The Advantages of Using Premium Powerpoint Templates Over Free Ones

Premium Powerpoint Templates: 6 Pros & Cons | The Enterprise World

A PowerPoint template has proven to help create an effective PowerPoint presentation. With improved design, users can take your slide presentations a step higher. You don’t have to spend hours creating your presentation and can focus on more productive work.

You can choose from several free and premium PowerPoint templates for your business presentations. A premium PowerPoint template is the best choice for ppt templates. But, if you don’t have the budget for premium ones, you may use a free template.

In this article, you can read more about the advantages of using premium PowerPoint templates over free ones. Using the best PowerPoint templates is the best way to produce compelling presentations.

Pros and Cons of Using Premium Powerpoint Templates

Another reason to love templates is the fact that these can be reused several times. You can edit and customize them to fit your presentation needs. Aside from these, you may be interested to know the pros and cons of using free and premium PowerPoint templates.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of both premium and free PowerPoint templates.

1. Money

Money is always a big consideration. You may find yourself debating on whether to use free or premium templates. Downloading free PowerPoint templates is obviously free.

Using a free presentation template for your business is a big help. You can use as many as you like without worrying about paying for them.

Premium Powerpoint Templates: 6 Pros & Cons | The Enterprise World

Several individuals and even graphic companies willingly create free PowerPoint templates with the intention to spread their brand and establish authority online. Allowing users to access a free ppt template is a way to add them to the mailing list to entice them to purchase premium templates.

On the other hand, Premium PowerPoint templates will need to spend a reasonable amount to download and use them. A professional PowerPoint template is custom-made, which makes it unique and worthy of payment.

2. Options

You can access free templates from several websites. Several sites offer free templates ranging from simple or basic designs to professionally made ones. You can conveniently search for the template of your choice.

Unlike with premium templates, there are only a number of sites that you can visit. A certain website selling premium custom templates may only carry a few types or categories of templates, limiting your search. You will need to check other websites to get the premium PowerPoint templates that you are looking for.

3. Design

The advantage of using premium PowerPoint templates over free ones is the design. Many, if not all, free PowerPoint template designs are poorly and unprofessionally designed. You might not use the free template for your presentation because of how it looks.

Also, free templates have inconsistent slide designs. Some designers do this without caring about the templates’ appearance as long as their name or brand circulates online. Professional ppt templates should not only look beautiful, but they should also be consistent.

4. Branding

Professional PowerPoint templates often come with logos and company names. If you use a free template, you will need to edit it to make it suitable for your presentation and include your company information. Using free templates is not very helpful in promoting your brand online.

Premium Powerpoint Templates: 6 Pros & Cons | The Enterprise World

However, with a premium presentation template, you can personally customize it using consistent color scheme and fonts and include your company information.

5. Not Created Equal

A free PowerPoint template is oftentimes not created equal. Most free templates have basic, inconsistent, and outdated designs created by anyone who can use graphic design software.

Anyone who knows how to use graphic design software can make a free template and share it online. Many free template designers don’t aim for quality and consistent presentation slides. Hence, your PowerPoint presentation slides will not look the same or, worse, look bad.

But with premium PowerPoint templates, you can expect your presentation slide design to be equal. Designers of premium templates value consistency and uniformity in their PowerPoint presentations.

6. Audience Perception

The main goal of using templates is to impress your target audience. You can bore your audience if you use outdated PowerPoint slide templates.

As mentioned earlier, several free ppt slide templates are poorly and inconsistently designed. You won’t be able to win your audience’s hearts by using these templates.

Your audience will show interest if you use a premium template design they have yet to see. Premium template designers are always creating unique template designs.

Sites to Get Premium Powerpoint Templates

Even if you need to pay to use premium PowerPoint templates, using one is worth it. The designs are consistent, unique, and professional.

1. Simple Slides

You can access thousands of professionally designed presentation templates from Simple Slides. Not only can you get premium slide design templates, but you can also explore and download their infographics templates.

The stunning templates are highly customizable and editable using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. You can enjoy all the templates by purchasing either their standard or premium bundle, all for a reasonable price.

The bundles give you access to all the templates and icons with free updates. You can also access courses on maximizing your use of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. The premium bundle gives you an extra 16 hours of on-demand videos. You can easily wow your audience with your presentation using Simple Slide templates.

2. Envato Elements

Envato Elements allows unlimited downloads of more than 13 million of its creative assets, all for a reasonable subscription fee. The template designs are professionally made and customizable.

Premium Powerpoint Templates: 6 Pros & Cons | The Enterprise World

There are four types of reasonably priced subscription plans. You may choose from Individuals, Students, Teams, and Enterprise Plans. If you subscribe, you get 12 free files of presentation templates, fonts, videos, etc, every month.

A lifetime commercial license covers all creative assets. If you need to unsubscribe, you can cancel your subscription anytime for free.

3. Slide Bazaar

Are you looking for a website offering free and premium PowerPoint templates? If yes, you can check out Slide Bazaar. Slide Bazaar templates are organized into categories for easy browsing. All the slides are editable and convenient to customize.

Slide Bazaar has four membership packages that you can choose from depending on your budget. Slide Bazaar offers premium support for all members through its help desk.


You must use the best PowerPoint template for your next project. Whether you use premium or free PowerPoint presentation templates, it is alright. Both types of templates have their own pros and cons.

Premium templates are the best choice if you are looking for professional, unique, and visually appealing presentation templates. You can choose your next project template from any of the websites mentioned above that offer excellent premium templates.

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