You Don’t Have to Choose Between Business, Travel and Love – Nicole Tabs Proves It

Nicole Tabs Monarchy Media

Nicole Tabs – Monarchy Media

A wise woman once said that happiness –true contentment—is the key to enjoying life. Audrey Hepburn is famous for saying “the most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

Women bear the tremendous brunt of many emotional tasks in their life, and they often struggle to balance a forever- full plate of obligations, expectations, dreams, and realities. Repositioning each item causes others to fall, creating a never-ending stream of wishing there was more time for the very projects and experiences that bring joy. After all, prioritizing one item over the other means that something goes farther down on the list. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Nicole Tabs, CEO and co-founder of business development agency Monarchy Media, co-founder of modern fitness brand Upliffs, and co-founder of Serendipity Group Inc, believes prioritizing and managing expectations and dreams doesn’t have to come at the expense of sanity.

With a father who was a serial entrepreneur and an inspirational mother who is the other half of Serendipity Group Inc., Tabs effortlessly made the leap from influencer to business owner—and explained that as life constantly evolves, staying committed to 3 important elements is what has guided her success.

“My love of travel, my desire to lead businesses with purpose, and elevating the relationships in my life seemed to always be in conflict with one another,” Tabs said. “I found the key to achieving success in all three isn’t to recognize the inherent battle but to create strategic workarounds.”

Invest in Partnerships

When building her closest relationships, Tabs learned it is vital to not settle, but instead, find someone to continuously create with. “Alignment is the recipe for success in close relationships,” Nicole Tabs said. “The trick is finding a balance for that continuous creation and serving as a cheerleader for one another.”

Nicole Tabs also encourages open and honest discussions with your partner about one-year, five-year, and work-related goals. At the same time, she added, it’s important to celebrate your interests that aren’t alike.

For example, while one of her husband’s passions is Dungeon and Dragons, it’s not her thing. Yet, she supported his interests through participation and hosting events while he played up her love of all things Disney, even though it’s not his favorite.

“Be supportive and stay connected,” she said. “Don’t take away from the other–increase and enhance instead.”

Move Your Ventures – and Yourself – Forward

Nicole Tabs mindfully looked for partnerships where alignment and creative synergy existed as a key to her business success. Whether that’s starting as an Instagram influencer, marketing media management, or film producer, she sought to find people to work with that share her passion and attention to detail. 

With the ability to work remotely, many are fleeing corporate America for an opportunity to create wealth and grow on their own.

“Taking your work on the road can be daunting if time management isn’t your forte, but it’s absolutely worth every sacrifice,” said Nicole Tabs. “My ambitious spirit and desire to see all the continents gave me new experiences that led to my business’ growth.”

One important element Tabs said needed its own moment was strategically aligning your relationship with yourself and your partner with the work you’re doing.

“When everyone has the same vision, they move towards the horizon together,” mentioned Tabs. “My success comes from having a partner who looks ahead with me, prioritizes our goals, and gives me the freedom to be creative. We travel together and learn together, and that experience has been a gift.”

Exploring passions, solidifying relationships, and creating 7-figure businesses are what Tabs does best. “People tend to believe they can only do one thing at a time, which is wildly untrue,” she mused. “Just as a human brain can multitask, human professionals can do a multitude of  tasks that light up each part of their life; it’s for important women not to settle for less.”

About Nicole Tabs

Nicole Tabs is a serial entrepreneur and humanitarian born and raised in Beverly Hills, CA. She is the CEO and Co-founder of Monarchy, a highly successful business development agency, and Serendipity Group Inc, launched their new TV series on ABC, as announced on Deadline. To view her website, visit

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