S. Kingston Smiler – A Leader Expanding Technology Reach Through PalC Networks

S. Kingston Smiler- PalC Networks

The use of updated technologies is no longer optional. The enterprises that adapt developments at the most punctual will win the race since they will have a boosted productivity and cost efficiencies that others can’t have with the utilization of traditional business measures.

Data Networking, Cloud Computing, and Edge computing are changing how information is being dealt with, handled, and conveyed from a large number of gadgets around the globe. The tremendous development of web associated gadgets – the IoT – alongside new applications that require constant figuring power, keeps on driving edge-processing frameworks.

The lockdown caused due to the global epidemic made people stay home and run their business processes. This increased the use of networks a lot and opened doors of opportunities for fraudsters and data threats. Today, businesses in almost every sector are getting digital and these threats can hold their growth back.

PalC Networks, one of the leading network companies is catering to the network & cloud needs of businesses and securing them with a top-notched complete network analytics platform.

Mr. S. Kingston Smiler, & Mr. Santosh Danegoudar, Co-Founders of PalC Networks and the team of more than 100 experts are making hard and smart efforts to transform their client’s businesses and accelerate their growth.

PalC Networks

PalC Networks is a high-end services company providing services in the area of Data Networking, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, etc. The key focus area of PalC Networks is Whitebox Networking, Converged Packet Optical Networks, 5G, Edge Computing, IoT, and Network Analytics. With customers based across the globe and close to 80+ member team, PalC Networks provides real value to global enterprises through its technical domain expertise and dedicated workforce.

PalC Networks delivers high-quality, on-demand, and cost-effective software solutions and services. They have varied & vast experience in products and software services delivery for many global clients from multi-billion corporate to niche segment start-ups. PalC Networks has strong technical project management capabilities and follows stringent quality standards to ensure that the developed solutions give customers an edge over their competitors.

PalC Networks’ strategy is focused on helping the customers to build a world-class product and grow their businesses in existing markets and new opportunities. “Our commitment to customer satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. Our way to success is how we innovate, collaborate, operate, and deliver value to our customers around the world”,  Mr. Kingston commented.

Defeat the defeat before the defeat defeats you.

Cutting through the complexities

To chisel a beautiful statue, you first need to hit the rock, which is what counts! Similarly, when starting a venture, you face challenges, which make up for the successful times of your organization. And tackling them with innovation and efficiency sails your boat!

PalC also faced some hurdles at the beginning which helped them to learn and improve. Key challenges for any start-ups especially in the IT and IT-enabled services companies are getting the first few customers, convincing them, and gaining confidence. PalC faced initial challenges in acquiring a few of its initial customers. Once you land the customer the next big challenge is to deliver the project with good quality. PalC Networks had exceptionally good engineers who can throw themselves in any situation and can turn around the situation. These are the key aspects of any start-up.

The factors behind PalC’s long-standing success

The key factor for the success of any organization is acquiring the initial customer. Once we landed the initial customer, the focus point of our growth was around that customer which we want to avoid strategically. The trigger or inflation point of our growth arises when we start focussing and diverting our customer base and technology portfolio. As a strategy, PalC decided not to extend the team for the initial customer, even though it is an easy path.

The main reason for PalC’s long-standing success is commitment, honesty, and long term goals. The Company prefers to be honest and stick to its commitments. To be confident and committed, one needs to be prepared for the challenges, should be up to date with the technology in the keep changing technology trends era, and visualize where the industry is heading towards.

Taking innovation to the table

PalC has a clear disjoint focus area of products and services. On one hand, PalC Networks is focussed on providing high-end services in the area of Networking and Cloud, they are working on bringing up products in 5G and Edge Computing. The DNA of PalC Networks and the initial members of PalC Networks is building world-class Products. Though the company provides high-end services in the area of networking and cloud, PalC is a complete product Enabler Company.

PalC helps to build products for its customers by providing them world-class services.

If you look at the professional service companies/groups which provide services in the area of Networking, they are only limited to provide services in Datacom, Telecom, etc. And, the professional services companies which provide services in Application development, only focus on developing new applications with the help of newer and advanced technologies. Possessing an enriching experience in the Networking, Virtualization, and Application PalC gets 360-degree visibility of the requirements and put them ahead of their competitors.

Looking ahead

The company is very clear about its strategy of products and services. It focuses on the services in the area of Whitebox Networking, Cloud computing. However, they are working internally on a product in Edge Computing & 5G. PalC is working on an orchestration product that helps the Edge provider to dynamically scale their workload towards both the public and private cloud if required.

PalC keeps adding its portfolio in the niche segments of Networking. One of the recent additions was Disaggregated Packet Optical Networking. Being a member of the TIP (Telecom Infra Project) community, they got the opportunity to co-chair the OOPT NOS subgroup of OOPT to come up with NOS (Network Operation System) for the OOPT group. The company helps multiple customers to come up with a purpose-built NOS based on SONiC. 

My belief is learning, un-learning and Re-learning are part of the journey and enjoy the journey, not the destination.

S. Kingston Smiler

Mr. S. Kingston Smiler – An innovative leader with a 360-degree futuristic vision

Mr. S. Kingston Smiler finished his schooling in the southern part of Tamilnadu in a village close to a town called Nazareth. Later on, moved to Chennai and finished Engineering at Jaya Engineering College.

Later on, he joined FutureSoft, one of the leading Network Stack Providers of those days as a campus placement, started learning the industry, technology, etc. Then moved to Bangalore and joined Cisco. Cisco provides exposure to the Big Company Environment. He made a career-changing decision to join a company called IP Infusion. Mr. Kingston was one of the first 10 members of the company to receive the offer in IP Infusion.

Being an initial member of the organization, got a chance to work in Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, Pre-sales, etc. got a multitude of experience and expertise which helps him in the day-to-day life of PalC Networks. Apart from this, he worked as a consultant in different verticals like Defence, Cyber-Security, Data Center Designing, etc, got a chance to acquire the right mix of technology and implementation knowledge.

Mr. Kingston along with another Co-Founder Mr. Santosh incorporated PalC Networks in 2017 with just 5 members’ team, right now leading a team of 80+ engineers and still growing.

Talking about the basic factors that businesses in the digital landscape should focus on to get better results, Mr. Kingston says,

Anything rare will have more value. So you have to focus on something rare at this juncture. 

  • Truth & Transparency – Be honest and transparent to your customers, employees, partners & board. It is one of the rarest aspects in the current world. Be honest and gain customer confidence.
  • Focus – Focus on your work and success, not your competitor. It is always good to know what your competitor does, but don’t tend to follow their path. Focus on what you are good at and what is required in the industry.
  • Vigilance and staying up to date – Honestly, opportunities are everywhere and most of the time it will be very close to you. One thing which can help you to find it is vigilance and staying up to date with the technology trends.
  • Connecting the Dots: Most of the time it is easy to learn new things or technologies. However, connecting or correlating technology is an important aspect of success.

The Driving Force

Employees are the key to any organization. You may need to motivate them and provide a free hand in the decisions. The good decision gives success and bad decisions give experience. Both are very important if you rightly take. Leadership at PalC is very cautious about the growth of the employees along with the growth of the organization. They believe in the transfer of knowledge across the team. The engineers should be updated with customer requirements, market needs, and the technology flow.

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