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Tara Kelly Founder & CEO- SPLICE Software

An important aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) is communication with the customers. And with the digitization of companies, it has become easier to communicate. Most companies implement digital communication. To put it in simple words, digital communication helps companies communicate with their customers efficiently.

After a bad customer experience with a bank, President & CEO Tara Kelly decided that “it can be better.” Since then, SPLICE Software has worked with retailers, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and even non-profits to improve their customer communication experience to create loyal, raving fans.

SPLICE Software helps insurers, financial institutions, and retailers intelligently use technology to create automated workflows with digital communications that drive real business results.

Their Data-Driven Dialogs® enables businesses to send automated messages to customers via their channels of choice, including phone, SMS/MMS messages, and email.

The Customer-Driven Dialogs™ enables businesses to respond to requests for information initiated by customers in real-time, through text message, web chat, social apps, and/or home assistant devices.

“We believe communication should be easy.”

SPLICE Software’s initial challenge was the hesitancy associated with automated calling. Historically, the industry has been awash with scams and robocalls, and unfortunately, they have set the tone for this channel. It took a while – 2 years for some clients – to get comfortable with trying it, and then once they saw the results, they were hooked.

Initially, it was their success with retailers in communicating their VIP events. The program was so effective for a large Canadian Furniture Retailer that it quickly became a must-have for others in the same industry. In 2012 alone, the number of clients for this program more than doubled. Bolstered by the success in retail, and with an increasing number of clients in financial services, SPLICE Software decided to enter the insurance market in 2014. Having built out solutions for financial software providers and credit unions, the use cases were easily transferrable to insurance and now our solutions are running for some of the top insurance carriers in the USA.

You need your customers to hear your message; you deserve a partner that knows how.

“We don’t just provide a self-serve solution – we partner with our customers and work with them to match the best solution to their business need.”

The Products and Services-

SPLICE Software provides the following products and services:

  • Rapid Opt-In Capture & Confirmation (Consent Capture and Management)
  • Phone, SMS, Email, Voice, and Chat (Automated Messages and Conversation)
  • Dialog SuiteTM (Intelligent Reporting & Campaign Management)

Rapid Opt-In Capture & Confirmation

With the constantly changing legal landscape surrounding consumer privacy and consent, it pays to have a deep understanding of how you can and cannot communicate with your customers. SPLICE Software’s service protects its clients and allows them to capture more consumer consent as well as communication channel preferences. Knowing the channel that each customer likes to be contacted on can be a source of competitive advantage – it allows you to easily increase reach and engagement.

Phone, SMS, Email, Voice, and Chat

This is the core of what SPLICE Software does. Their dialog suite syncs with their clients’ existing customer databases, and from there they provide automated, personalized, relevant, and empathetic communications to their customers. If their clients are collecting channel preferences, they target their customers based on their channel of choice – whether that’s through phone calls, SMS, email, voice (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc), or online chat.

Their voice library and proprietary technology allow them to SPLICE Software together with human-sounding automated phone calls that receive massively increased customer listenership and engagement rates. Depending on the channel (text or voice), the services can also be conversational – meaning that you and your customers can communicate back and forth in real-time.

Dialog Suite

SPLICE Software’s Dialog Suite allows them to work with their clients to plan, execute, and manage their communication campaigns. The platform also provides analytics, helping their client success team to provide recommendations on how to optimize current and future campaigns.

We give our BEST experience possible and the right team and tools to make success happen.

SPLICE Software’s client success team actively manages these solutions, providing data-driven strategic recommendations and campaign optimization. This relationship allows them to leverage their deep understanding of the customer experience to provide additional value to the customers.

Also, the company’s unique relationship with its customers allows them to gather feedback in real-time. They use this feedback to constantly tune or upgrade their services. The management team maintains a vigilant eye on the competitive landscape, looking for opportunities in the form of gaps in the services their competitors provide.

Tara and the Team-

A serial innovator published author and founder of 3 businesses, Tara Kelly is passionate about using data for good and about technology’s potential to change lives for the better. She has consistently channeled that belief into developing technologies that enhance operations, enable better service delivery, and improve the customer experience.

Kelly – an open-source activist and recognized user experience designer – served as a board member for the International Board for Voice User Interface Design, the Canadian Cloud Council, and Technology Alberta and is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Kelly’s expertise combined with tenacity, understanding of market trends, and strong communication skills has allowed her to create dynamic solutions and successful teams; not only in her businesses, but also as a community leader on volunteer boards including Food for the Sol, EO Water Walk, and Special Olympics Ontario.

Kelly shares these experiences—and her goal of creating a healthy, humane work environment— in the book, Our Journey to Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership.

From early on, I’ve understood that running a successful business is truly an “it takes a village” situation.

People do their best work when they are empowered to work on the things that they love. From implementing Love/Loathe lists as part of annual reviews, to always making sure the kitchen is stocked and there is extra deodorant, Tara makes sure her team is as comfortable at work as they do at home.

SPLICE Software’s team is truly one of the A-Players, which focuses highly on the hiring process, which includes a culture fit interview with all departments to ensure a great fit. They also work hard AND play hard, trying to incorporate fun into work. This includes things like quarterly team events (that have included scavenger hunts, painting, and archery tag), potlucks, and lots of costume celebrations; there are costume awards for both Halloween and Super Hero Day.

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