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Mr. Prashant Pansare Rubiscape

Data science is immensely useful in business decision making. It uses the data very correctly and makes it useful so that businesses can use it to achieve acceleration in the growth. The decisions we make with the use of data increases productivity.

Traditionally, the data we had was mostly structured and small in size, which could be analyzed using simple tools. Unlike data in traditional systems which was mostly structured, today most data is unstructured or semi-structured. And here the importance of data science comes into the scenario.

To empower businesses with cutting edge and comprehensive data science solutions, one person, Mr. Prashant Pansare is making hard and smart efforts with his multi-skilled team of domain experts at Rubiscape.

Rubiscape is a pioneering Data Platform that seamlessly harmonizes Diverse Data, Algorithms, Computation, and People. It brings to you the power to decipher any data, simplify the translation of information into actionable insights, and extend the knowledge gained into productive and scalable outcomes. With this data-driven platform, one can discover a world of Data Intelligence and fuel imagination- from Insight to Foresight.

The Company

Rubiscape vision was born from an idea…to help people to connect their curiosity and experience with ‘any data.’ Founded in Feb 2020 by Inteliment Group, Rubiscape is an award-winning and fast-growing company. The company calls its users Rubians as they are entities of the future, equipped through an environment of collaboration and continuous innovation to Unleash New Value. Rubiscape’s mission is to make Data Science possible and enjoyable for everyone. With multiple editions (Enterprise, Academia, and Community), Rubiscape is a crucial enabler for enterprises, institutions, and incubators, to jump-start their data innovation initiatives. Join Rubiscape in the movement towards a knowledge-empowered society while transforming the data-driven solutions landscape.

For innovative product companies, resource constraint is the main challenge, but their idea (ambition) and what impact they wish to make with that idea is real excitement and challenge. For Rubiscape, they dreamt to disrupt AI & ML technology by democratizing Data Science by making it a joyful experience. The company’s design thinking approach coupled with a ground-breaking user interface not only enables business people to apply business statistics in their decision making but tells the data stories that generate new questions when they look at the visual analytics.

The growth

Rubiscape was incubated at Inteliment’s Innovation Labs in 2018 and has been an ambitious project they dedicate to the Made in India Movement. In the last Quarter of 2020, the company launched the first beta in 3 countries, 4 industry segments and signed up 3 customers already, a large bank in Singapore, the largest automaker in India, a fortune 50 manufacturing company of Europe in addition to the leading university in Western India. 

Rubiscape’s success is anchored on its founder’s vision and a deep commitment to building an Indian product for the global markets, technology innovation strategy, and design thinking approach, user-centricity, and simplicity in scalability.

The reason to start as a 1st Gen entrepreneur was not to run in a corporate rat race, as I believe, even if you win in the rat race, you end up being a rat. We aspire to compete with our technology innovations in short on the brain count and not a headcount.

Prashant Pansare

Their Offerings

Rubiscape is a User-friendly and easily implementable, self-sustained platform edition that allows Enterprises across diverse industry segments avail rapid and sound decision making, and foresight for competitive advantage by surpassing technological and resource challenges. It is a unified Data Science platform that provides integrated tools sets: RubiStudio (Visual ML-Ops), RubiConnect (API Engine), RubiFlow (Data Orchestration Engine), RubiCast (Forecasting Engine), RubiML (Prediction Engine), RubiText (Text Mining Engine), RubiSight (Visualization Engine) and RubiCloud (Compute Engine).

Data is everywhere – in every connection, every conversation, every transaction, every observation. Data is growing bigger and bigger every day. New business models need fresh thinking and disruptive strategies.  The key to success is to leverage diverse data and make a better impact, with ease and minimal investment. For intelligence and fast decision making, one of the significant challenges is to delve into diverse data – images, text, videos, networks, sensors, devices, signals, maps, locations, applications, APIs.

Fluid & Fast data platforms can solve this problem. Rubiscape is designed considering the modern data science and visualization needs. A one of its kind integrated platform built and developed by Rubians– A team of expertise with the right toolsets, skillsets, datasets, and mindsets makes it stand different vis a vis the other platforms.

Rubiscape taking a step further with

Rubiscape’s goal is to leverage diverse data and unleash new value from it through co-creation and continuous innovation. It is a multi-discipline-oriented fluid & fast platform leveraging on diverse data sources and types, across multiple industries, subject areas, and technologies. Many innovative models, connectors, novel concepts, and algorithms are developed by their teams, customers, partners, incubators, and students leveraging on Rubiscape’s disruptive technology.

With multiple editions, Rubiscape is a crucial enabler for enterprises, institutions, and incubators, to jump-start data innovation initiatives. To ensure deeper adoption and better outcomes, Rubiscape has set-up online Developer Forums, User Communities, Help Desk backed by the Technical Support Centre, providing SLA-based services to its global users. Rubiscape engages with its customers by addressing their specific needs.

Businesses after the COVID-19 outbreak

As we all know this sudden outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic has led to a shift in the dynamics on all fronts like a business, economy, society, industries, and much more. With this, the ways of business processes have changed remarkably. Working virtually has become a new normal. There are changes and mass shifts in patterns of working, market dynamics, supply chains, and last but not the least consumer demands. In such a volatile environment it is extremely important for businesses to adapt to these changes in order to survive, sustain, and grow in the long run.

The first thing that companies need to do is to keep correcting the course of action as the circumstances around change. Organizations must review assumptions, re-evaluate scenarios, and strengthen the ability to sense and react. It is important for businesses to connect with the changing needs of the customers. Businesses need to become an Intelligent Enterprise shifting from top-down decision-making to empowering teams guided by purpose, driven by data, powered by technology, and enabled by cloud for faster speed to market.

Businesses must start adapting techniques like communicating to customers transparently, maintaining healthy relationships with contracting parties, managing employees, keeping teams engaged, regular communications with stakeholders, etc. We must understand going digital is the only way and thus start adopting and getting comfortable with digital communication platforms. To conclude it is the need of the hour that not only businesses but we all should reenergize, rebuild, restructure, and react to these changing times.

If you don’t change, the change will change you. Rubiscape’s motto is – to be the knowledge catalyst, where the rate of learning is consistently greater than the rate of change.

Prashant Pansare –A Disruptive Innovator

Mr. Prashant Pansare is the Founder and CEO of Rubiscape. Mr.  Prashant’s strengths lie in identifying and investing in next-generation technologies. He believes in encouraging intrapreneurship within the organization. As one of the most inspiring data analytics innovators, Prashant has been recognized by many international awards & accolades, some of them include – Analytics Innovation by SAP, EFQM’s Business Excellence Award, Entrepreneur of the Year, by WORLDCOB, USA, Deloitte’s India Technology Fast 50.

Mr. Prashant says, “Entrepreneurial journey is like a roller coaster ride – you must cop-up with the pace, challenges, changes and yet always be the face, source of ideas and motivation while multi-tasking. If you want to be successful with all this happening, then you must choose your passion as your profession. Business success is teamwork, but entrepreneurship is in building the support system – your team, clients, partners as well as your family and friends support & encouragement everything matters. I consider myself to be fortunate, to be blessed with good people around in this journey, who have made it worthwhile.”

Swami Vivekanand is a true source of motivation for Mr. Prashant and Elon Musk’s business story inspires him a lot as he is a true visionary leader capably demonstrates business Innovation, Transformation, Collaboration, and Execution to stay ahead of times.

The key achievements

Past more than a decade and a half, Rubiscape has achieved many milestones and many more to come. Mr. Prashant says, “As a leader, you have to be a reason to constantly evolve your customer success, business impact, product innovation, people capability.  Apart from the many international awards and recognition, I consider one of the most significant accomplishments for us has been to build a product company from a niche services company. It has to first start from your own self, by transforming the mindsets and ensuring you grow-through what you go through.”

Rubiscape works with its clients as Success Partners, not just a service provider. They have always stayed focused on innovation, flawless execution, high integrity & commitment to every customer, and hence the company has not lost even a single customer during these testing times.

The work environment at Rubiscape

At Rubiscape they believe, the culture of the organization can be gauged based on how the lowest of the pyramid people are treated and how they feel about the company. They hire for product innovation, business success; and develop people for a career, not just a job. Rubiscpae’s offices practice open and innovative culture in their daily routine.

Take up an idea and make it your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. This is the way to success, and this is the way great spiritual giants are produced.

Swami Vivekananda

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