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Gaurav Bansal Founder SNAK India

In the era of digitization, effective use of the latest technologies is the only way to step up in the market and to run processes smoothly. One cannot find the desired speed in the growth of business unless and until he gets the technological Midas touch. Now a day people are always in a hurry to explore more things and they are addicted to getting a new thing every day. If businesses keep this in mind and try to serve things that give an end to customer’s technical hunger, then they can find a ladder to the limitless sky of opportunities. 

An enterprise may face different problems while operating. Every problem seems bigger when it first occurs. Once you get known to the solution of a problem then you don’t get panic. Many businesses are struggling to step up due to different IT deficiencies. 

Entrepreneurs may struggle to focus on what exactly they need and what are their objectives. Lack of proper action plans can harm the company’s workflow and become a disaster for the business. Keeping this in mind, Gaurav Bansal founder of SNAK India started its operation in 2016, providing an end to the customer’s search for different kinds of IT business solutions.

SNAK India processes strong and smoothly with various brands being a technology partner. SNAK India’s dexterous team works to empower businesses through magnificent IT services and consulting solutions in India as well as many nations around the world. 

A commodity firm called ‘Sat Narayan Ashok Kumar’ founded in 1980. Which is transformed into SNAK India stakeholders in 2006. Due to the unexpected behavior of the commodity market and transformation into the share market, the firm was dismissed. 

An Entrepreneur cannot just sit back and relax watching his dream enterprise breaking down. A sack full of experiences always helps a lot to re-establish a business. Based on stakeholder’s experience and new technology adaptation, SNAK India was founded in 2016, an IT consulting company where they provide their CX expertise to global customers for better transformation and meet forecasted market trends easily and on time. 

SNAK India has a global presence in India and Netherland and serving customers in EMEA, US, Asia Pacific, Australia, and Japan.  It is more difficult to re-establish business and find the pace in its growth. One may face many challenges to do so. If you overcome all the problems one by one instead of being panic and just sitting back, you can achieve your desired goal. SNAK India was gone through the same condition. They also faced major problems while establishing an IT services and consulting firm. As said above, they didn’t just sit back relax and worked hard in many sleepless nights. 

Every business willing to step up in the market firstly needs multi-skilled resources. Multi-skilled resources are those who help a business in every manner. If a sudden problem in operation occurs, these multi-skilled resources become the messiah. SNAK India faced the same problems while generating multi-skilled resources. With the help of will power and positive approach towards everything they killed every bug and fixed problems that were being barriers to the growth of the business. A search of domain expertise is one of the biggest initial challenges faced by SNAK India to establish. Domain expertise is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. 

Sudden changes in market behavior became another hurdle while setting up. What makes a business unique and keeps it ahead in the market race is nothing but continuous hard work with strong will power and being updated with the latest technologies. The SNAK India people always be in search of the newest technologies that they can serve to their valuable customers within effective cost and in time.  

The business world provides many opportunities every day. Many times a success knocks your door but by the time you were slipping or having a good time wearing headphones with loud music. One should always capture a turning point that can lead to the growth of business in every manner. Keeping this in mind SNAK India always been attentive to all the opportunities they get. After building the network with domestic and overseas partners and getting the responses SNAK India came across a trigger point that grew up their business in the field of IT services and consulting. 

SNAK India’s graph changed since the foundation, shows up how strongly they are heading towards their desired goal. The statistics shown below gives us an idea about their growth    

YearsManpower strengthRevenue %age
FY 2016-2019Increased by 100%Increased by 300%

In today’s era, we are in a world of competency where it is difficult to manage the customer’s requirements and to understand their challenging business areas. SNAK INDIA unlocks the potential by providing a dedicated team who work with the customer to understand the problem and deliver the results as per customer requirement. They are not stopping themselves here only. They are constantly in touch with customers for their feedback regularly and resolve their challenges.

SNAK India provides Technology solutions to empower the IT sector in India and across many nations. Here are the details of the services SNAK India provides.

Customer Experience Solutions: SNAK India provides CX solutions and implementation services on multiple platforms like Oracle, Microsoft, and other technologies.  They create easy to understand all programs and all gadgets good sites. SNAK India provides one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration processes with available leading tools.

CRM software development helps small businesses to increase sales & generate revenue, increase the efficiency of the business process and simplifying or automated the business process. As CRM allows faster results on real-time sales, customer experience, and capture trends from various channels, it helps a lot to take the right decision.  SNAK India does the implementation for Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle CPQ, Oracle Engagement Cloud, Microsoft azure cloud apps, Amazon cloud apps, etc. 

Open Source Technology-based solutions: SNAK India’s Open Source technologies (OST) are enabling process and IT transformation that transforms businesses across industries. They develop technology architecture and customized as per client requirements and environments to modernize their applications and facilitate risk-free transformation. SNAK India’s technologies provide the same experiences as other COTS with minimizing customer cost and expenses.       

Mobility solutions: Now a day people get everything on just a single touch. Every Business should increase their mobile presence to expand. Many businesses are following the app trend rather than being fully dependant on a mobile-friendly website.  SNAK India mobility services combine with business processes to deliver engaging, easy to use mobile solutions. Their designs are device-independent, which means one can stay connected on any device.

Mobility solutions are beneficial for businesses as they are Cost and time saving, Better field force productivity, Higher Customer Satisfaction, Enhanced data security and Longer device lifetime. Keeping this in mind SNAK India provides Android Application Development, iOS Application Development, React Native Application Development and Hybrid Application Development services to their valuable customers.

Enterprise Solutions:  SNAK India provides different IT business solutions such as business process analysis, strategy development and technology consulting services. SNAK India’s Road Map Strategy helps to visualize strategic initiatives. 

SNAK India provides IT solutions like Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Robotic Automation Processing Solutions to empower and transform IT businesses in the industry. Along with this services SNAK India provides products like HRMS (Human resource management system) software, IT Asset management tool software CRM (Customer relationship management) software, Basic Accounting software for smoother business processes.

Mr. Gaurav Bansal founder of SNAK India said that he sees lots of gaps in customer needs and implemented the solution by other companies for those needs. The customer invests lots of money repeatedly in that which triggered him to provide the right solution with minimum investment. With this vision, he took the company services on the next step.

SNAK India is currently working in multiple areas like legacy data migration tools on cloud, Chabot, artificial intelligence along with CX portfolio which will bring tomorrow’s CX today. Sooner than later, they will be coming to the Industry HR and Automotive industry solutions with all these latest enabled technologies. 

While talking about responsibilities of an entrepreneur, Mr. Bansal stated that “Along with all known responsibility for entrepreneur, Main one is to have one vision, one dream within you and your team to sustain in a dynamic environment” 

Every entrepreneur has its desires and big goals from his venture. It is said that the dreams that are the reason behind your living don’t make you sleep calmly unless and until you turn them into reality. SNAK India has achieved a lot within this short period and still, their team is working hard to achieve what they are desiring for. SNAK India says that the dedicated team towards one goal is one of their biggest achievements. Building customer trust is a pivotal thing in the growth of any business.

SNAK India has built a strong trust in their customers with the quality services provided in time. Once a business makes its place in the market many businesses get chained to provide more solutions to customers as well to grow together. SNAK India has many trusted partners like Oracle Silver Partner, UI path partner, SAP partner, and Microsoft who shows confidence in them. This is another biggest achievement by SNAK India that helps them to grow faster to achieve their desired goal and provide more quality services to their customers.  

It is said that customer satisfaction depends on employee satisfaction. Staff is a valuable asset for any business. SNAK India has a multi-skilled team that works hard to deliver quality service to their customers in time. They believe in closely working with the team and addressing their concerns on time helps the business to maintain a healthy work environment. As per the views of Mr. Gaurav Bansal regarding constant vigilance, it’s just an awareness until it’s not misleading to us from our final vision. 

Mr. Gaurav Bansal said that he admires his father the most. His family story inspires him a lot as they have seen different stages in business. They were on edge in the 1980s then fall in 2005 and then grew up again. It is not an easy task to re-establish a business after fall down. It requires many sleepless nights as well as moral support to do a grand come back. SNAK India’s story is truly motivational to those entrepreneurs who are struggling to re-establish their business after a painful downfall.

The government is arranging and planning different schemes for start-ups as well as to create the skilful staff. SNAK India says that they have very less work in government project and campaigns so cannot confirm fully on Government’s campaign of Start-Up India, however, it’s a great initiative for those product based start-up companies where SNAK India is a fully service-based company.    

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.” This is what Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, said at the start of 2016. He calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And he believes that the change will be unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Professional Experience of Mr ­Gaurav Bansal, Founder, SNAK India

  • He has more than 15 years of IT experience. 
  • He worked with Ernst and Young, IBM, NTT Data, TCS, etc.
  • He Provided technical consultancy on Digital India initiatives for Dial 112, UP Dial 100, and eNAM.
  • He has a vast experience with multiple customers like Suzuki, Mazda, Subaru, Kawasaki USA, etc. He loves to do more work in the Automotive industry with all this experience.

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