits your company’s requirements is now more seamless with the use of a cloud-based assessment platform. As all of us know, the cloud is everything! Cloud-based assessment platforms help recruiters getting feedback from the key people about the candidate; however, traditional recruitment processes make it strenuous to get everyone up-to-date on the latest candidates.   

The recruitment landscape has changed drastically with the adoption of new technologies. TalentBridge Technologies is a leading name in the recruitment industry with comprehensive and unique offerings. TalentBridge Technologies offers the cloud-based assessment platform- CALIBRAT.

CALIBRAT (earlier iHiring) is an advanced, scalable, and secure online assessment platform which helps the talent acquisition team to evaluate Aptitude, Technical Skills, and Written Communication Skills using various evaluation formats. Innovations in assessment solutions have greatly reduced the manual efforts in administering and proctoring the screening tests, and also nearly eliminated the possibility of evaluation errors.

The security features are an important element of the online assessment platform as it’s extremely critical to protect the integrity of the assessment and prevent anyone from compromising the credibility of the screening process. The state of art security features like random candidate snapshots (with Face detection and recognition technology) while candidates are taking assessments eliminates any impersonation and makes the assessment secure particularly in a remote environment without any invigilator or proctor. The assessment platform can track the on-screen activities of candidates while they are taking assessments and the test administrator can monitor all the candidates centrally. The evolved assessment platform also offers features to conduct multi-lingual online assessments.

The masterminds behind the long-standing growth of TalentBridge Technologies are its founders, Mr. Gauravendra Shukla (CEO) and Mr. Sandip Yuwanati (COO). Under their innovative and solution-oriented vision, TalentBridge Technologies’ team is making efforts to transform businesses with quality HR solutions.

CALIBRAT (earlier iHiring) is an advanced, scalable and secure online assessment platform which helps the talent acquisition team to evaluate Aptitude, Technical Skills and Written Communication Skills using various evaluation formats.

TalentBridge Technologies

Solutions that Make Recruitment Processes Easier TalentBridge Technologies

In recent years’ scalability and security of the platform has become a key driving factor to determine the suitability of the platform.  CALIBRAT has been built with emerging technologies. It’s a highly scalable and secure platform with intuitive UI/UX. State of the art feature like ‘Proctor’ ensures remote proctoring using a central monitoring console along with Face Detection and Recognition technology to authenticate the identity of the candidate. Such features give complete control to the Assessment Administrator to maintain the integrity of the assessment. Mobility coupled with enterprise-scale functionality (for delivery of assessments) has been a tremendous value-addition to overcome infrastructural and geographical bottlenecks.

Bringing Innovation to the Table

As the job market is becoming competitive in India as well as across the world, assessment and interviewing platforms would evolve as a growing segment in HR Technology. This growth will be driven by advanced forms of assessments at TalentBridge Technologies, machine learning and AI-based assessment solutions, and advanced analytics for a higher level of predictive insights on screening.

TalentBridge Technologies aspires to build innovative solutions in measurement and predictive tools using some of the next-generation technologies.

The recruiters not only can do away with hard copies of resumes but can screen resumes without actually going through each resume using resume or profile rating tools. Even a simple feature like randomizing the questions and options appearing on the test screen reduces the possibility of any cheating or violation by the candidates.

The mobility delivery assessment solutions offer a very effective mechanism to conduct assessments overcoming infrastructure bottlenecks.   

With the proliferation of Tablets and smartphones well supported by internet infrastructure, online video interviews are becoming convenient and cost-effective modes to conduct personal discussions. The assessment reporting and analytics provide tremendous flexibility to prune the candidate shortlist considering all possible dimensions of assessment scores and profiles.   

Increased mobile and social media-based technologies using AI are increasingly offering efficient solutions. The proliferation of social media is making organizations look beyond the traditional sourcing methods at the same time their social media presence has also become an extension of their corporate brand. The technologies which are likely to redefine the landscape of this space include Machine Learning, speech recognition, NLP, AI, and written content analysis.

Solid Leadership TalentBridge Technologies

Gauravendra Shukla (CEO, TalentBridge Technologies)

Gauravendra has over 21 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the IT industry in India and abroad. He has worked for some of the most respected companies like ISPAT group, TECS, Ingram Micro, Kobian Pte Ltd, and IBM. He has handled the entire spectrum of channels. He holds MBA Marketing from KJ Somaiya, Mumbai, and BE Honours from NIT Surat (REC Surat).

Sandip Yuwanati (COO, TalentBridge Technologies)

Sandip, in his career span of over 14 years has handled functional areas ranging from Sales, Marketing, Business Analysis, Operations, Finance, Product Management, and Corporate Planning & Strategy. Before TalentBridge Technologies, Sandip worked with Asian Paints Ltd., Deloitte, and Aliens Group. An alumnus of IIM Lucknow and VNIT (REC), Nagpur.

Massive Changeover in HR Solutions Sector

Today HR Technology is not only an indispensable dimension to effectively run HR in any company but also is increasingly becoming core to the businesses. HR Technology has been evolving much faster covering every aspect of the HR function including the complete lifecycle of an employee starting from sourcing of an employee till the exit.

Numerous cloud-based HR Technology companies are building next-generation tools for sourcing, assessments, interviewing, onboarding, L&D, payroll, benefits, productivity tools, and other engagement programs. Recent trends also show the increasing number of HR Technology players investing heavily in AI, Machine Learning, mobility, and analytics to reshape the entire Talent Management segment in HR Technology. 

Though globally HR Technology has become a norm, Indian businesses have been gradual in adoption however in recent years’ adoption has increased at a faster rate which is will lead to significant improvement in the efficiency of HR-related systems and processes.    

Recent trends also show the increasing number of HR Technology players investing heavily in AI, Machine Learning, Mobility and Analytics.

TalentBridge Technologies

Given the geographical barriers and physical as well as technology infrastructural bottlenecks to screen manpower at a large scale will only be possible with mobility delivered online assessments platform. The scale and security offered by an online assessment platform have expanded the reach of the screening process to remote locations well supplemented by the improvement in internet infrastructure as well as an increase in mobile/computing device proliferation.    

The online assessment platform is a great enabler in overall talent acquisition and talent management activities for employers’ thereby increasing reach and scale which in turn enables employable talent pool employment opportunities. The online assessment platforms have enabled organizations to conduct customizable and auto-proctored online assessments seamlessly which not only have organized the hiring process but also reduced time, effort, and cost in screening substantially. The online assessment platforms are the way to the future not only in terms of the sophistication and ease of conducting the screening but also in evolving the evaluation methodologies.

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