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Rajesh Puri, CEO PLUGN Marketing Services

PLUGN Marketing Services

In an increasingly competitive business landscape with a high proliferation of brands and choices available to the customer, the role of marketing as a growth agent has become increasingly critical. This takes on greater importance especially for companies in the SME space where all business-related decisions are taken by the promoter of the company and they may not necessarily possess the skill set or have the bandwidth to take care of this growth driver. Growth stage SMEs also face the challenge from larger organizations that have a fully functional marketing department set up. 

With a collective of 20 years of developing strategies for businesses across diverse spectra of industry sectors spanning B2C and B2B, Rajesh Puri, started the PLUGN Marketing Services in the year 2017. His domain expertise includes business planning, marketing strategy development, and brand communication strategy.

“We set up, operate and drive the marketing department for organizations across various sectors where the marketing department is either non-existent or sub-optimal.”

PLUGN Marketing Services- 

PLUGN works closely with the promoters of midsized organizations who want to drive their company growth either by increasing the sales turnover or through market expansion. It functions as the marketing department of the organization, wherein they drive growth by developing and implementing marketing strategies that are measurable and result-driven. 

Unlike consultants or advisors, PLUGN does not only develop the growth strategy but critically implements it as well with complete accountability to the promoter of the organization. The company has a team of professionals on board with varied experience and exposure across developing marketing strategies, marketing plan execution, sales strategies & sales team management, distribution, and pricing strategies. They have worked across a diverse set of industry sectors with a proven track record.

Small to mid-sized organizations face many growth-related challenges

Setting up a marketing department within small to mid-sized organizations is fraught with varied impediments ranging from:

  • Attracting and retaining quality professional talent 
  • The talent not being sensitized to working within a small organization environment and the ability to adapt to the mindset and expectations of the promoter of the organization
  • Talent acquisition costs which may be prohibitive 

PLUGN was conceptualized to address these specific issues and challenges

PLUGN sets up, operates, and becomes your marketing department. PLUGN fulfills the industry-accepted KRAs / KPIs of a marketing department wherein the service covers across CMO, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator. PLUGN plans out the growth marketing strategy and is accountable for the implementation of the marketing plan that is measurable against the mutually agreed top-line target turnover to be achieved. 

With the portfolio of exceptional and different services, the initial and the biggest challenge the company faced was that of market acceptance. Another challenging task was overcoming comparisons with Marketing Consultants / Advisors who do not take up the execution aspect and remain purely as consultants offering advice. Critically, consultants do not allow themselves to be linked to sales. 

The company growth was triggered not just because of the clients signing them up but also because of their tenacity and belief that the model will deliver value to our clients. Patience and perseverance were the two most important factors for the growth of the company. 

The Services Portfolio- 

PLUGN offers the entire function of a marketing department (Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator). This includes everything right from developing the marketing strategy, execution, and monitoring the strategy. The strategy is measured against various qualifiable and quantifiable metrics related to sales. PLUGN also takes up the Sales Management of the client’s sales team. 

Every component of the marketing plan is developed and measured against pre-defined evaluation metrics. A senior sales strategist from PLUGN leads the sales team and functions as the Sales Head to guide the team and ensure sales target achievement. 

The focus for the first month is generally the marketing strategy development and finalization. In the second month, the focus is then shifted to implement the marketing plan. And the third month is when the marketing plan can be measured vis-a-vis sales performance. 

The marketing planning function is kept centralized since 4-5 senior team members will be jointly developing the plan. Designated resources are allocated to the clients who fulfill the roles of CMO, Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator. The resources carry the clients’ visiting cards and represent the client organization across all internal and external stakeholders.

Resources are introduced to the sales team within the client organization as the marketing department to ensure better cohesiveness in day-to-day functioning. Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator function out of the client premises on a need basis to ensure smooth implementation of the marketing plan. The team also works closely with the Sales Team of the organization. 

“The satisfaction seen in the eyes of our clients when we have delivered growth for their organization and them re-signing our mandate is the key achievement for the company.”

PLUGN is now focusing on expanding its presence across various key cities and appointing competent and entrepreneurship-minded team members. 

The PLUGN Family-

PLUGN has a team of professionals who have honed their skills across diverse functional disciplines ranging from marketing strategy planning, research, business development, sales strategy, and sales training & development. 

“The PLUGN team is a passionate collective of people who are driven by the singular tenet and belief – Driving growth for our client partners.”

PLUGN offers the strength of an organization as opposed to the hiring of individuals.

Each individual operates as a business owner of the client mandate that they handle. Complete Authority with Complete Accountability. Essentially every team member lives the philosophy of PLUGN. 

The senior management team has an average experience of 25 years per senior management person with a proven track record. Professional acumen backed by an entrepreneurial mindset complete sensitization towards the promoter’s challenges, and a conscientious approach towards driving the growth for the client. 

The intent and core philosophy with which PLUGN works is- 

  • PLUGN to our client organization, by becoming a part of them and work as their  team
  • PLUGN to the mindset and ethos of the company’s promoters wherein we work with them as business partners
  • PLUGN the client’s product / brand into the market to make it succeed
  • PLUGN the company as a brand into the minds of prospect employees/trade partners / business associates as a company that they should associate with.

“If you decide to compete only with yourself then there’s no rat race, it then becomes the loneliness of the long-distance runner!”

The Service Model –

  • Deliver results that are quantifiable & measurable :
  • Set up and operate the marketing department As a part of you.
  • Leverage marketing as a key instrument to drive the company’s growth  With your team.
  • Accountability of an employee  With an entrepreneurial approach.
  • Marketing strategy backed by End-to-end execution.

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