Time to remember the legacy, time to celebrate the Native American Heritage Month!

Native American Heritage

The month of November is commonly referred to as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month or Native American Heritage Month. This month aims to celebrate and educate people about the diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of the native people.

This month also provides the people a chance to acknowledge and understand the important contributions of native people. Also, this celebration aims to educate and raise awareness about different tribes.

This provides people an opportunity to know the unique challenges faced by Native Americans from the past to the current times. NCAI (National Congress of American Indians), a group of PR professionals from National American Indian and Alaska Native organizations participates in the DC Native Public Relations Roundtable.

Know the Native

There are over 600 tribes in the US, with unique cultures, beliefs, food, dance, songs, beliefs, and tales. Each tribe has its sovereignty, and Native Americans are not a monolith. In terms of being federally recognized tribes, the number comes down to 574.

Native American organizations foster the native communities and hold many events throughout the year. The Annual Powwow in the spring, Rock your Mocs, and many other daunting events to apprise and cohesive functions.

The resolution of November is “American Indian Heritage Month”, passed by Congress in 1991. Years later in 2009, the proclamations didn’t halt, and Congress passed the “Native American Heritage Day Act of 2009”. This designated that Friday following Thanksgiving Day each year as “Native American Heritage Day”.

Native is the origin, and the stories are more than fables

Native history is American history, and we should never forget that. It is very important to know and understand the history of our great nation. As proud Americans, we should do our part to understand and support the natives.

We should consider ourselves lucky and opportune to have such vast and diverse cultures around us. People travel around the globe to discover heritage, culture, stories, foods, etc. and we have plenty in our nation. It is worth a shot!

It is and always has been our heritage, our brethren, and our great history! Native American Heritage Day !!

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