North Korean leader Kim Jong-un makes an appearance after 20 days

Where is Kim Jong-un

There has been a lot of speculation about the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Kim Jong-un is seen publicly unveiling a fertilizer factory for the first time. The news agency KCNA reported this on Saturday. According to the news, Kim jong-un makes an appearance at an event in Sunchon near the capital Pyongyang on Friday.

According to Korea’s central news agency, when Kim attended the event, he was strongly welcomed by everyone. He has reviewed the factory and inquired about the production process. Kim Jong-un did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebrations on April 15, after which various types of news were coming out about his health. Even in some reports, up to his death was also being feared.

Earlier, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in’s top security adviser, Moon Chung-in, had claimed that Kim Jong-un is alive and well, amid rumors about Kim’s health. The top official said that Kim has been living in Wonsan since April 13. He said that no suspicious activities have been registered so far.

An online newspaper ‘Daily NK’ reported that Kim had undergone the cardiovascular system (heart operation) procedure on 12 April. It has been said in the reports that this treatment has been done due to excessive smoking, obesity, and work. After this procedure, he is undergoing treatment at a home in Hyangsan County.

After getting into power, Kim Jong-un propagated a lot of his personality. In this, he was called Great Successor and Outstanding Leader. Korean agencies even called him the great man who descended from heaven.

North Korea has always been in news regarding nuclear testing and missiles. Kim Jong-un, like his father, follows a policy of stubbornness on these issues.

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