Live a Little, Laugh a Little

Live a Little Laugh a Little

Live a Little

In a fast-paced life, everyone is running behind their goals ignoring smaller things that can make them happy. Why are we struggling and making efforts? The ultimate goal of everyone is nothing but being happy. In that way, everyone is in search of happiness. Smaller things can definitely make you happy, all you need to be attentive. Live a Little Laugh a Little tells you to forget troublesome and boring life and how to live happily.

Waking up from a bed to the end of the day, we come across so many things that give mixed up feelings. Being attentive is not the only way to success, it is also a secret of happiness. If a stranger cries in front of us, we start crying or at least feel sad for him. Similarly, if he laughs, why don’t we feel happy or give a smile to him? If such a chain goes continues we will make the world the happiest place to live.  

Live a Little, Laugh a Little Here we are sharing some interesting and easiest ways to make your day happy and happening.

Even smaller things take efforts to make you panic. While going to a workplace one should avoid the rush to reach on time. For that one should leave from a home a bit early. To achieve it, waking up 10 to 15 minutes early is the only way. 

Live a Little, Laugh a Little

Study shows that people who start a day with music, are happier than others. Every time it is not possible to play some music in the morning as it may disturb others. No worries, if we can’t play, we can sing! While taking a bath start singing your favorite songs that help you kick start your day fantastically.

A study in psycho-acoustics conveys that, while you sing in a bathroom the reverb or in a common language an echo creates such waves that help you to run your further day-to-day processes in a rhythmic or disciplined manner. You don’t need to join a singing class to become a bathroom singer, all you need is to just sing ignoring the world outside of the bathroom! 

Worrying about everything that is even none of our business can be a big threat in a search for happiness.  Social media is the biggest medium through which one gets to know about such to worry about things. Social media also disturbs you with negativity and content that might be harmful to mental balance.

A random act of kindness can definitely make you as well others happy. Everyone is struggling, making efforts to be somewhere. In their journey, if you can play even a smaller role, just do it. Your little help can make someone’s life easier. That feeling after helping someone is the biggest way to a happier life.  Kindness is the only key to making our and others’ life happier.

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