Rohan Bhatt – Empowering hospitality & franchisee businesses.

Rohan Bhatt – Empowering hospitality & franchisee businesses.

Square Consulting – Problems Meet Solutions

While the business world is changing its attire digitally, many opportunities are rising for entrepreneurs to expand businesses. Hospitality, Restaurant, and franchisee businesses are not behind in this race. While setting up a hospitality business, restaurant business, or franchise business entrepreneurs may come across problems that they don’t have solutions to. To empower such businesses and help them to grow Mr. Rohan Bhatt, the CEO provides different business solutions through SQuare Consulting (India). Mr. Rohan Bhatt’s success story is a true motivation for entrepreneurs. In a talk with Mr. Rohan Bhatt let’s discover more about SQuare Consulting and his business journey.    

SQuare Consulting (INDIA) was founded with the vision of assisting businesses and helping them with solutions to their problems. 

1) What were the initial challenges Mr. Rohan Bhatt faced?

In a market like India, there is a lot of businesses that have their methodology of working which they are extremely comfortable with, and do not want any external consulting assistance to run their businesses. When Mr. Rohan Bhatt started as a Business Consulting company, Mr. Rohan Bhatt faced market resistance from the traditional businesses that were hesitant or even ignorant of the whole concept of consulting services or an external person trying to help them out.

Then there was the problem of sustenance of the company in itself or the business where all the tasks of business development, as well as the availability of the core consulting team both, had to be managed. This is what made the initial years challenging.

2) Which was that point that triggered the growth of the company?

Mr. Rohan Bhatt was working or rather struggling for business in our initial years and we managed to score a consulting contract for a client who wanted to launch a new restaurant / café kind of model in 2009. Square Consulting was already a functional business for 2 years. Mr. Rohan Bhatt was doing freelance consulting for a host of clientele. This project gave us the breakthrough and we started to explore Business and Franchise consulting for retail business. 2013 was the year when we started specialty Hospitality consulting services with the intent of launching brands. 

Rohan Bhatt

3) What is the reason behind Mr. Rohan Bhatt company’s long-standing success?

The primary target has been and will always remain the satisfaction of our patrons/customers and clients. The culture of SQuare Consulting is that of a start-up when it comes to doing our work and a corporate when it comes to an organized way of working with SOP’s and KRA-based task scheduling. Mr. Rohan Bhatt also applies practical Key Performance Indices on various aspects of the business to monitor the quality and consistency of our projects. 

4) How have the company graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics?

     It is said that a single image speaks more than a thousand words, so here are our statistics

Rohan Bhatt

Their Services

5) What are the services the company focuses on? How are Mr. Rohan Bhatt’s services different from those in the market?

The company deals in 3 major verticals; Hospitality Consulting – Setup and operations of new and existing projects in the Hospitality and Restaurant Business, Franchise Consulting – Assisting new and existing businesses and people become brands in themselves and try and convert them into sellable, sustainable franchises, Retail Consulting – Helping businesses understand the dynamics of Retailing or Sales where selling a product/service becomes a smooth and streamlined process. 

6) How does Mr. Rohan Bhatt decide to take the company a step further in terms of your services?

Mr. Rohan Bhatt applies thought to the needs of the business of our clients and makes sure that those needs match the ones the market is expecting them to offer. A simple understanding of the bottom lines and value addition for everyone brings about an inclusive growth strategy and a holistic approach towards business process development for every client is something that takes us one step further with our services. 

7) How does Mr. Rohan Bhatt think is the real estate market evolving?

The real estate market in India has always been a tricky thing to come around. Desirable properties are always premium, to begin with, and many times it has been seen that usage of the real estate is not optimal when it comes to most businesses. We take these kinds of challenges seriously and our team of experts and designers make it a point to develop properties with the most optimal utilization of premium real estate. 

8) Which are the new areas that are being explored in the real estate market?

We try and explore properties with better future potential and believe inactivation of locations with high footfall inducting business models that can draw crowds. The spending of the customers at any business or brand is directly proportional to the perception of value for money by the end consumers. The modern consumer does not mind driving a little longer to a location that has an appropriate parking area and good street visibility for a business. Our property selection criteria are highly stringent and meticulous by design to enable the selection of the best property crossing the minimum threshold for getting approved for doing business. 


9) What do Mr. Rohan Bhatt think are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur

In my personal opinion, the most important responsibility of an entrepreneur is to create value. Value creation might be a simple act of converting a potato into a chip, value creation might be taking a team of relatively fresh talent and nurture them to develop them into a team of professionally qualified human resources or it can be taking something like a single unit food brand and converting it into a chain of stores. 

10) Can Mr. Rohan Bhatt please brief us about his professional experience?

I have been a sales and marketing guy for the better part of my journey, I jokingly say this a lot but once a salesman, always a salesman. I was 13 when I accidentally sold my first insurance policy when I was taken by my father who is now retired at work with him on a school vacation. So that became the turning point for me when my love for sales started showing first. I have sold many things over the years, now we sell dreams of owning and growing a business. 

11) What are the key achievements of his entrepreneurial journey?

We have managed to help more than 50 clients across different industries ranging from small start-ups to national and international clients with large turnovers. We also undertake start-ups under our start-up incubation packages where we do pro-bono consulting for them till the time they kick off. We are working for the industry and the economy at large, thinking about our company and its growth is not going to be healthy in the long run. We are looking to empower our industry and then the industry will take care of our needs. 

12) How do Mr. Rohan Bhatt look after his employees? What makes your team unique?

 We do not have a fixed team, to begin with, each project has a set of requirements and skill set that needs to be in place. So, we target the kind of employees we want for each of our projects by handpicking talent from various parts of the country and various sources. We try and bring them on board with the pre-joining training programs and workshops that help them in understanding what we expect out of them and what needs they have in terms of their training program. This creates commanding loyalty and enormous support to the system. We work for our team growth, which includes both our clients and employees. 

13) Is there any special experience with your clients you would like to highlight?

 A client that had worked with us in 2013 had a model that needed assistance from our end. We helped the brand out and even opened up 2 franchise units for them. Then for almost 5 years the band went on its growth trajectory and managed to open as many as 25 units on their own.

A lot of these units shut down due to the common issues between franchisees and franchisor brands. Later, the brand reproached us and made sure that the company hands over all of the control over the administration and operations to SQuare Consulting (INDIA). This confidence of the client in our capabilities as a company to help them in the worst possible time for any brand is what makes us happy about what we do. We help people in trouble and that is who we are and shall remain. 

14) Can you tell us which your favorite book is? And your favorite part of the book.

 I am a big fan of a little-known book by Robin Sharma – A Leader who had no title. The best part about this book is that it follows the Robin Sharma style of teaching something with a fable-like setting but the thing that sticks on to me from the book is the way unorthodox leadership and just the willingness to do something is more important to all the 4 leaders of the protagonist’s story. This idea stuck on to me then and still I believe in doing what has to be done rather than doing what I want to. 

15) One person, who admires Mr. Rohan Bhatt the most? 

 I truly admire Bill Gates the most as in my opinion he is the perfect example of what makes a great businessman. Never losing sight of the purpose and never stopping is a virtue that makes me admire him the most. 

16) Whose business story do you find the most inspiring?

 A business story that is most inspiring to me is the story of Ray Kroc and the Mc Donald’s brothers where a milkshake mixer salesman sees an opportunity in helping a duo of brothers do something about their amazing business model and wants to grow with them to face multiple issues of hostile behavior from the very same duo who later have to give up against the legendary man behind Mc Donald’s as we know it. 

            Can’t Have a Million Dollar Dream with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic! 

17) It’s a rat race out there. How do you cope with that?

            Simple answer, 

            Don’t be the Rat. Be the Cat in a rat race.” 

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