January | 2020

The Most Influential Lawyers In India: 2020

Magazine Profiles

Ms. Kavitha Vijay And Ms. Sameena Chatrapathy

IC Universal Legal

Dr. Ramesh Kr. Mehta

Protecting Values

Mehta and Mehta Associates

Rajeshwari Hariharan

Practicing Excellence

Rajeshwari Hariharan Founder Rajeshwari Associates

Sandeep Bajaj And
Sameer Jain

Sameer Jain, Sandeep Bajaj Mr. Sandeep Bajaj and Mr. Sameer Jain are providing different law solutions to their clients to solve disputes and make their business processes easier through PSL Advocates and Solicitors.

Vandana Shah

Committed To Rebuilding Lives

Vandana Shah Founder DivorceKart

Editor's Desk

Techno Update!

Techno Update

Think Once Before Rushing!

Think once before rushing

Dhaka – A Heritage City

Ahsan Manzil Museum Dhaka city Bangladesh

5 Ways To Develop Emotional Intelligence

Brain and heart talking on telephone to reach other