The Complete Guide, to Setting Up an Offshore Company in Cyprus

Offshore Company in Cyprus: Complete Guide | The Enterprise World

Exploring the world of Cyprus offshore company formation presents opportunities for expansion and financial gain. However embarking on this journey requires an understanding of the macroeconomic factors that could impact any business choices. This article summarizes the aspects of establishing a company in Cyprus emphasizing its strategic importance and providing detailed instructions on achieving this objective.

What Makes Cyprus Stand Out?

Cyprus unique geographical location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe positions it as a destination for setting up companies. Its status as a tourist hub attracts a flow of visitors creating opportunities for business growth. The local economy thrives on tourism, financial services and maritime industries.

Investors are drawn to Cyprus because of the tax incentives offered by the country. The governments efforts to attract investments have led to the signing of agreements and double taxation treaties with more, than forty nations. This initiative aims to prevent investors from facing taxation issues.

In the years Cyprus has become a choice, among investors seeking a promising business environment and can assist you in registering your company there at competitive rates.

Advantages of Choosing to Establish an Offshore Company in Cyprus

Before you proceed with the incorporation process it’s advisable to visit Cyprus. This visit will help you confirm that Cyprus indeed provides the business setting you are seeking. Cyprus offers a variety of entities for offshore company formation, such as International Business Company (IBCs) Offshore LLCs, Offshore Corporations, Private Foundations and Trusts.

Understanding the Structure of an Offshore Company in Cyprus

Offshore Company in Cyprus: Complete Guide | The Enterprise World
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When establishing a company in Cyprus several crucial factors must be carefully considered.

1. Transparency

Information about directors, shareholders and financial statements is publicly accessible. However details about the owner are kept confidential. Nominee services provide anonymity for Directors and Shareholders.


An Offshore Company can issue types of shares like registered shares, preference shares, redeemable shares and shares with or without voting rights.

3. Capitalization

While there is no minimum capital requirement, the usual authorized capital amounts, to €1,000. Financial Reporting RequirementsIt is necessary to create reports. They are not shared with the public.

Staffing Requirements

Offshore Company in Cyprus: Complete Guide | The Enterprise World

A business should have at one Director of any nationality, than Cypriot, who can be an individual or a legal entity. Additionally a Secretary must be designated, who can also serve as the Director if the ownership is single.

1. Shareholders

For a Cyprus company there should be a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of fifty. Shareholders can belong to any nationality than Cypriot. May be individuals or corporate entities.

2. Currency Control

Cyprus does not impose any restrictions on currency exchange.

3. Language and Official Papers

Greek is the language for laws and corporate paperwork along with an English translation.

4. Official Address

Every Cyprus offshore company must have a registered office.

5. Auditing and Reporting

Financial statements must undergo audits. Be submitted to the Cyprus Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Financial reports need to be prepared in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Submitted to the Cyprus Tax Authorities.

6. Company Naming Rules

An offshore company needs authorization for activities, like banking, insurance and financial services.

Starting Your Journey to Establish an Offshore Company in Cyprus

Creating your company in Cyprus involves a series of steps such as:

  •  Selecting a business advisor.
  •  Submitting documents.
  •  Authenticating documents.
  •  Obtaining approvals.
  •  Setting up an offshore bank account.
  •  Commencing offshore business operations.

Benefits of Establishing an Offshore Company in Cyprus

Offshore Company in Cyprus: Complete Guide | The Enterprise World
[Source-Chesterfield Group]

There are advantages to forming a company in Cyprus. Here are some key points:

  •  Resident based companies can benefit from the network of Double Taxation Treaties.
  •  Enjoy a 12.5% corporate tax rate, the lowest in the EU.
  •  Benefit from secure asset protection company laws.
  •  The Cypriot Companies Act is based on UK company law making it familiar to investors.
  •  Flexibility in banking services.
  •  Availability of single member ownership options.
  •  Access to nominee services if needed.
  •  Flexibility for engaging in trading activities.
  •  Exemption from taxation for all resident companies.

Cyprus serves as a location for your business endeavors. has assisted clients with setting up their ventures. We take pride in offering top notch consultancy services that provide customized and hassle free solutions, for business incorporation needs.

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