Kreative House – A Trendy Luxury

Kreative House - A Trendy Luxury

Kreative House – A Trendy Luxury. Nature is the massive source of motivation for designing. Everything that you wish to have a longer life must be beautifully created. A creation full of beauty can last longer as the people around it enjoy that beauty and also take care of it. Interior designing is a field where there are endless possibilities of innovative creation to make spaces beautiful that becomes a landmark.

Creating a home is like finding your voice and then applying it to a beautiful, functional and rewarding space. If you have collections – learn how to display them to create clutter less forms. Use personal choices in art to add personality and personality, and don’t be afraid to adjust your home with accessories in season.

To help you with this Kreative House started its operation long back in Hyderabad. Kreative House is a renowned company for residential architecture and interior design in India. Kreative House is well-known for designing luxury and green high end residences without compromising on innovativeness in design and excellence in execution.

Kreative House is a single stop shop for all architecture, interior designing and landscape designing needs. A devoted group of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, research assistants and surveyors have the potential to deliver nothing but the best in the deadline, set out as a result of tireless work. The attention to detail here at Kreative House is strictly adhered to and therefore the results will be the best.

Antecedent Hurdles

Every business that is successful today had faced many challenges while establishing. That challenge helps businesses to stand strong in the market and make businesses able to face any hurdle calmly. Kreative House also went through many challenges. Initially they could not interpret client design requirements during the initial meeting and designs presented were different from expectation. Later they reworked to get in sync with client’s vision”

Presently, Kreative House has in detail design process to capture client requirements and ideas in graphics and words, before they start with design so, now final output matches to client’s requirements”

The reason behind the long-the standing success

From concept to concrete is Kreative House’s mantra. They are one-stop solution provider for architectural, interior and landscaping requirements with design plus execution service.

Innovation is a backbone of every excellent design. Kreative House’ innovative team driven by a passion to design something unique is a main reason behind the long standing success of the company.

Quality Offerings

Kreative House has completed several prestigious projects across multiple cities in India. They cover a wide spectrum of residential, institutional and commercial spaces. Here is the list of the major services offered by Kreative House:

·         Luxury High End Residences

·         High End Green Residences

·         High End Interiors

·         Project Execution

·         Luxury High-End Residences

With growing technology, the advancement is directly effective the daily lifestyle, especially in interior design. Home automation is one of the buzzword in residence. The ideal home consists of bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. A good architectural design plays an important role in deciding the final outcome of overall experience of the space.

·         High-End Green Residences

Climate change is real! The change in weather pattern can be seen all around the world.  There are various theories and efforts are taken to counterpart these changes. In general building and residence in specific has to be sensible in reducing carbon footprint. The goal of Kreative House is to build and  design with latest technological advancements, and choosing construction material and interior finish products with zero or low VOC emissions.

·         High End Interiors

Meeting client’s expectations is itself a task. Kreative House ensures high end interiors to the clients. There are different styles in interiors like classical, contemporary, neoclassical, country, etc and each style has its own specific design finishes, material and other respective factors.  The company uses high end technology to redefine the comfort and luxury of the interiors.

·         Project Execution

Kreative House has well designed systems and process in place to handle large luxury and green residential projects. The team ensures that the client approves the design. Company’s trust and confidence on architect and interior designers helps in bringing out the stunning and better final output.

Changeover in the Interior Designing and Architectural Landscape

Green is currently the most talked-about word in every aspect of our lives. And, Kreative House people believe that saving our planet and ecology has become more important today, than ever before in the history of mankind due to numerous reasons. So building design in general and residence in specific has to be sensible in reducing carbon footprint and it should consider the site factors like local climate, locally available building materials and how technological advances can be used for the betterment of this objective.

  • The masterminds behind the growth of the company

Medha Kakade – Founder and Partner Architect Kreative House

Medha is originally from Sangli, in Maharashtra; she received her architectural degree from Appasaheb Birnale College of Architecture in 1999. Medha’s first job was with the Sangli–Parikh Associates.  Medha’s stint at Parikh Associates came to an end in 2002 and later she founded Kreative House.

Pavan Kakade – Cofounder and Partner Architect Kreative House

Hailing from Solapur, Maharashtra, Pavan was born and brought up in Hyderabad. With a passion for architectural design, Pavan enrolled in JNTU to pursue Architecture. Soon after completing his B. Arch., Pavan was recruited by the financial institution HDFC as their “In-house Architect”. After four years, he moved on to AHIDCO as their ‘Chief Architect’. Later, Pavan joined hands with his wife, Medha Kakade.

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