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Qualilife Diagnostics

A decade ago, there was a lack of microbiological diagnostic services to small nursing homes and laboratories. There was need of state of art technology microbiology laboratory for such facilities. The concept of adding newer techniques in microbiological laboratories was given least importance in most of the established health institutions. There was a need to innovate and improvise the microbiology laboratories in the event of emerging and re-emerging infections. A microbiology lab was at the mercy of the corporate management to enhance services and they were always lacking the funds to do so.

The idea of Qualilife Diagnostics was born to fill these lacunae and it took shape in 2010. Qualilife Diagnostics decided to have the latest technologies to meet the demand and addition of technologies were made as per the requirements. Every few years the world saw outbreak of infections and Qualilife wanted to lead the way for the solutions of diagnostic challenges during these outbreaks.

There was major lack of awareness amongst the healthcare workers in smaller institutions regarding the importance of microbiological services. They were unaware of the technologies available for rapid diagnosis of diseases like Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis and other MDR bugs. Infection control protocols were non-existent in such institutions.

Our success is attributed to committed staffs who strive for excellence at every stage.

Qualilife Diagnostics

Qualilife Diagnostics focused on timely reports laced with top quality based on recent guidelines. We kept ourselves abreast with the times and added on technologies as per need. We supported “make in India” technologies and exploited the resources to the maximum. Our main aim was to provide a point of contact where the communication to the health provider was prompt for effective patient management.

Qualilife Diagnostics started off with two specimens per day and gradually increased to almost hundred times of that. Our customer size also increased hundred times. Today we have about 500 happy and satisfied customers.

Our success is attributed to committed staffs who strive for excellence at every stage. We have managed to get recognition by way of accreditations and approvals from authorities for various tests. Complacency is non-existent in our dictionary. We are always trying to update and devise means to better ourselves.

High end microbiological and molecular diagnostic techniques are our forte. As per need, like in epidemics and pandemics, we rise to the occasion and add technologies required for prompt diagnoses. We try to concentrate on rapidity and accuracy of results and prompt effective management.

Innovations and newer technologies are promptly seized and utilised for overcoming diagnostic challenges. Syndromic approach for treatment of infections is the way forward and multiplex arrays will help in saving many lives.

Individual outcome for each disease is unique and hence personalised medicine and genomics are the future. Tailored treatment plans and guidance will prevent, diagnose and treat critical illness with more precision.

As an entrepreneur, Qualilife Diagnostics endeavour was sustainability, saleability and scalability. These were the long term goals. We had to develop our services to top notch levels. There was tremendous scope for continuous improvement.

Each day was a new day with new ideas and new challenges. It was a “LOOK FORWARD” to new roles and new responsibilities. New energy was garnered to acquire new expertise. Committed team development and system enhancement was Qualilife Diagnostics’s main focus. Success was a contribution of team effort and each team member had a significant part in the glory achieved.

The key achievements of our entrepreneurial journey were job opportunities that were created. Even In the times of COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown we could continue to provide job opportunities to many. We could contribute to society by providing diagnostic services of world class level in COVID19 pandemic. We have been able to save lives with our timely interventions.

Qualilife Diagnostics’s team is very committed and we give them opportunities to grow. Staff motivation is achieved with time to time In-house training and constant updates. Their health and safety is given prime importance and we believe “Happy and healthy staff lead to happy customers”. Newer technologies and newer challenges are thrown at them to keep them focussed.

We have our customers coming back to us after one experience and they refer their relatives and friends too. They have lauded our transparency and have valued our opinions. We have managed to keep their trust with compassion.

“Every night is followed by sunlit morning” is what keeps me going.

Dr. Roopa Viswanathan Iyer- Founder & MD

Diagnostics in India is world class but is accessible only to urban India. Rural India has unorganised diagnostic system. Sophistication of technologies has still not reached them. Point of care technologies which are affordable, easy to operate and require less skill is the main requirement in rural India. These can be addressed by “Made in India technologies” which can be reasonably exploited. They can solve a lot of health problems of rural India.

Telemedicine which involves use of telecommunications in healthcare can also provide superior medical expertise and healthcare services to rural India. “No contact” patient management was most useful during this pandemic and lockdown. Preventive and tailor-made treatment plans can help us live longer and lead safer, more productive lives.

All stories involving entrepreneurs and start-ups inspire me and I regularly read to know their stories. I draw inspiration from them and try to incorporate them into my scheme of things.

“Never give up” is the motto that everyone must follow. “Every night is followed by sunlit morning” is what keeps me going. I look forward to each new day with more issues and challenges to tackle and the satisfaction that follows is beyond words and measure.

Any invisible bug can become a huge problem at any time, as in the current pandemic; we microbiologists are trained for them. We are ever vigilant for the outbreaks and as entrepreneurs we have to be on guard for any unforeseen problems to arise. We have to be equipped with a mindset to tackle them. We have to be ready for a stormy day all the time.

The pandemic has given us time to think for ourselves and opened new perspectives. We have to grow as individuals and better our own expectations. Who cares for “rat race”; it is always going to be there. Holistic individual growth is what matters, so hobbies, passion have taken precedence. Physical, mental, intellectual and social wellbeing is of paramount importance for me, along with professional summits.

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