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Mehta and Mehta Associates

Mehta and Mehta Associates (MehtaIP), is a full-service Intellectual Property (IP) law firm, providing filing, prosecution, and litigation services in respect of patents (in different fields of science and engineering), trademarks, designs, and copyrights. 

Mehta and Mehta Associates is actively involved in advising, developing, and managing intellectual property portfolios of companies, government organizations & institutions.

The master brain behind the firms’ long-standing success is its founder, Dr. Ramesh Kr. Mehta, a leading name in the landscape of IP.  

The Inception Mehta and Mehta Associates

Mehta and Mehta Associates was founded on 18 February 2005, with a vision to establish an IP firm on the culture of “P4 Services”, i.e., Professionalized, Personalized, Proactive and Prompt Service. Since the beginning, Mehta and Mehta Associates has been assisting both national and international clientele (for their contentious and non-contentious matters), from different geographical locations and backgrounds.

Like every first-generation law firm, the initial years were both exciting and challenging. But having team members from diverse backgrounds had been an advantage. They were fortunate that many of the clients had reposed faith in them back then and they continue to do so even today. Further, in the early 2000 era, India as a whole was becoming extremely conscious of their IP right which was an added advantage.

The services of Mehta and Mehta Associates

From the very beginning, the sole dedication of Mehta and Mehta Associates has been IP-focused.

They believe in actively getting involved in “direct” discussion with the Inventor/Applicant for an in-depth understanding of their invention which results in securing a grant of a patent with the “intended” invention with a “broader” perspective, in addition to being cost-effective for the client.

Being a boutique-sized firm and having members from diverse backgrounds gives an added advantage of extending personalized and professionalized attention to their Clientele. The zeal of the firm’s team members to safeguard the interests of Clients has often made them go the extra mile in a pro-active and prompt manner.

Quality of cases that regularly set strong precedents, nearly 100% success rate, and most importantly positive feedback of their Clients only add value to the efforts.

The wide spectrum of Clientele from path-breaking companies to individuals spread across the globe in more than 95 countries and firm’s alliances showcases their reach and depth in the fraternity.

Mehta and Mehta Associates’ areas of expertise include drafting, filing, prosecuting, and litigating patent applications in various fields of science and engineering, including Electronics, Telecommunications, Optical Fibres & Devices, Semiconductor Materials, and MOCVD Technology, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Processes & Compositions, Pharmaceuticals, Fuels & Lubricants, Chemical Engineering, Medical Devices, Biomaterials, Implants, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Microbiology, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, and Textile Engineering and Technology.

Further, Mehta and Mehta Associates is involved in handling trademark, design, and copyright matters and providing counseling and opinions related to IP matters in a wide range of science and technology fields and negotiations and drafting of license and technology transfer agreements.

The Firm is highly recognized for its techno-legal inputs with prompt and cost effective approach, and has “close to 100% success in prosecution both in and outside India”.

Mehta and Mehta Associates taking further steps to…

 The concept of service is always an evolving one. At one time, a substantial part of providing IP-related services in India involved educating and creating awareness amongst individuals of their IP rights and making them conscious of the same. Today, it is to provide a one-stop firm for all kinds of IP-related services that have prompted, are solution-driven, and are cost-effective. Over time, they are increasingly getting involved with advising clients in IP commercialization, IP monetization, advertising, packaging laws, content, etc.

Influential factors behind his career in the field of law

Dr. Mehta started his career as an Examiner of Patents & Designs in 1983 immediately after passing out from M. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD).

During this tenure, he happened to meet Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) scientists working on the development of precursors for MOCVD technology (subject matter of his M. Tech. Thesis) and was appointed as Scientist – B in DRDO.

As a Scientist, he continued to change from MOCVD to Cement & Building Materials to Fuels & Lubricants to Radiopharmaceuticals to Neuro-sensing materials and landed, at DRDO, to successfully develop Dental Implant Materials and Dental Alloys, and to Design and Develop Titanium Endosteal Dental Implants, Titanium Minicortical Bone Plates, and Screws, and Surgical Tool Kit for the Implants Systems, which got recognition from the Indian and US academic institutions, and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) thereof were got protected by registration of various Indian Designs and filing of various Indian Patent applications.

It was in December 1994, when Dr. Mehta’s work on the Dental Implant Materials and Dental Alloys, and Dental Implants were presented to the Hon’ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, then Secretary, Department of Defence R&D, and the Director-General, DRDO. This moment brought him back to the IP field with his appointment as Deputy Director, IPR, at DRDO HQs.

After working with DRDO; then as Executive Consultant (MBDTT & IPR) with FITT, IITD; as Consultant, Patents & Designs with an Indian IP Law Firm, finally on 18Th February 2005, he started Mehta and Mehta Associates with Mrs. Neelu Mehta, A FORCE BEHIND the starting of the Firm. Mrs. Mehta was also registered as an Indian Patent Agent along with him in 1998.   

Dr. Ramesh Kr. Mehta, Mehta and Mehta Associates

Dr. Ramesh Kr. Mehta has over 36 years of experience in IPR and R&D.

His areas of expertise include: drafting patent specifications in several fields of science and engineering; preparing, filing, and prosecution of patent applications, oppositions, and infringements/litigations in India, and outside India through their Foreign Associates; and negotiations and drafting of license and technology transfer agreements. Additional expertise includes handling and supervising design, trademark and copyright applications, and counseling and opinions on IP-related issues in a wide range of technology fields.

Additionally, he has organized various Patent Awareness Seminars/Meetings to inculcate Total Patent Culture in DRDO and the IIT, Delhi & the IIT, Mumbai; and been a Visiting faculty at various institutions.

His work in the field of IP has been appreciated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by awarding WIPO Fellowship, 1997; and the research work has been appreciated by Hon’ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri and Secretary, Department of Defence R&D by awarding a Special Recognition Award, 1997; and by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India by appointing as an Expert Member, Patent Screening Committee.

Dr. Mehta is a member of INTA, AIPPI, and an Ex-Expert Member, IP Syllabus, and Copyright Committees on Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The workforce of Mehta and Mehta Associates

Mehta and Mehta Associates comprises qualified Patents, Trademark, Designs & Copyright Attorneys/Registered patents & Design Agents; and Patents Scientists & Engineers. Mehta and Mehta Associates is invited by the Indian Patent Office in the stakeholder meetings and is a contributor to the IP Policies, suggesting changes to the guidelines of the IP Office Practice and Procedure, and suggesting/commenting on future amendments of the Law. Members are also part of committees / sub-committees at international Forums like INTA & AIPPI. Additionally, Members of Mehta and Mehta Associates also bring the experience of working on the IPO, the EPO, & the JPO. In general, the members are highly qualified and are alumni of leading Educational institutes of India.

Mehta and Mehta Associates believes that every employee must be given freedom and independence to work on each matter from start to end, as this plays a vital role in the professional development of an individual. Understanding that each individual comes from a different background, the experiences they bring to the firm at large, it is important to communicate with and understand every individual.

 Dr. Mehta says, “I believe that the constant vigilance as regards protection and promotion of one’s intellectual property is a need. Along with it, comes the requirement of strategic thinking, planning after taking the holistic view of one’s entire IPR portfolio. The need for constant vigilance also gives rise to the need of a law firm which can manage such portfolios and ensure the protection of IP rights at the global front.”

Change in diversity over the years in the legal sector

The legal sector has seen substantial inclusion of members from diverse backgrounds, both within India and on the global front. We can now see rigorous and conscious changes being made at multiple levels of the legal fraternity as regards trying to balance out the hiring and retention of diversified team members while trying to maintain work standards. 

The future of Indian law and litigation

The future looks extremely promising. The legal community as a whole is actively involved in making the entire legal process extremely progressive and transparent.

The Indian Patent & Design Offices, Trade Mark Registries, Copyright Office are actively conducting stakeholder meetings, regularly seeking suggestions from the fraternity at large, conducting workshops, and seminars to understand and resolve any issues faced by the applicants, attorneys/agents. They are continuously making efforts towards the streamlining process of prosecution of IP applications. In the last few years, we have seen the introduction of the e – filing module, an increase in the hiring of the government staff for speedy disposal of applications and oppositions, etc.

With the digitization of a majority of the court proceedings and speedy disposal of cases, especially in Trade Mark matters, and the evolving IP jurisprudence and inclination of Courts to levy heavy penalties on infringers, India is becoming one of the preferred jurisdictions for innovation and investment for IP.For recent and latest updates regarding business news, industry trends etc. Please subscribe Newsletter from “The Enterprise World” at “Subscribe“

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