Penguin Automated Systems- Pioneers in Industrial Automation

Dr. Greg Baiden CEO Penguin ASI

Penguin ASI – Pioneers in Industrial Automation

Automation, sometimes also known as labor-saving technology is the kind of technology that reduces human assistance in certain procedures. It ranges from a large variety of processes, from a household thermostat to large industrial boilers. Industrial automation specifically is the use of control systems. These may include simple computer systems to robots used to handle the different processes and machinery in industries. Industrial Automation has ample benefits, most importantly, it helps increase the quality of services and bring about flexibility in the process.

Pioneering in Industrial Automation, Penguin Automated Systems Inc. (ASI) is a leading research, development, and prototyping company providing professional and comprehensive robotic and automation solutions for underground, underwater, in space, and on-surface applications.

The Journey of Penguin ASI

Penguin automated systems is a small robotics company specializing in mobile robotics and intelligent systems. Penguin ASI grew out of the mining industry and the research work that Dr. Baiden led in a mining company, academically and as an entrepreneur around the robotic mine of the future. Penguin ASI has now been in business for 18 years providing robotic and mobile equipment solutions to the mining industry. This work has expanded over the last 10 years to include underwater, civil construction, agriculture, and space.

Penguin ASI has a suite of products that include underwater and free-space optical networking, underground GPS systems and inertial navigation and positioning.

In this advanced society, people are being open to change and innovation; which was a mammoth of a task a few years back. This has thus rubbed off the challenge of convincing people to try something new. Instead, it has given rise to many other challenges, some of them being the quality of the products and everything with it.

The initial challenges Penguin ASI faced included having a networking system that was capable of moving several gigabits per second around the mobile operator for the robots. And, having the ability to locate these mobile machines in GPS denied environments. In addition, there was a need to solve the issues around large-scale cooperative robotics for achieving tasks in the mining and search and rescue.

Besides the technical challenges, the culture of these longstanding industries has proven difficult for the application of teleoperated systems and robotics. People in these industries tend to want to do things by manual means and the thought of an automated system is something that is not in their minds immediately. So selling these kinds of systems to potential customers unless there is a critical need is difficult.

But with sheer dedication, the team made it possible to make success look easy. The two main events that triggered the growth of Penguin ASI were a large-scale recovery operation in a mining setting and the construction of a robot to remove rock blockages in an underground environment. Both these robot systems challenged the typical idea of what a robot was needed for.

The first project, which was of a large-scale recovery operation in a mining setting helped Penguin ASI to develop the first real industrial cooperative robot system and solved a large industrial problem for our customer.

 The second project too was extremely important. It required the Hang-up Assessment and Removal robot system. This was a total ground-up development to solve the problem of people unblocking overhead rock with explosives. An extremely dangerous situation that required a robotic solution. Performing a major project like this was quite satisfying as it generated many 10s of patents for mobile robotics in the world today. This robot was also found potential in other applications such as scanning of civil infrastructure.

“We focus on redefining what is possible and exploring possibilities.”

The Products and Services-

Penguin ASI has a suite of products that include underwater and free-space optical networking, underground GPS systems, and inertial navigation and positioning. The daily operations focus on expanding and inventing new technologies to provide its clients with the most advanced and impressive products on the market. The combination of Penguin ASI’s expert knowledge and skilled resources maximizes efficiencies and provides cost-effective solutions.

The company decided to create mobile robots that we’re able to be mathematically controlled in a far more sophisticated fashion than normal robots that are out in the marketplace. These robots combine laser scanning to create engineering drawings for the operator to run the machines using gaming technology. Their unique systems have allowed them to create a unique virtual reality situational awareness for the operation of robots in difficult environments.

Penguin ASI is fast developing as a leading innovator in the field of robotics and automation; providing solutions from concept and design to finished commercial products by applying specialty communications. The software and intelligent systems, unique electronics, tele-autonomy, and mobile mechatronics that Penguin ASI produces enables its specialists to provide complete services to meet the mining industry’s expanding range of needs.

Penguin ASI has extensive experience in applying automated systems to mining.  This work includes:

  • Site Assessment Studies
  • Determine the particular mine’s technology application
  • Technology Roadmap development for the mines
  • Assessment of current technology mine plans vs potential automated mine plans to determine Cost/Benefit
  • Full Automated Mine Design services
  • Scoping
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Feasibility
  • And, Detailed Implementation Studies

“We provide a comprehensive approach to software development, systems integration and field testing to ensure leading edge technologies are supplied to manage our client’s needs.”

There has been continuous research and development in the existing services to make the experience even better for the clients. With that being said, the company is also working on new products to expand its area of expertise.

Currently, the company is working on the linking of gaming software, which is a new addition to their robotic systems. By providing a teleoperator with the full engineering drawing of the task that they’re doing in a situation where people cannot go is a unique and exciting opportunity for their clients.

With innovative services and continuous research and development, the company’s mission is to perform private research and development to create technologies and systems for our clients to apply to improve safety, resource utilization, and financial performance.

Leading the Way- Dr. Greg Baiden-

Dr. Baiden has had quite a decorated profile, from being a senior executive in a multinational mining company to leading corporate R&D for the mine of the future, a senior research chair in Canada in the area of robotics, and an entrepreneur supplying the robotics technology that he has developed to the world.

The key achievements of his entrepreneurial journey have been to be able to work in commercial, academic, and entrepreneurial environments. The work in those environments has allowed him to experience all of the opportunities and drawbacks of the various means of performing meaningful research and development.

Additionally, working in the mining environment and then branching out into search and rescue, civil construction, agriculture, undersea, and into the space program have provided a broad breadth of experience that has enhanced his ability to create the business.

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