SilexPro- A Technology Innovator


SilexPro- A Technology Innovator

Technology can be classified as Constructive or Destructive. Constructive technology is any technology that enhances the way we work or serves our societies to leverage human values and strengthen social bonds. Medicine and Audio-Visual communication are great examples of Constructive technologies. Destructive technology destroys our human values and our societies, such as weapons.      

In the visual communication and collaboration field, technology should help connect people from around the globe in the most natural ways. Ideally, people should feel as if they are sitting in the same place and around the same table.   

With a passion for constructive technology and a belief that real positive technology should strengthen our natural behaviors and our bonds with nature, Mr. Ronald Hajj, the Founder and CEO, founded SilexPro intending to enhance the way people communicate and collaborate over the video, and to make group video meetings more natural, more enjoyable and certainly more productive.

SilexPro- The Innovator

SilexPro is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration. The company stands out from the crowd with its new Center of Table (CoT) concept, which makes the group collaboration experience feel more natural. The company has been actively promoting the Silex PTE series which are agnostic all-in-one Center of Table (CoT) visual collaboration systems.

 Their Vision is to merge Innovation, Technology, and Elegance to create a unique engaging meeting experience, virtually involving all senses. The marketing Slogan at SilexPro is “Innovation, beyond imagination” which perfectly reflects their philosophy.

“Our Mission is to allow you to enjoy a better meeting experience.”

What distinguishes their flagship product is:

Natural experience:

SilexPro is the first company in the market that dared to defy the traditional ways of conducting video meetings by introducing its disruptive true all-in-one Center of Table concept. SilexPro believes that meetings can be conducted more naturally, and people can be much more engaged during video meetings when the remote participant appears in the center of gravity of the meeting (which is the center of the table). 

Agnostic system:

A lot of new collaboration platforms are popping up nowadays like WebEx Teams, SFB/MS Teams, Zoom, Videxio, Avaya Equinox, and others. Most of the hardware video endpoints are linked to one of these platforms and cannot be used with other platforms. Customers prefer to buy agnostic hardware endpoints that can work on any platform for investment protection.

Collaboration technologies are evolving fast so the customer’s investment in hardware should be platform-change proof and technology-change proof to preserve his investment. We see a big tendency toward WebRTC based solutions shortly, so customers should be ready for this change. The Silex PTE products are conceived to be agnostic and work on any platform and they are natively compatible with any flavor of WebRTC solution.

Although, the greatest challenge before the company was the traditional mindsets, which created resistance -to any change even if it is positive. People try to stay in their comfort zone and may not venture and try new concepts and technology easily. Another challenge was market education at a large scale. When someone creates/invents a new concept, it should be coupled with market education and awareness. This is very challenging, and it requires good marketing plans and strategies and usually big investments to spread the idea.  

The first tipping point that triggered the growth of the company was when some major accounts standardized on their customized Smart rooms and Smart Telepresence rooms solutions. 

“We expect another similar scenario driving a fast growth of our Center of Table collaboration systems (PTE) in addition to growing the volumes of the ClickShow products.”

Their Services-

SilexPro has proven experience in designing and integrating customized complex full-fledged smart conference rooms. This gives them an edge to create advanced solutions combining the technologies already available in the market and their own. Thus SilexPro can integrate advanced personalized features into large complex environments to create customized and unique smart collaboration rooms.

Then with the change and evolution of the market trends towards smaller and more flexible huddle rooms, SilexPro saw the need to create a new generation of visual collaboration endpoints. They invested their ability to integrate advanced personalized features into large complex environments in creating their unique Silex PTE products. 

SilexPro was among the first companies to introduce its’ clientless CYOD (Connect You Own Device) concept. Today they continue on this track, with their new ClickShow systems.  

SilexPro attracts with its innovative solutions and unique designs with the advantages they offer. The products offer solutions to traditional problems encountered in regular meeting room setups such as eye contact, the ‘tiny head’ problem…

Customers who do business with them like the innovation they are getting and the cutting-edge advantages they can offer, especially with the Silex PTE Center of Table solutions.

SilexPro has designed the Silex PTE which are unique all-in-one group collaboration systems to be used in the center of the table. The Silex PTE video agnostic systems offer single hardware for all platforms and are currently the only devices that provide a truly natural group collaboration experience while leveraging the video client of your choice.

The Silex PTE new generation endpoints were designed from scratch to include the following:

  • Multiple interactive touch screens providing a seamless multi-sided whiteboarding experience, and exceptional viewing experience. 
  • Multiple cameras (3 or 4) for a 360 degrees coverage of the room from the center of the table 
  • Central speakerphone for radially symmetrical coverage
  • Intelligent 360 degrees voice tracking
  • Wireless presentation system based on market standards like Miracast, Airplay, and ChromeCast. 

The Silex PTE systems, will leverage group collaboration experience on any platform and add the following advantages:

  1. Agnostic videoconferencing (gives greater compatibility)
  2. Perfect Eye contact
  3. Excellent room coverage from the center of the table with a perfect framing of participants
  4. Best viewing experience (everyone sees the screen from the same distance)

 “We identify the challenges and problems faced in the market and we foresee the trends and even define some new trends if needed (like the Center of Table Collaboration one). This leads us to create new products to enhance the way people meet and collaborate in this new digital living era.”

The Team- 

The team is the ultimate execution arm of the leader, the most important quality of a team is “passion”. If the team is passionate about what they are doing, great things can happen! Team members don’t have to be leaders themselves, but they must be strong believers in what they are trying to achieve. Without a structured team, a leader is an orphan dreamer (without execution). 

“Thanks to the passion for what we do, and the pride of our accumulated achievements. We’re a small seed that is creating a positive disruption. We hold on to this.”

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