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Raj Shivraju Founder

Humans are always been creative. We are always in search of tools and appliances to minimize efforts. Starting from the stone age we had come a long way to find needful things and luxury for ourselves. We used to buy and invest a lot of money on things that we needed for a shorter period. Once these things get out of use they just become another burden in the house. For those who need to shift from one place to another, it gets hectic to shift household things. Observing such a fourth basic need of humans, Raj Sivaraju came up with, a unique idea in the public interest to rent out things online. is a Hyderabad-based start-up revolutionizing the shared e-commerce economy. It is an online platform that brings renting options to individuals and corporates. attracted many customers and corporates by giving an end to the search for a shorter time and long-time needs as well as helped to save a lot of money. They have created a platform for people who wish to live a lifestyle they want.    

Don’t Just Dream For Luxury, Rent It!

The Foundation

SabRentKaro started operations in February 2016 and this short span has captured the imagination of the public in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Vizag, and Delhi. Customers can rent from over 8-10 categories of products ranging from furniture, automobiles, appliances, laptops, electronics, and more. Today they have served over 50,000 customers both individual and corporate.

Though renting homes and cars was a familiar activity for Indians, renting products like furniture, laptops, appliances, etc. was new. The learning curve was fast yet challenging, as they have to build both the market and trust with customers. Being a marketplace they had to build acceptance with both the vendors and customers. 

In a way, they were building a new eco-system to add to the buy or sell eco-system that exists even today.

Mobile penetration and increased access due to cheaper network costs added to the spurt in growth. With every passing month, the idea started getting accepted faster due to the diffusion effect wherein satisfied customers spread the word and recommended SabRentKaro’s services to their peers and friends. We are experiencing 20-25% month-on-month growth both in volume and value.

The Products and Services- is a full product range rental website true to its name. Furniture, appliances, automobiles, and laptops are key categories of this platform. Once a customer visits he gets whatever he wants to fulfill his needs as well to live a luxurious life. In a furniture section, one can rent out things like a bed, dining set, bar units, mattress, sofas, wardrobes, and many more.

If someone visits a new place as a tourist or for work purposes it is difficult to transport his vehicle to that place for a short time duration. It is senseless to invest a lot in buying a vehicle for a shorter time. In that case, SabRentKaro becomes an important solution provider for you. In their automobile section, they offer mileage, economy, and luxury bikes meeting different needs of different audiences.  

Electronic appliances made human efforts lesser than before. Everyone dreams to own needed electronic things. But, once they did with its use it becomes an unwanted load in a house that one can’t throw out and keep as well. In metro cities, there is already a lack of spaces. Renting out is the best idea SabRentKaro came up with. Just use it and return it. This gives you the power to utilize all of your space at home. Saving money is another perk of it.

Many startups cannot invest a big amount in office furniture and electronics like computers, printers, etc. as they don’t have that much funding. then acts like a messiah to them. Within a minimum amount, startups can rent out things they need to run their daily processes from This magnificent platform provides many things to list and rent out in the form of packages also. Meetings, conferences, and summits are an integral part of the corporate sector. An organization can rent out such packages to fulfill its requirements. 

Their strength is the repeat customer base that not only comes back for more but also recommends to their peers, friends, and families. provides stress-less service by delivering your requirements at your doorstep at nominal delivery rates. Another feature of easy rejection and replacements of things helped to build trust in their customers. This renting platform provides services with secure online payment and cash-on-delivery payment modes. Customers can also pay monthly for their long-term rentals. Especially this feature is very useful for startups raising funds.  

Adding, deleting and fine-tuning product range is a continuous product as their platform gains acceptance with vendors. A wider range of products to meet the exacting and changing needs of customers is a regular process.

Growing into new geographical areas is the next area of growth as urbanization and movement for jobs is an increasing phenomenon. 

Leveraging technology to analyze data better to curate our offerings is a key differentiator at SabRentKaro. Automation, machine learning, and data analytics are tools we wish to use to increase our product offering, reduce costs and importantly serve our customers better. They are planning a major push into mobiles, high-end electronics, and electric vehicle renting.

Rent Karo Save Karo!

Overwhelming Client Experience 

Renting appliances, luxuries, and bikes online is a completely new thing for people. It must be difficult for their team to build trust in customers. Keeping the process simple as possible is key to the best user experience. SabRentKaro made such an amazing platform to rent out things that cause zero headaches to their customers. Many satisfied customers are admiring SabRentKaro’s efforts and suggesting their friends rent out things from them, rather than buying and investing a big amount in things that are needed for a shorter time.    

One of their corporate clients received an order to set up a 45-seat call center for the government. The catch, it has to be up and running in 3 days!

Using the reach of our marketplace platform, SabRentKaro procured office furniture, laptops, telephone systems, headsets, and even water dispensers for the client. The support and maintenance team worked with the client to ensure that the system was up and running in 2.5 days surprising both the client and its customer, the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The above job helped them realize the potential and reach of the platform to meet customers’ needs to save on their time, money, and also credibility!

An NRI family shifted from the US to an IT hub in Bangalore. They were clueless about getting settled up in a completely new city. Within a few time, one cannot manage needful things for his family. They googled up and contacted Their service provider informed them about packages and prices. Within 2 days their whole home was settled up including Toys for their kids. Their happy faces were one of the top reviews from customers. became India’s best place to rent as they provide customer service with the use of the latest technology.

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