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Co-founders of WOW Express

The logistics sector has evolved a lot with the use of the latest technologies. The logistics sector has always been at the forefront of boosting up the nation’s economy. With more demands due to digitization, the logistics industry is at its peak. In this scenario, some logistics companies are making efforts to transform businesses across India as well as the globe.

WOW Express is one of the leading names in the logistics landscape with its unique and comprehensive solutions offerings. The master brains behind the long-standing success of the company are its co-founders Mr. Jayesh Kamat, Mr. Mazhar Faruqi, and Mr. Sandeep Padoshi.

Let’s discover more about the WOW Express and its quality offerings.

The company

After over 5 years in business, WOW Express today stands tall amongst top logistics players in the country with a pan India presence. With over 100 centers across 50 cities, WOW handles 70,000 – 75,000 shipments a day. WOW Express offers completed-to-ended logistics solutions to e-commerce players for deliveries within India, this includes First Mile pickups, Intra and Intercity movement, Last Mile deliveries, Cash-On-Delivery, Digital Payment collections with real-time visibility and updates through robust technology and infrastructure.

The Initial Hurdles

The major challenges that WOW Express has faced and successfully overcome are an increase in supply chain visibility, shortening the delivery cycles, setting up the Omni channel supply chain, and adapting elastic logistics in day-to-day operations. Today, the customer wants timely and quicker delivery of goods. WOW Express endeavors to enhance customer experience by reducing the product delivery cycle without passing the incremental logistics cost to the end customer.

And The Growth Started…

Various factors have contributed to the success of WOW Express Logistics. The strong and efficient team, experienced management and board with the aligned vision for the company, boom in E-commerce space, streamlined SOPs are some of the factors. Apart from these, the launch and successful run of WOW Health Express has contributed to the company’s growth story.

WOW Express has grown 10x in the last five years of operations and they are confident of growing 10x in the next four years. In the first half of FY 19-20, the company has already achieved a revenue equivalent of the last financial year and is on the path of achieving more than 100% revenue growth in FY 19-20.

Reason Behind the Long-standing Success of WOW Express

In recent years, technology has had a major impact on how logistics firms operate and this stands true for WOW Express too. Bringing cutting-edge technology to the table like an end to end tracking solutions, full-cycle API integration, real-time COD dashboard, shipments mapped on Google maps of Service Marshals and many more has not only ensured quick and timely deliveries to customers but also enabled them with time and cost savings. Also, the “WOW culture” which is prevalent throughout the organization has been the main driving force bringing a winning streatoin the team.

The Services

WOW Express offers a plethora of services and products to its customers. Some of them are WOW First Mile (Specialised First Mile branches that ensure parcels are sorted by the operator and ready to be handed over on time every time), WOW Last Mile (tech equipped service marshals delivering packages from specialized collection centers to last-mile delivery branches), WOW Reverse (service marshals collecting shipments on your behalf from your customers and deliver them back to you), WOW warehousing (specially tailored warehouses to rapidly process thousands of orders daily), WOW Health Express (technology-enabled pick-up and delivery service of bodily fluids (blood, bone marrow, tissue) samples from hospitals/pathology laboratories to the central lab & delivering diagnostic reports back to hospitals/pathology laboratories/patient’s residence).

The company taking a step further with

WOW Express is the first company in the country to have created a seamless technology that caters to the logistics needs of Diagnostics companies. The diagnostics logistics business today is a $300mm market and is growing 15%+ annually. After carefully identifying and studying the requirements of the Indian diagnostics market, WOW is today the largest organized player in the intracity blood sample collection service.

The Cofounders

WOW Express is co-founded by Jayesh Kamat, Mazhar Faruqi, and Sandeep Padoshi who bring in 60+ years of cumulative work experience.

Jayesh, an MBA from Sheffield UK with 20+ years of work experience having worked with companies such as UPS, Singapore Post, Amex, ICICI Bank looks after Business Development, Finance, IT, and investor relations.

Mazhar with 25+ years of experience in the industry with global logistics players such as DHL, TNT, UPS, Singapore Post, and Bombino Express manages Operations and network expansion for WOW.

Sandeep, an IIM-A alumnus with 20+ years of experience with companies like Reliance, Reader’s Digest, ACK (Future Group) is a Chief Culture Officer of WOW who apart from leading Health Express drives the Company culture, HR, PR, Investor Relation and Strategy.

They admire Ratan Tata the most. Also, they find Steve Job’s success story of Apple the most inspiring one.

The Key Achievements

• Winner of the “Innovative E-commerce Service Provider” Award – SCM Pro – 2015

• Winner of the “Promise of the Future” Award – SCM Pro – 2016

• Featured as “One of the Top 100 Start-ups to watch in 2017” – Sutra HR

• Recognized as “10 Best Start-ups in Logistics” – Start-up City Magazine – 2018

• Awarded as “Powerhouse Performance as Delivery Service Partner” – Amazon –  2019

• Finalist at “Leaders of Tomorrow” – ET NOW – 2019-20

The Smart Workforce

WOW Express is an organization with a ‘free will’, with a culture where one is free to choose the time that he or she comes to work, where one has no fixed place of work, choose the projects that they can work on, and at the same time add great value to the organization. At WOW Express, they believe in providing equal opportunities to all employees.

Implementing various innovative programs such as Breakfast at Branch (Service Marshals begin their day with breakfast at work), Brownie Points (initiative promoting point ratings to recognize employee’s contributions beyond the regular process to achieve the task) along with traditional programs like Telecommuting, celebrating cultural activities, Pre-work Communication Meeting has worked for them to motivate employees and create a healthy work environment.

An Overwhelming Client Experience

WOW has strived since its inception to deliver a WOW service to its clients. A couple of their client testimonials are:

“Being the leaders in the beauty product space in India, our customers do expect faster and safe deliveries from us across the country. Partnering with WOW Express was one of the good decisions that we have made. These are the guys who put their mission to practice. By using a combination of technology, experience, and people management skills, they ensure that our products are delivered on time.”

– Manoj Jaiswal, Chief Supply Officer, NYKAA

“We are not logistics experts and we had issues about timely pick-up. We also didn’t want the usual local courier guys. We wanted an automated solution that allows us to complete the tracking of shipments. These are sensitive packages and we wanted a more personal service. We found WOW Express agile, sensitive, and approachable. The automation is good and now we have visibility end to end.”

– Rakesh Sharma, Director, Lilac insights

Factors that Affect the Logistics Industry Processes

The increasing boom of the Indian e-commerce industry has immensely boosted the prospects of the logistics sector. Implementation of GST has ensured the seamless movement of goods. Current growth is driven by the penetration of e-commerce in Tier II and III market have resulted in emerging e-commerce retailers further driving the growth. Furthermore, some of some smartphone users and rural internet penetration have seen a steep surge in recent times enabling the faster and efficient implementation of technology.

It’s a rat-race out there, WOW Express copes up it and has always been ahead with the help of

•    Self-belief

•    Belief in the team you build

•    And by not giving up

Great men may win games but a great team wins championships.

Sandeep Padoshi

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