Nextsky – Making Businesses Smarter


Nextsky – Making Businesses Smarter

With new technologies, people are getting lazy. NO! we are disagreeing with it, we say new technologies are there to boost up productivity, speed up growth, and h human beings to work perfectly without bugs. 

Digitization made humans more creative and businesses more productive. While operating a vast manufacturing business many people struggle to track the record of sales, connecting the plant floor with the top floor as well as maintaining a record of their employees. Won’t it be nice if technology does this all for you with more perfection? 

The manufacturing industry in India is spreading its wing largely in different sectors. With the help of governments, various schemes like the start-up India and many other people are willing to step up in manufacturing industries. 

It’s always a vital thing in any business to develop a cycle in which the business operates. To maintain this process cycle, manufacturers are willing to digitize their business and expand it.  Keeping this in mind and to empower manufacturing businesses with digitization Mr. Prathamesh Adep, CEO of Nextsky is providing various technology solutions to their valuable clients.  

Nextsky is an enterprise solution for the manufacturing Industry. Nextsky automates the plant floor and informs the top floor. Their manufacturing solution is designed from the ground up connecting suppliers, machines, materials, people, systems, and customers. Focusing on the unique requirements of discrete and process manufacturing.

The first challenge was to find the right team. A team that is ready for big challenges and uncertainties can also be ready to fail and learn fast.

The second challenge, as with every Start-up, is learning to navigate all the numerous trials and mistakes that happen while making a product fit for the market. Sometimes those mistakes turn out to be very costly, resulting in a cash crunch. So finding investors was a big challenge. There were very few investors interested in our idea.

After several setbacks, finally, when they launched our 8.0 version in 2017 their company found its first success. Where existing and new customers appreciated Nextsky & the word-of-mouth helped them to generate new business. After studying market needs and customer behavior for three years, they took the right steps toward growth. 

Nextsky’s Mr. Prathamesh Adep says “I’m thankful for the Government of India for selecting us in the ‘Start-up India’ program.” The program not only provided the initial capital but also gave a platform to reach industry experts. Because of this program, they can find out the right mentor for the company and also came to know the ecosystem in the start-up world.

The Products

India’s Most Beautiful & Affordable Enterprise Solution for Micro & Small Manufacturing Units. Nextsky provides Cloud base SaaS (Software-As-Service) enterprise solution. 

Their USP

Simplicity – Beautiful & very easy to operate and generate meaningful results.

Smart – Business Intelligence & Mobile Technology help customers to get every details information from the shop floor to store. 

Affordable – The ownership cost is extremely low than the rest competitors.

On 1st Jan 2020, Nextsky is launching its most ambitious product in the Indian market (visit – This product will change Indian Micro & Small Manufacturing Industry. Their service will be India’s most affordable and easy to use. This product will give deep insights into production, purchase, sales, planning, quality, and tools. This will ultimately help their clients to fulfill their customer’s demands on time

Currently, their presence is in Maharashtra state. Soon in 2020, they will expand operations in entire India. Nextsky is about to expand its business in cities like Chennai, Noida, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, and Delhi. And by 2022 they will be expanding in the Middle East and Europe.

Mr. Adep is a passionate businessman who serves as the CEO of Nextsky Technologies. He is a broadly skilled business leader with extensive proficiency in cloud computing, ERP, data analytics, IoT, AI, software business strategy, and scale marketing, particularly through digital and indirect channels. With over eight years of domain experience in the manufacturing sector, he looks after sales, marketing, and product development.

Adep says as an entrepreneur your first responsibilities are towards your employees, they come first. Then we come to customers, here we need to constantly look to the value that we’re creating for our customers, through our product/service. And lastly our investors, here we need to deliver their expectations.  

The Key achievements 

  • Winning Start-up India Award from Government of India 2017
  • Wining Award from CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) as ‘Top 40 Innovators in India’ 2017
  • Wining Award from Indian Economic & Research Association as ‘Business Excellence Award’ 2018
  • Wining Award from Times Group as ‘Emerging IT Company’ 2019
  • Wining Award as ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2019 from Yeforum

Nextsky’s recent customer Mask Polymer was one of the most challenging situations we went through. It took two years to make their service life in their company. But finally, they succeeded in it. This experience taught them very important lessons about customer behavior and market demand. 

Nextsky Team

You need to constantly work on creating a safe, free, learning & encouraging environment for employees. And also to focus on their personal growth. In Nextsky there are two words that they follow ‘Emotional Attachment’ and they believe that we’re all a family. 

And keeping things simple, straightforward conversation and supporting each other in any situation, make a unique team.

The Start-up ecosystem is very challenging, and the environment of uncertain. You need constantly be focused and the major thing is to need to know which things we need to focus on. Every up gives us encouragement & every down teaches us hard lessons which couldn’t be learned without failing. 

CEO, Mr. Adep says There are many books which he Loves to read any time, but if one to choose. The Alchemist, by Paulo. This entire book just keeps you believing in your dreams no matter whatever the current situations are. The best part I like is which the shepherd boy named Santiago, finally reaches his destination & he recalls his entire journey.

There are many mentors in his life but while talking about the most then it is no one other than his dad. He keeps him focused and disciplined.

Ambani of the reliance group and Richard Branson of the virgin group are the personalities Mr. Adep admires most. According to him, they are his mentors in his business journey.

“Comfortable in being uncomfortable”

Rat-race is for those who are competing with others or those who don’t have a large vision for society other than earning money. If you’re doing the work which you love & are proud of, then there’s nothing to lose.

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