How to Choose the Right Boxes for Long Distance Moving?

Choose the Right Cardboard Boxes for Long Distance Moving | The Enterprise World

Long-distance moving to a new condo, a change of office, or season relocation to the countryside is a very responsible process! Things, equipment, and consumables should be sorted, properly packed, and carefully delivered to the destination. At the preparatory stage, it is very important to choose the right boxes for moving of optimal size, shape, and thickness—the quality of packaging will determine the integrity and preservation of the belongings.

Cardboard Boxes for Condo Moving

Choose the Right Cardboard Boxes for Long Distance Moving | The Enterprise World

To avoid confusion, it is worth buying four different types of boxes:

  • For clothes;
  • For crockery;
  • For books;
  • For appliances.

How many of them do you need? Before ordering boxes, it is not superfluous to at least approximately calculate the volume of each type of thing, divided by the box’s volume. To the result, add 15-20%. This will be the optimal number of cardboard boxes.

For condo moves, the best choice will be:

  1. Four-valve corrugated cardboard boxes—for personal belongings and accessories. They have cut-out handles for easy loading into the car.
  2. Self-assembled boxes—more capacious and strong, have two-layer or three-layer walls, withstand multidirectional loads, and can be used not only when moving, but also for long-term storage of things.
  3. It is better to choose boxes with a large capacity for voluminous light things. They are indispensable for packing bed linen, shoes, and toys. For packing, you need three or even five-layer boxes of small size. Fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap before placement. Such containers transport household appliances, lighting fixtures, and crockery. Thanks to the shock-absorbing lining and the presence of dividers, you can reliably protect your appliances and fragile items from destruction and damage.
  4. Extra strong—for books, crockery, and other heavy items.
  5. There are also condo boxes available. These are best taken for paintings, fittings, and digital equipment. It is recommended to transport small items in a condo pack as well. It is easier to find them there than in deep boxes.

Clothing and Office Boxes

Choose the Right Cardboard Boxes for Long Distance Moving | The Enterprise World

 Special high boxes are created for wardrobe items. They are not afraid of moisture and do not lose their shape. You can transport clothes directly onto the hangers, placing them on the bar. This method helps to protect wardrobe items from crumpling and damage, preserving the original appearance. They are made of high-strength five-layer cardboard. Such containers will be ideal for transporting and temporarily storing bulky outerwear, suits, and evening dresses. Thick cardboard prevents moisture from passing through and will not deform during transport.

Another thing is the choice of boxes for packing office supplies. Usually, archive boxes are used for such a case. These are reliable self-assembled structures with tight lids and slots in the side walls, designed for no more than 110 lb.

Corrugated cardboard boxes for office equipment are chosen according to the overall size, adding a reserve for bubble wrap. The optimal choice is packaging made of multilayer cardboard. In a large corrugated box, you can put a computer with a system unit, monitor, keyboard, and other components. If you plan a separate packaging of office equipment elements, choosing three to five-layer cardboard products of the cover-bottom type is better. Foam filling is better for protecting screens. For packing office supplies and other things for one employee, a box with a volume of up to 70 liters will be enough.

Important to Know!

Planning to transport things for a long distance? Our partners from High Stream Moving suggest cardboard boxes with increased strength. For bulky items, choose five-layer boxes. To make sure you don’t mix things up during the move, make notes with colored sticky tape. For example, red tape should be stuck on boxes with fragile items, blue tape on clothes, and yellow tape on books.

Remember that the boxes, taped with tape, perfectly withstand all the trials of moving. So, there is no need to worry: with reliable cardboard packaging, your things will overcome any move.

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