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Abha Roy | Chairperson | Adroit Law Offices

Over the last few years, the legal sector in India has seen drastic changes. There definitely has been a change in how the legal sector works today than in the past. If you look at the shift, technology has been playing a major role, in the legal sector too, as in every sector. Earlier, legal services used to be all about legacies, sweating it for hours, family pursuing the profession and many more. And technology has evidently made it easier. Getting hands-on a certain piece of legal information was a hard nut earlier, but now? It is just a few clicks away.

A profession that was considered mediocre earlier today has come into new light. All the sectors of law are now expanding and there are new opportunities opened up for potential lawyers. One such lawyer who has seen the face of law change over the years is Ms. Abha Roy. She has had a 26-year long journey in the legal sector and is the founder of Adroit Law Offices, a firm with legal excellence.

Adroit Law Offices –

Adroit is involved with hundreds of legal aid, pro bono and court-based programs across the country. Their probono wing helps low and moderate-income people find free legal aid services.

Adroit is a unique combination of legal experts in all areas of law providing quality legal services to legal departments of Multinational companies, foreign industries and Embassies

The firm is an expert in assessing the customer needs by working closely with them and then providing the best solutions suited to each individual assignment.

Adroit Law Offices provides and deals with broad range of services, litigation, corporate- joint ventures and mergers, international commercial arbitration, intellectual property, incorporation of foreign industries.

Adroit’s mission is to, increase access to justice for the millions of poor people who face legal problems every year without help from a lawyer. Adroit has provided legal aid to many non-profit organisations, public charitable entities and poor individuals around the globe.

“The twin goals of Adroit are the fusion of high performance with high integrity.”

The merit of their consultancy and legal services have often been object of extensive media coverage and different channels of TV have invited them to discuss and comment upon the fervent legal matters which often surface in modern society at national as well as at international level.

The firm provides speedy, accurate and cost-effective legal services to the clients. Although their practice extends to all legal arenas, their specialities include-

Alternate Dispute Resolution-

ADR is being increasingly acknowledged in the field of law and commercial sectors both at national and international levels. Its diverse methods have helped parties to resolve their disputes at their own terms cheaply and expeditiously.

Adroit law offices can provide legal assistance in the following areas of ADR-

  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Collaborative law
  • Conciliation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation

Appellate Practice-

Adroit’s appellate practice is nationally recognized as comprising exceptionally experienced and respected figures in the courtroom. Their experienced team of lawyers has dealt with hundreds of appeals’ filed before the various high courts and Supreme Court of India.  Every appeal they handle is fortified by first-hand knowledge both of what judges want and need to know to decide the case and how best to present that information, particularly when the judges know little about the area of law or industry in question.

Immigration Practice-

Adroit is among the leading immigration law firms in India. Adroit has highly experienced lawyers practicing in all areas of immigration law, with a special emphasis on non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

Adroit can offer you a detailed assessment from an experienced immigration attorney who will review your situation and ascertain the most suitable visa for you and your sponsor.

Banking and Finance-

 Adroit Banking and finance attorneys provide strategic advice on a full range of transactions and financial products including-

  • Property finance
  • Capital markets
  • Project finance
  • Asset finance
  • Securitization
  • Acquisition finance
  • Product and institution regulation
  • Payment and settlement system
  • Restructuring and insolvency

Adroit finance group specialises in high value, sophisticated banking and finance transactions, as well as complex issues in the consumer, compliance and e-commerce areas of retail finance.

Business Litigation-

The Adroit’s Complex Business Litigation Practice is extensive and varied, encompassing an array of complex business issues.  In this nationwide and international practice, they deal with disputes based in all varieties of business agreements, and they handle all sorts of litigation at the High court and Company Law Board.

Civil Litigation-

Adroit’s highly qualified team has proven experience in civil litigation before the Indian High Courts, Supreme Court of India and specialist tribunals.

They frequently assist with the major international disputes and have the capacity to conduct matters in jurisdictions throughout India, Australia and the Asian region.

Family Law-

Family laws in different countries are not similar and a satisfactory resolution of marital disputes in most of the cases becomes protractive. Adroit has provided efficient and agreeable solutions, which includes legal action as well as out of court settlement.

Adroit law offices deals with the following areas of family law:

  • Divorce cases
  • Disputes pertaining to maintenance to spouse
  • Custody of child

Commercial Laws-

Adroit’s corporate wing is involved in setting up companies limited by shares and advising on buying and selling businesses in India and abroad. They also advise on amendments and implications of memoranda of association and articles of association; shareholders agreements and directors’ and trustees’ responsibilities. They prepare shareholders agreements by reviewing and considering the articles of association to ensure that shareholders’ interests are properly protected.

Adroit’s other areas of law include-

  • Human Rights
  • Service Law
  • Taxation
  • Labor law
  • International Law and Trade Property Law
  • Criminal Litigation

Ms. Abha Roy – Leadership in Legal Excellence

Ms. Abha Roy is a high-profile attorney based in New Delhi who has been a member of the Supreme Court Bar since 1993.  She is a practising attorney Supreme Court of India Chairperson, Adroit Law Offices and Solicitor New South Wales Australia. She has garnered attention as both, a High Court & Supreme Court lawyer, representing foreign clients, Indian celebrities & reputed MNCs. She is a practicing solicitor at NSW Australia & a renowned solicitor of the Australian High Commission.

Ms. Abha Roy has practiced Law for the last 17 years & her expertise lies in all major fields of law including international law. Being in the field for 17 long years, she has seen the shifts in the field.

There have been drastic changes since I joined the profession, she says.  In the initial days way back in 1900 this profession was considered to be a rich man’s profession but later on it started losing its colour.

When Ms. Roy joined it wasn’t a very lucrative profession. There were not many good colleges. But since last few years this profession has gradually attained the same dynamism and the best paid profession. There are law firms who pay fortune to its Associates. The various law colleges all over India are remarkable and the juniors get good job opportunities not only in India but other countries as well.

She bases her practice on integrity and a thorough knowledge of the Legal and Court System. Ms. Roy deals with ‘High Stakes’ matters which has earned a tremendous amount of recognition by Indian & International media. She is frequently invited by the media to provide her expert opinion on various complex legal issues & current topics. Ms Roy has been interviewed by media for her expert legal opinions for around 77 cases, some of which include the following:

  • She has been invited by ZEE News to solicit advice on ARUSHI MURDER CASE on 13/10/2017.
  • Was invited by News 24  to solicit advice on Ram Rahim,s  CASE on 25/8/2017
  • By ZEE NEWS AND NEWS 24 on 30th July 2015 on Yakub Memon’s case.
  • By NEWS NATION in June 2014 on Gopinath Shinde Case
  • By News Express on 26/11/2013 on Aarushi Murder Case
  • By Shree News and India News on Tarun Tejpal case on 22/11/2013
  • By News Exress and News Nation on Nirbhaya’s case on 11th and 12th September 2013
  • By News Express on 18/7/2013 -latest amendments -Law Commission.
  • By India News Legal Point on 29th June 2013 at 6 pm.
  • By News Express on 1/6/2012 on misuse of s- 498a IPC.
  • By Star News on 21/1/2012 on amendments on s- 498A IPC.
  • By India News on 6/8/2011 on MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE at 2.30 pm.
  • By star news for a live show on GROVER’S MURDER CASE ,  telecasted  at 9 pm on 1/7/2011
  •  BY India TV  at 6.30 PM , on” RIGHTS OF WOMEN on 26/5/2011
  • By INDIA TV on the hottest ARUSHI MURDER CASE telecasted on 12/2/2011 at 8 pm ( live show).
  •  By India News an Indian TV channel, on the recent Supreme Court judgement- “Women is not entitled to alimony in a live in relationship”. ( on 21/10/2010 telecasted by 9 pm)
  • By STAR News on Honour killing which was a hot topic in the year 2010. Abha Roy gave a live program and extensive legal opinion on the above issue. ( telecasted at 7 pm on 22/6/2010)
  • By India TV on doctrine of euthanasia. Ms Roy gave an extensive opinion on the aforesaid issue through a live program on India TV.

All the cases Ms. Roy has handled, she has come out as a winner in almost all of them. But, the field of law is such that there ought to be challenges on the way. One of the most challenging cases she has fought was of Mr SUHAIB ILYASI who was the Director producer of INDIA MOST WANTED. Looking back at it, Ms. Roy was just 7 years in the profession. The cases involved his criminal cases, his daughter custody cases his disputes pertaining to arbitration and corporate laws. All the matters were complicated and had extensive media coverage almost on everyday basis. But these cases are very close to her heart. It was a stepping stone of her career.

I was so glad when the anchor of ZEE TV told me Madam you the first youngest lawyer we have interviewed today. Success and fame within 7 years of profession, was remarkable which neither me nor my colleagues forget.

Her recent case which gave her an enriching experience was Ramjanambhoomi case. The case was a thorough learning process. And not to forget all the 5 honourable judges who gave 40 days to bring this matter to the conclusion.

When it comes to law, most people only know of litigation. But now that technology is involved in law sector too, and people are easily prone to information, the other sectors of law have come to light, which are just as important. Like the corporate law. Corporate law is equally important as litigation. Incorporation of a company or joint ventures or advices to the company on various corporate issues are the basic factors which are required for the smooth functioning of the business.

Laws are equally important either for an individual or the company. Therefore it’s imperative for business houses to work within the framework of legal system. A foreign firm which want to incorporate its business in India is not to be excluded from the above rule. Adroit has the corporate wing too.

Since 2003 Adroit law offices has spread its wings in International Law and practice. Ms. Roy is a solicitor in New South Wales with a Corporate Office in Sydney. Her partner Mr. Peter James is heading the Australian wing. The AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION is their major client and they are their senior Attorneys.

The experiences with the foreign clients have been very fulfilling and rewarding. They are professional and seek perfection. They appreciate your true value and there has never been any ambiguity pertaining to the professional charges.  The foreign clients who come to India for an incorporation of a company, legal advice or immigration issues to be sorted by courts or a client who meets them in Sydney for a matrimonial dispute or an international commercial Arbitration is equally satisfied with the outcome.

Future of Law and Her Message to the New Entrants-

I believe it to be the best profession one can be into where sky is the limit. If you are dynamic and hardworking nothing can stop you from achieving the heights of the profession. I counsel that the next generation should focus on quality and not quantity. They shouldn’t forget the very fabric of this profession which is noble. They should be fearlessly fighting for the justice without making discrimination of caste creed or social status.


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