Jio Fiber Hits Market Today

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The wait is over! Most awaited network service by Reliance Industries Limited the ‘Jio Fiber’ launches in the market today. Jiofiber is going to be a combo of broadband, fixed, and Television. With the use of Jiofiber, one can watch a movie on the same date as the release while seating on a couch in his living room. RIL’s product can also be a market breaker as Jio was.

Jio Fiber has special features and launch offers. If you buy an annual package of the Jio Fiber you will get a free HD or 4K TV set with a Set-top box. The installation process is free of cost while they are charging 2500 rupees as a deposit amount for the set-top box.

Jio Fiber Plans

The Jio Fiber plans will cost between RS 700 to RS 10000 a month depending on the speed of the network.  Jio Fibre will provide a network speed of 100 Mbps to 1gbps. Jio fiber will contain plans in bundle form, from which you need to choose a plan with the services you require.

Jio free voice call service will be there in plans from which people can have free domestic calls and international calls at affordable rates. Jio set-top box offers video games, Video calling, VR, and mixed reality services. The most eye-catching feature of Jio fiber, the first-day first show movie service on TV sets will start screening next year.

3 years ago when RIL launched JIO, it got a tremendous response. It became a trendsetter and market-breaking product by RIL within a few months. Jio has its benefits; they provided free internet for a whole year to attract new customers. As a result of tremendous response, Jio made India the largest data-consuming nation in the world.

However it may be, whatever he does or how much he earns, Jio attracted everyone with amazingly low-cost offers with good network speed. Jio helped many people to get into the mainstream network of the world. RIL’s Ambani expects to attract 3.5crore subscribers and till now they have already got 1.5crore registration from 1600 cities in India. Registrations for Jio Fibre are undergoing on their website.

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