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Nilesh Kankariya NSquare

Dynamic CRM is widely popular with incredible highlights and functionalities. Numerous organizations over the world are utilizing it to meet business requirements, manage efficiencies, advancements and future readiness. Most organizations are utilizing Microsoft Dynamic CRM for the comprehensive capability of Dynamics CRM that fits well regardless the size of the business and the focal points that it provides towards various functions.

NSquare is specialized in end-to-end Dynamics CRM implementation and customization across industries. NSquare helps businesses to achieve a smooth transition and customized implementation for Dynamics CRM, right from scratch as well as transiting from existing systems to Dynamics platform.

Their Domain Skills pan across Insurance, Professional Service, Field Service, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Utility, Telecom, Retail and Hospitality.

The company focuses on customer-centric attributes, which keep things aligned and at perspective from the customer objective standpoint. Prioritizing towards customer expectation towards minuscule level which they consider as a prima-facie.

Mr. Nilesh Kankariya, CEO at NSquare and his highly efficient team of experts is making hard and smart efforts to empower businesses across every sector with their comprehensive offerings.

The Early Days at NSquare

NSquare incepted in 2013. The challenges included factors like competition, getting the right talent, market penetration so subsequent client wins, expertise against experience level challenge.

The growth has been a process, we would rather say, paved by careful strategizing.

Nilesh Kankariya

The factor included consistent focus and improvement on inevitable essentials like;

  • Technical
  • Domain specialization
  • Successful deliveries
  • Continuous technical evolution
  • Passionate and talented team
  • Value-add
  • Process improvement
  • Work culture

Factors behind NSquares’ long-standing success

While growth is a gradual process as they continue to evolve on the technical front. They also believe in growing along with the team. NSquare’s growth has been organic throughout.

Being Customer-Centric software Service Company, the company works on a model which is primarily based on identifying client-side pain areas and meeting expectations over the major concerns like Risk Mitigation, Incubation, Technology, Quality, and Cost-effectiveness. NSquare’s team not only works on projects, but the team acts a thinking mind helping clients proactively on identified areas of modification, recommendation, a suggestion which help the clients to capture more panoramic view toward achieving project objective and goals as well as visualize the process in every phase. They are heavily vigilant towards technology and adapting to technological changes/newer trends which enables them to stay abreast as well as progress on the technology horizons.

The Offerings

  • Microsoft Dynamics:
  • Implementation 
  • Customization
  • Business Process Analysis 
  • Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM, F&O, BC
  • Add-ons for MS Dynamics Products:
  • Call Integra – A Telephony Solution
  • Chatbot for Dynamics CRM
  • Whatapp Integration
  • Field Service Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Application Development:
  • Android 
  • ioS
  • Domains Served:
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services
  • Banking/Insurance
  • Education
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Facilities Management
  • Website Design and UI/UX

Taking Innovation to the Table

Along, with the Domain-specific Dynamics CRM solutions, NSquare has been working on products that work in conjunction with Dynamics CRM, as an Add-on. This addresses an important part of business operations, allowing operational ease on a day to day business challenges. Few of the products include;

NSquare’s Call-Integra Solution: A CTI integration Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates your CRM and telephony systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows bringing in more efficiency

NSquare brings in expertise across industry verticals when it comes down to Microsoft Dynamics, helping companies streamline their operational and business problems via Dynamics CRM.

NSquare’s ChatBot Integration: Streamline, Capture all the relevant conversations directly in MS CRM. ChatBot Application by using the Microsoft Azure Bot Service & Cognitive Services. Deal with your on-the-fly visitors, inquiries, and actionable, with quick turn arounds and instant workflow management.

NSquare’s WhatApp CE Connecter: The WhatsApp CE Connector powers your communication with customers, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. In addition to cover CRM sales inquiry, quotations, ordering, and invoicing sales stages can be extended with the help of Whatsapp. Email escalations and notifications will be covered through workflows process in different entities of the system using Whatsapp as a channel.

NSquare Dynamics Field Service [Fi3]: The Dynamics 365 Field Service business application specifically tailored for Facilities Management domain, helps organizations deliver onsite service to customer locations. The application combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to set mobile workers up for success when they’re onsite with customers fixing issues. Get more out of NSquare’s Customized accelerator for field service domain.

Being a vital part of the change

NSquare brings in expertise across industry verticals when it comes down to Microsoft Dynamics, helping companies streamline their operational and business problems via Dynamics CRM.  The company’s industry-wide experience acts as an edge towards industry-specific environments to curate the best consulting and solutions suitable in-line with the businesses. The company has a strong track record of solving critical business problem, helping numerous businesses to adopt Dynamics as their centre-point of business operations

We all know how technology is taking a centre stage in all facets of the business. NSquare helps businesses not only on implementations, but to achieve future readiness, towards absorbing new technologies to get the best out of business objectives.  They work with the client not only helping them overcome business hurdles but help businesses to be at the forefront of a future-ready, scalable, end-to-end system that is up to the mark with all industry standards, process flows. Their solutions specifically suit modern vitals like – absorbing AI, Mobility and Social integration, Comprehensive Analytics etc. which are definite needs of a growing business.

An Unmatched Leadership

NSquare leadership brings more that 15 years of experience in information technology. Primarily having extensive experience of Microsoft Dynamics platform and technologies with several turnkey projects and deliveries.

Their virtues are well rooted to make the primary drive towards technology and efficiency. The management brings strong delivery experience along with process management, which leverages a process-driven environment and early maturity towards both functional and technical aspects.

Along with being a Visionary, an entrepreneur is the one who builds strong foundations attributing to; work ethic, motivator, mentor, team player. Providing learning culture, letting professionals work on enhancing their skill-sets with the right amount of guidance, providing the team with creative space. He believes that any talent needs open thinking to flourish with its true potential. Nilesh says, “We at NSquare take heed on these vital areas, Identifying, nurturing and motivating individuals who have an attitude of seeking not only professional goals but also value towards believing in the technological superpowers they hold.”

It’s not about being big or small, it’s about overcoming challenges, believing in what you started, inspiring the team, creating value. Success is never an ultimate, while it depends on how you look at it. It’s a continuous process.

Mr. Nilesh Kankariya

Be it industry leaders who create new benchmarks or team members. Everyone is an inspiration in one way or the another – Nilesh says.

He is continuously inspired by his team members. Eventually what matters is believing and being true to yourself. Along with continuous learning process which should be by-design, is what he feels.

The key achievements

NSquare has an excellent track record and customer success. They have opened offices in Singapore recently.

Some of their acknowledgements include:

  • “20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers list 2017”
  • “Best Innovation Award” at The Smart City Technology Application Products Expo 2018“
  • Featured as “Best Company of the Year 2019” under Technology Solution space
  • Featured in “Business Connect CEOs of 2020”
  • Featured in “25 ERP-CRM Providers in India”

The happier work environment

The company has a learning culture along with promoting peer training, enhancing skill-sets. The team comprises of ambitious passionate individuals. They maintain a happy and fun-loving workplace, promoting the team’s individual hobbies /interests as well as team activities.

Any growing organization not only needs technology spear-heads but they need visionary mindsets and attitudes who want to really enhance as well as work on their creative flow openly. As continuous process helps team members to have advancements from within, providing the necessary freedom.

Making it happen in Pandemic too!

There have been quite a few turnkey projects where Team NSquare has come out with flying colors despite of the situation.

Just recently NSquare successfully implemented one of the challenging projects. The system has gone live for 21 countries. Despite challenges on accessibility due to COVID-19, Team NSquare went over-board toward successful delivery.

We all know that due to Covid-19 there have been significant challenges on the ongoing projects too. But at NSquare they took early steps for better managing projects and kept the overall efficiency unmarred. They continue to deliver the same level of quality and commitment regardless of the odds.

To achieve better results:

NSquare considers below attributes towards customer centricity:

  • Technology and Innovation: Technical depth and consistent evolution are necessary for a highly volatile market wherein you need to adapt and prowess new technologies to meet dynamic customer demands.
  • Domain specialization: We are into an era of specialization wherein you need deep knowledge no matter which industry you cater to. You need to conceive domain-specific business operation to serve better.
  • Cost Efficiency: As we know cost is a very critical factor, it is of utmost importance to provide clients with a fulcrum of qualitative solutions, balanced pricing, and value-add. This sets them apart on how they have modelled the solution expertise with very competitive pricing that can suit businesses albeit of their size.
  • Value-Add: It’s a matter of not exclusive but inclusive to every project on what value-add can determine for successful client relationship and delivery excellence. At times it’s unique to every project but it important to always have an edge towards overall value-add and customer-centricity.

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