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What makes businesses climb the ladder of success is nothing but well-management.

The use of the latest technology helps to achieve what we call better management. To boost up the growth of businesses around the world, Rohit Thakral founded Target Integration in 2008 providing various consultation, implementation, and support services.

Target Integration has offices in 5 countries Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Greece, and India where they are actively providing CRM & ERP consultation, implementation, and support services in 35+ different countries such as UAE, Singapore, Africa, Japan, Costa Rica, Scotland, Switzerland, Cambodia, UAE, Saudi, etc.

In a talk with Anjana Agrawal, Digital Marketing Manager at Target Integration let’s discover more about the company and its journey since its inception.

•    Tell us about Target Integration.

Target Integration was founded in 2008 by Rohit Thakral in Dublin, Ireland, since then, the Target Integration team has expanded to include experienced Project Managers, Senior Developers, and Business Analysts, CRM & ERP Functional Consultants, Trainer and Resources has also made its presence worldwide.

Here at Target Integration, we offer CRM & ERP solutions to businesses across the globe. We aim to empower the companies with our business management solutions, which can be further customized to meet the clients’ requirements. Besides, we offer constant support to the client companies to manage the solutions well.

Target Integration offers wide-ranging services & solutions in the arena of CRM & ERP, with our products ranging from Zoho, Microsoft, Odoo, Vtiger, Cloudyogi, Leadsquared, Repsly, SAP and shop tech software, etc.

•    What were the initial challenges you faced?

Speaking in terms of the challenges that we faced on an initial level when we started, people were not open to the idea of business solutions. We had a tough time explaining and convincing businesses about how they can benefit from these solutions. However, today the situation has changed and it’s better with the companies, being well-aware of the significance of CRM & ERP solutions. They have been playing an integral part in the further growth of their business.

•    Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

With growing days, people are more inclined towards smart work and automation in their businesses and that is how business solutions came to the rescue. People are getting aware of different CRM & ERP software and end up looking for the solution. So when we approach and talk to them, they listen to us and get convinced.

Also, new software is coming into the market every day. We get partnered with them, perform marketing and promotions to create awareness among the business owners, and take responsibility for implementing the software for clients.

We provide every possible solution to the customer in every possible way. Thus creating customer satisfaction and awareness in the business world.

  • How have the company graphs changed since the foundation?
The growth graph

•    What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?

The reason behind our company’s long-standing success is Customer satisfaction, the dedication of the employees, and an experienced team who is always willing to provide a solution to a customer query.

In the long run, we mainly focus on the satisfaction of both clients and employees. We as a team, work together, put collaborative effort to achieve a common goal or to complete a task most effectively and efficiently.

•    What are the products/services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

Target Integration is an independent service provider. We provide ERP and CRM consulting services where we are partnered with different software like Zoho, Vtiger, Odoo, Leadsquared, Google, Zendesk, SAP, Microsoft, etc.

Our commitment to client satisfaction and providing quality work sets us apart from our competitors.

•    How do you decide to take the company a step further in terms of your products/services?

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is getting the word out to the people who are most likely to become our customers. It’s important to understand that your products and services have a target audience that can be defined.

All CRM & ERP software releases their version update every month and we keep updating our team members to deliver the best to the customers. Apart from that, we collaborate with our partners through social media channels like webinars, events, etc. to promote and always get updated with all the upcoming actions.

•    Can you please brief us about your professional experience?

Rohit Thakral started his career in 2001 as a customer support engineer in a reverse logistics company based in Delhi. Later in 2005, he got an opportunity to work in Ireland as the Product Specialist in Data Edge Ltd. In 2007, he switched to UPC Ireland.

In 2008, Rohit Thakral decided to start something of his own and ended up establishing Target Integration as a company, worked on some prestigious projects including Risk Management, Software Development, Business Application Development, CRM Consultant, Business Analysis, Open Source Consultant, Social Networking Consultant, Web & Mobile Application Development.

•    What are the key achievements of your entrepreneurial journey?

Achievements are many but few are worth mentioning.

Rohit Thakral started his career from a job in Delhi, India. He started his own company in 2008 from a basement in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland with just 2-3 people. At the beginning of Rohit Thakral’s career as an entrepreneur, Rohit Thakral witnessed several failures and denials, but Rohit Thakral’s focus on his goals and never-giving-up attitude led to the success of Target Integration as a company.

Today Rohit Thakral has more than 15,000+ happy customers worldwide, serving automation in every business sector and that’s what we help businesses achieve. Rohit Thakral also plans to expand business in other parts of Europe, Africa, and the USA in the coming years. Now, Target Integration is a well-known name in the sector of ERP and CRM and when people are looking for Automation, then they consider us as their one-stop solution and referring others as well.

Ireland India Business Association – Founded in 2008 with a vision of developing Irish and Indian business ties is the leading bilateral trade organization operating to build networks and commercial partnerships, supporting a comprehensive portfolio of active and dynamic working groups, focused on specific industry sectors. Rohit Thakral is on the steering committee of the Ireland India Business Association and works closely with the Executive team.

Irish Exporters Association –  Target Integration is a member of IEA and we help businesses manage their export business around the globe using some Stock and Warehouse management systems (ERP systems) built specifically for Exporters.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce – Target Integration Ireland is a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Rohit Thakral is an Ambassador of the Chamber.

Small Firms Association – Small Firms Association (SFA) represents a diverse membership of businesses that provide new formats valuable in accessing their information resources. Target Integration is an active member of SFA.

Business Network International -BNI (Business Network International) provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals. Target Integration is a member of BNI in Ireland as well as India. Rohit Thakral is also trained as a Director Consultant for BNI and has been to annual conferences of BNI UK & Ireland as well.

SFA Skillnet – SFA Skillnet is a multi-sector learning network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Rohit Thakral is the chairperson of SFA Skillnets and works with the steering committee and the network manager.

•    How do you look after your employees? What makes your team unique?

Target Integration has development offices in Ireland, Greece, and India, and sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, and India.

Rohit Thakral focuses on nurturing our team and providing an environment that supports creative thinking and leadership. As a team, employees will never feel alone but at the same time, they will also have time to develop, grow, evolve and learn. This is how our team is unique and better than anyone.

•    Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

It has been an amazing experience with every client. We have implemented CRMs and ERPs for bigger brands like Dalmia, MAZARS, CUDA, SEIKO, Royal, Medicover, Aakash, Strata tiles, etc.,

Dalmia knew that to succeed in this era of technology their supply chain and logistics department needed to be much more robust than what they were. Thus, Dalmia approached Target Integration to help streamline its operations.

Rohit Thakral helped Dalmia in implementing CRM and customize it as per the business needs for improved Supply Chain Management. After implementing and testing CRM successfully, Dalmia’s team found that their customer satisfaction increases by 300%.

•    Constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? Please share your views.

It is a need as it keeps us updated about all the ongoing and upcoming activities. It acts as a degree of wakefulness and responsiveness to stimuli like competition, property/liability losses, business interruption, etc.

Rohit Thakral has to strategize it too because I believe Poor planning is often worse than no planning at all. We need a strategy for constant vigilance:

Set direction and priorities

Get everyone on the same page

Simplify decision making

Drive alignment within the organization

Communicate the message

•    It’s a rat race out there. How do you cope with that?

A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It may also refer to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely.

Target Integration offers a series of training programs for CRM and ERP solutions. Training is designed to expand your knowledge, strengthen your skills, adapt to technology, address questions and support individual learning for administrators, developers, managers, representatives. We provide online and onsite training programs for the feasibility of our clients.

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.     

   – Richard Branson.

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