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Minnat Hashmi Founder CEO iTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

No matter the size of the organization, skilled professionals are always a must. To build the company, and the company’s reputation, one needs to hire a team of skilled professionals. It can be any task, from giving payroll out on time to maintaining the work mandates and ethics in the workspace, HR Management is necessary. Most companies today focus on an efficient HR department or seek consultancy somewhere. 

Mr. Minnat Hashmi founded iTech Solutions with a vision to become a world-class leader in Human Resource Recruitment, staffing, and IT solutions providers. Popularly known as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hashmi Group of Companies wherein he is heading different businesses across India like iTech Solutions (Recruitment Company), Allied Guard Force Security Services (Security Company), and Hashmi Films (Film Production House), Mr. Minnat Hashmi is an inspiring businessman with a creative mind and heart full of Art. He has been aspired by the ‘Young Entrepreneurship Award 2016’ for his dedication to the business world. 

The Journey of iTech Solutions-

Human Resource is the most valuable resource in any company. Getting the best talent and then retaining them is a major problem for business owners and employers today.

Intense competition has made working on a proactive basis a need of the hour. HR Department is under tremendous pressure not only to shortlist the best profile in minimum possible time and get them on board at the earliest but also retain them for the longest time.

Organizations have realized that investment in the right people will give them long-term benefits.

“We help organizations in finding the right talent at the right time.”

Mr. Minnat Hashmi stepped into Mumbai with a dream to work in the Bollywood World and without further ado, he started to work his sweats off and soon achieved a height with his company iTech Solutions. Which he started in the year 2005. iTech Solutions is a well-known brand in the market as a Recruitment Company.

Their Services-

iTech Solutions focuses on verticals like Corporate / MNC / BFSI / Insurance / KPO / BPO / IT / Hospitality / Aviation /Telecom and Retail.

From business analytics to collaboration solutions and customized enterprise applications, iTech Solutions helps you connect people with the information, tools, and processes they need to get work done—and make your business thrive. This begins with a complete understanding of the Company’s information technology situation, objectives, and constraints. As part of their business intelligence solution, iTech Solutions consultants perform a specialized business-driven requirements analysis process, provide onsite project management resources, needs assessments, design, and architect the solution, manage the deployment of the BI solution, and train key resources. In addition, we prototype the Business’ solution, manage complete configuration, and support the program efficiently.

iTech Solutions provides the following expert consulting services which are designed to meet the needs of its customers during the entire product life cycle from concept to end-of-life, include:

  • Recruitment-

The company helps to connect the right talent with the right organization.

When you need help finding, recruiting and selecting top Corporate / MNC / BFSI / Insurance / KPO / BPO / IT / Hospitality / Aviation /Telecom and Retail. Talent, call on your partners at iTech Solutions. The company provides recruiting solutions for an entire spectrum of Corporate / MNC / BFSI / Insurance / KPO / BPO / IT / Hospitality / Aviation /Telecom / Media and Retail. Their recruiting professionals apply the same disciplined and rigorous recruiting approach to your search that we use for our internal talent searches.

“Your business always receives dedicated attention and personalized service – from the initial request to the search, offer, and acceptance phases.”

Recruiting at iTech Solutions, they have recognized that quality recruiting is the bedrock of a successful business. The four-step process of recruitment is-

  • Requirements and candidate matching
  • Preliminary Screening
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Reference verification

These processes are used by iTech Solutions’ recruiters to ensure only qualified, compatible applicants are selected. Working with their team of dedicated recruiters, the company takes your requirements and compares them to their large pool of available resources, increasing the likelihood of finding the best suitable match.

It so happens sometimes that a few things are uncertain and the companies may not want to hire permanent staff. That is when they approach temporary staffing solutions. iTech Solutions also specializes in Temporary Staffing services. 

A few of their achievements include-

  • Best Staffing Organization/ Firm  Award in 2018 ( In India among 133 Country ) 
  • Best Service Provider in HR Award in 2019 ( In India among 133 Country ) 
  • Best Overall Recruiting and Staffing Company Award in 2019 in Abu Dhabi.
  • Write up in Achievers World Magazine about Mr. Hashmi
  • Biography or Journey in Insight Success Magazine
  • Got offices across India and in Dubai as well in 13 Years.

Minnat Hashmi makes his intention clear by saying, “With economic growth, the standard of living of people has also improved. People now look for quality rather than quantity and every field he caters into would possess quality over quantity.”

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