October | 2021

The Most Recommended Insurance Tech Solution Providers to Watch in 2021

The Most Recommended Insurance Tech Solution Providers to watch in 2021 features,

The Insurance industry is among the fastest-growing industries, witnessing exponential growth especially during and after the pandemic. Insurance does not only provide a safety cover but also a foolproof solution to all your worries regarding consumables, etc. even your own life. Many companies are working in this field but what fuels these companies is the latest innovations and technology that makes it possible for you to avail these services, without any hassle, and at the touch of your fingertips.

Featured here are some of the top companies providing unmatched Insurance tech solutions. They are pioneering new technologies, bringing innovation, and providing services that revolutionize the Insurance industry as a whole. They are the reason behind the seamless service and execution that Insurance sector companies can offer. They are the most recommended Insurance tech solution providers to watch in 2021.

On the cover story is the success and exceptional services of SimpleCRM. SimpleCRM is one of the leading Customer Engagement Platforms that powers the digital transformation of organizations by digitizing, decoding, and delivering all aspects of the customer journey; from prospecting to onboarding to account management to servicing to retention. Their platform is a flagship CRM & Intelligent Automation low-code / no-code platform. Their platform offers exceptional value and helps organizations build stronger relationships with their customers. The platform caters to the entire customer lifecycle journey through an automated and dynamic customer engagement and retention framework.

Read the insightful story of One Two One Advisor. 121 Advisor was launched in 2010, focusing on InsurTech & FinTech solutions. 121Advisor has implemented 11 solutions including Predictive Analytics Modelling, ChatBots & Robo Advisors (multi-lingual), Web sites for many customers, Referral Management & worksite automation for banks, Sales Activity Management Solutions, Online store for selling Insurance & Takaful, Mobile agent insurance/takaful solutions for Windows, IOS & Android, Customer Service Portals (with service requests), Agency Management Solutions to compute commission & pay agents, Online Communities, Claims Management Solutions & Product Configurators to set up new products.

In conversation with the CEO of Gold Leaf Insurance, Mr. Chintan P. Mehta. Gold Leaf Insurance Brokers is a “Brokerage firm to scout for Tailor-made Insurance Solutions” – They believe in having the client at the forefront and provide need-based insurance solutions. In the entire insurance distribution ecosystem, insurance brokers are the only entity that represents the client’s interest. At Gold Leaf Insurance, they take this to the next level, providing the best possible solution for their clients at industry-best rates.

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