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Ian Crouch CEO & Co-founder Reveal Group

Reveal Group

Every industry today is going through technological advancements and adapting to tech changes can be a really difficult task. But, it is a necessity and there are a lot of tech-enabled solutions available in the market suitable to every nature of the business to streamline the operational activities of an organization. Automation is one such process that has been introduced as a game-changer in the market. As soon as the technology became available at an enterprise level, there was one company quick enough to adopt and incorporate it into the solutions that it offers.

Today, Reveal Group is one the largest implementers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the world.

Reveal Group is a global management consultancy firm, specializing in transforming operations to reveal the potential of every workforce. The company is advancing the possibilities of Operational Excellence programs with industry-leading consultants, innovative software, and unrivaled in RPA and Intelligent Automation. As specialists in Intelligent Automation, a disruptive technology unto itself, Reveal Group is constantly seeking out transformative technologies to bring its clients the results they want; fast, cost-effectively, and successfully without ever compromising on quality. 

Intelligent Process Automation – the technology suite around digitization, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence will induce and support revolutionary solutions.

Reveal Group specializes in RPA and Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies. The firm’s business model is predicated on helping clients achieve operational excellence through automation. A critical tenet of this approach is enabling clients to develop their internal capabilities to drive ongoing benefits sustainably and independently. Blue Prism is Reveal Group’s technology change agent of choice, ever since forming a strong partnership in 2014. Despite Reveal Group’s modest size (100 employees) in comparison with some of the firms also competing in the space, it is consistently ranked as one of Blue Prism’s largest, most successful global partners, working with clients around the world.

Revealing Offerings

In February 2020, the company announced the availability of three new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that allow enterprises to automate processes 30% faster with unparalleled quality, which resulted in Reveal RoboSuite™. It gives organizations access to the industry’s most advanced acceleration tools that made Reveal Group, Blue Prism’s first and only Platinum Capability Partner.

RoboSuite is creating the second generation of RPA. These tools are significantly reducing the effort and skill level required to automate processes while improving quality, re-usability, and adherence to best practices. Reveal RoboSuite™ has been initially developed to enhance Blue Prism, and expansion of the toolset to accommodate all leading RPA platforms is already underway. The three new RoboSuite products underpin Reveal Group’s strategy to lead the crusade is enabling companies to Automate Better™. Each addresses a key need for enterprises to maximize value from their investment in Intelligent Automation:

  • Reveal RoboReview™ provides intelligent code reviews, on demand. Empowers automation teams through proactive self-service checks to generate instant feedback in line with Blue Prism best practices, every time.
  • Reveal RoboDesigner™ automates object development. Saves configuration time and effort by instantly creating automation components to best practice standards, for you.
  • Reveal RoboManager™ empowers enterprises with end-to-end, real-time visibility of their RPA programs. It is built for every member of an automation team to identify, prioritize, build, and realize benefits from quality automated solutions.

A Story Revealed

With a mission to help clients accelerate their transformation programs by applying best-of-breed technologies, Reveal Group was founded back in 2005. The group’s focus was on enabling operational excellence and workforce optimization which eventually led it to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2014. Reveal Group’s early RPA engagements convinced them of the need to establish partnerships with cutting-edge technologies to enable scalability and sustainability.

International companies don’t just seek Reveal Group out for process automation; they are drawn to the results-heavy, cost-efficient immediacy of our solutions.

Ian Crouch

Reveal Group’s work on the dynamics of operations which includes employing the required skills and disciplines into the successful, comprehensive training programs that they are turned out to be today is a testament to the experience that the company has with delivering successful Processes Automation programs around the world.

Incorporating its best practices and benchmarks into the Training Academy courses, from Foundation to Advanced Developer, is what sets Reveal Group and its trainees apart. Sharing this knowledge through training gives the company a considerably larger footprint in the industry, which it leverages to deliver transformative results for the clients. “The global changes we have seen in the past 150 years will pale before the developments and transformations we see in the next 15 years,” says the team of Reveal Group.

The Group Leader

Before establishing Reveal Group in 2005, Ian Crouch, CEO and Co-founder of the organization served at the most senior levels of the financial services industry. He is responsible for growing Reveal Group into the leading specialist consultancy it is today. Ian served as the CIO at National Australia Bank and as the Vice President of EDS, A.T. Kearney, Booz Allen, and Hamilton.

The experience gained at these organizations highlighted a gap in the market, one that over the past decade he has worked to fill with Reveal Group. Process compliance in certain industries is a no-compromise factor. Mistakes are very costly, both in terms of finances and man-hours. Reveal Group’s RPA services deliver quality and reporting capabilities in a secure, auditable environment that cannot be replicated anywhere else. “International companies don’t just seek Reveal Group out for process automation; they are drawn to the results-heavy, cost-efficient immediacy of our solutions,” says Ian.

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