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The logistics industry has always played a vital role in the growth of the nation’s economy. The field of logistics is changing with the rising technology with every new dawn. Many companies in this field are helping people to run their businesses smoothly.  Quadrant Logistics is one of the top names in the logistics landscape due to its higher quality services and solution-oriented approach.

Quadrant Logistics is a leading contract logistics service provider, offering integrated and customized supply chain solutions. Over the years, they have been offering a range of logistics services to the best know business in India. Quadrant Logistics has been a preferred contract logistics partner for a diverse clientele. Their ability to develop solutions improving clients’ business results makes them a unique supply chain solutions company with the ability to integrate inventory management like no one else. Quadrant Logistics offers dedicated warehousing solutions to fit any type of product, space, and capacity requirements. Their dedicated facility and exclusive services to the clients ensure the optimized performance outcomes.

Under the innovative vision of Mr. Sachiien Kawale, Founder & Managing Director, Quadrant Logistics’ team is making smart efforts to transform businesses with up to mark service offerings.

The triggering point for growth

The efficient spare part supply chain holds the key to post-sale client satisfaction and a company’s ultimate brand recognition. In 2012, when they decided to focus mainly on core areas; spare parts logistics and contract logistics services and that’s where they witnessed the real growth. Secondly, in the present scenario, the implementation of GST has created tremendous opportunities for them; in the contract logistics space.

The success story

They have been providing Spare part logistics and contract logistics services to many MNC’s such as Bosch & Siemens (BSH), Crompton Greaves, Bajaj Electricals to name a few. Quadrant Logistics is Presently operating in Maharashtra and a Goa, having a state of the art facility of 1.5 lacs sq. ft in Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Goa. Their YOY Business for the last three years has grown by 30%

Factors Behind Quadrant’s Success

Quadrant Logistics’ USP is – cost-effective customized services, flexibility, and quality.

Their highly customized, scalable, and client-centric solutions to create efficiency have been the key to their sustainable success. Customer focus, flexibility, and scalability are our key differentiators.

They believe that; the path to the creation of a healthy trusting relationship is open, honest, and genuine communication, and their business model is built on the same principles; Transparent activity, Transparent interactions, and Transparent cost.

A Vast Range Quality Offerings

Quadrant Logistics’ main focus is on their flagship offering: Aftermarket / Spare Part Logistics and Contract Logistics

Quadrant Logistics has a deep understanding of the aftermarket supply chain and has been the core strength. Aftermarket support is the spine of any customer-oriented business. Order fulfillment of spare parts for service centers is an imperative process for companies in the consumer electronics and engineering sector and an efficient spare part supply chain holds the key to post-sale client satisfaction and a company’s ultimate brand recognition. That’s where they come into the picture. Quadrant’s expertise in providing a range of aftermarket services helps a company to reduce costs, lower downtime and bring greater consistency and have firm control over the aftermarket segment. Aftermarket logistics services include:

Spare part Logistics

Quadrant Logistics parts distribution center supports customers with after-market parts and manages spare parts distribution from planning, procurement, order fulfillment to last-mile deliveries to the client’s service centers or the dealer. This mainly includes collection and sourcing of spare parts, storage, packaging & repackaging, labeling, order management, and last-mile delivery.

Quadrant Logistics has a deep understanding of the aftermarket supply chain and has been the core strength.

Returns Logistics

They oversee the returns process of unwanted/undue stocks or damaged goods. These goods can be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers. This is mainly seen in the case of product recall from the market for various reasons.

Repairs Activity

This process includes receipt and repair of products or parts, either under-warranty or post-warranty products. After repair, the parts/products are returned to the stock or sent back to customers.

Reverse Logistics

Quadrant Logistics enables the flow of surplus or unwanted material back through the supply chain most efficiently and cost-effectively possible. Reverse management activities include all return-related processes, quality control, sorting, repackaging of returns, certified scrapping or recycling processes; most effectively to maximize the value of goods returned for various reasons.    

Factors making them unique from the rest of the market.

Their ability to develop solutions improving clients’ business results makes them a unique supply chain solutions company with the ability to integrate inventory management like no one else.

Quadrant Logistics offers a wide range of value-added services as part of an overall solution that is aimed to improve the performance of our customer’s supply chain. They extend their traditional core into extra value-added services, such as supplier compliance, kitting, de-kitting and light assembly, labeling, product rework & recycling, product inspection & compliance, certified disposal, etc. Operating these value-added services alongside the storage of their customer products not only saves money but removes the layer of wastes in the supply chain.

Quadrant Logistics brings experience, technology, scale, and operational best practices to help businesses gain a substantial value proposition mainly in areas of optimizing logistics costs, shortening the length of the order completion cycle, and reducing the number of fixed assets.

Clients are no longer willing to tolerate yesterday’s one-size-fits-all service options, as each of them has its unique requirements & expectations. This is the biggest challenge for any logistics service provider, whereas efficiency, flexibility, and scalability are the key expectations of end-users.

Quadrant Logistics is pioneered in providing customized services with flexibility and focused on enhancing the performance of the customer’s supply chain by continuously driving customer-centric innovation through technology-enabled supply chain management. 

Latest Additions in the services 

Quadrant Logistics has added E-commerce and B2C Seller services in their vast up to the mark range of services. They have recently bagged the contract for providing B2C seller services to one of the reputed MNC clients providing the last-mile delivery services and sellers services exclusively on Indian marketplaces/ e-commerce platforms.

A Drastic Changeover in the Logistics Landscape

The logistics industry perhaps gained the most from implementing the new technologies and is one of the most impacted sectors with the rise in technological innovations. The logistics industry is witnessing rapid adoption in areas of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation, which is helping logistics companies to meet the ever-increasing demands from customers and overcome some tough challenges like cost optimization, faster service, damage management, route optimization, warehouse management, etc. It has become essential for service providers to use technological innovations to utilize maximum space, manpower, warehouses, vehicles, etc. These technologies bring much-needed efficiency and the highest level of customer satisfaction. As a whole, we are going to witness a stronger and connected logistic service.

The Key Achievements

Mr. Sachiien Kawale, a business management graduate founded this company intending to provide highly customer-centric logistics services. Under his leadership, the company has earned the reputation of the most preferred spare part logistics service and contract logistics service provider.

Recently, Quadrant was featured amongst ’10 Promising Freight Management Service Provider – 2019’ by SiliconIndia Magazine and was awarded ‘Company of The Year 2019’.

The Skilled Workforce

 ‘Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business’

Quadrant Logistics truly endorses that.  For them, employees are the most valuable resource and assets as they are the front of the business. The company has a healthy and conducive atmosphere, where everyone works as a team and is comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels.

In this new era, the consumer has become more demanding for excellent service, competitive price, and value addition. Customer no more wants to deal with multiple logistics service providers for their specific needs. In this scenario, collaborative working is the key, where they utilize resources and competencies of other organizations wherever required, which enables them to create customer value. Collaborations thus provide them an opportunity to both access external capabilities and develop routines that further enhance competitive advantage, making a collaboration-enabled supply chain a powerful strategic tool for their organizations’ sustainability.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

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