Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative – Crafting the future of architecture with the most unique designs and international collaborations.

Suchi Vora - Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative

Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative – Crafting the future of architecture with the most unique designs and international collaborations.

There are many aspects of the building that must work together to produce a buildable, aesthetically pleasing, useful, code-compliant building that the owner will be able to use to his advantage for many years.  To turn your dream place into reality architects are necessary as designing buildings is a massively complex task that requires the coordination of myriad interests, requirements, and limitations.

It’s not only about how beautiful the building is! With an architect’s eye you can get your answers for: Are the buildings warm and welcoming? Is it well and naturally lit? Do the windows encourage viewing the outside world? Does the building fit in with the environment surrounding it… and so on!

To cater to the needs of dreamers, a young leading architect Suchi Vora is on a mission to always create something unique that lasts long with optimally utilizing space, using the right material, controlling cost, and with an eye for out-of-the-box designs.

This is the story of a visionary and resilient woman entrepreneur, Suchi Vora, who not only dared to venture into the world of Architecture but also created a niche that offers out of box ideas. With a childhood dream, charting paths with dedication and passion, Suchi Vora represents the young generation of architects in Indian as well as the global market.

Having worked in Europe for about 5 years, first with MVRDV in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Ricardo Bofill (RBTA) in Barcelona, Spain, Suchi returned home and built an architectural design studio that brings together a design aesthetic sharpened in Europe while being rooted in India.

Through her company Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative (SVAC), she has turned dream places of many into reality and still counting 

Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative (SVAC) & Its Journey

Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative is a young architecture studio set in the middle of the city in Pune. The studio space exuberates their unmatched design ideology and the kind of work they aspire to do. They take on bespoke architectural and interior design projects, residential, institutional, and commercial alike. Residential architecture is Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative’s strong points topped with international collaborations.  Team SVAC has a great spectrum of unique projects they are working on. 

It’s not necessarily the most traditional architectural firm, trying to make sense of the context of what design means in today’s world and strive to be continuously evolving. 

The most formative and toughest time for a start-up, business, etc. is the initial days, as one has to take on a lot of things, right from setting up the start-up company right down to handling almost everything.  

Every successful company has its ups and downs and the road for SVAC was also one with its fair share of hurdles and achievements, but one thing that remained consistent was their unwavering spirit and their aim to provide the best to their clients and make the best contribution they can to the world.

Minimalism has always influenced the space around me in my life. – Suchi Vora

Suchi Vora invented Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative all alone. With an experience of about 5 years, none of it in India, she strived hard and succeeded to provide the ideas as per Indian demands. She had just come back from Barcelona. It was strange for her to be back as she had to re-educate herself from the ground up.

Everything needed research and hours of studying and she could only get small jobs. Despite the challenging situations and problems whatever came her way, she didn’t hesitate to take assignments. She stayed on site from morning to night, went to the market to pick out and eat small nails, did drawings on site as she needed to be on-site, and finished drawings. She even carried material on-site, swept the site even once. That’s how the beginning was with the All hands-on board. With all size and type sites and unmourned sleepless nights, SVAC has experienced steady growth with each project.

Consistency. Just keeping at it. There’s no wavering. There’s no looking back.

With international collaborations as a forte, Suchi Vora Architecture Collaborative always tries to collaborate with different companies and people around the world to realize the project and give it its uniqueness, whether its product designers or industrial manufacturing units or even other architects around the world.

The SVAC team and culture

SVAC is a young and intimate team of dynamic professionals driven by the same passion, to create something unique, always. Everyone’s ideas on the team are to be heard, that’s how they grow, as a company and as a designer.  

Suchi says, “Beauty and function go hand in hand while designing. It’s not a superimposition of beatification on something that can work functionally. The idea is to work through it together.

Architecture has become more dynamic and parametric architecture is on the rise. Even interactive architecture.

Suchi’s take on the need for constant vigilance and rat race in the market 

We have to be constantly at it. That is the only way forward. Opportunities will hence arrive, of course then making the most of that opportunity and hustle in the right way will have its meaning then. But keep at it and they will come.

There is a rat race in every market but I try not to focus on it so much. Incidentally, the time I spent abroad working and networking helped me create a niche for myself. It’s important to be on the lookout for what you want to do, rather than what’s popular in the market. Strive through, make sure you’re going out of the way to get your point across.

Suchi’s powerhouses of motivation and creativity

Suchi’s largest inspirations are her clients. Finally, it is them that inhabit the space they design to reflect their desires, ambitions, their way of life, what they aspire to be in that space.

Suchi is always inspired by nature, people, and situations. She has immense admiration towards many individuals, but it is her husband who tops the list. He not only pushes her to do better every day, even to the point of annoyance but is always inspiring her to expand her business and creativity horizons. “It’s something I’m lucky to have in my life, this relationship,” Suchi commented.

BIG’s story motivates her a lot. Bjarke Ingels inspires her in a lot of ways, the way he started his career, the way he grew the business beyond a one-man show not only inspired her to push towards excellence and achieve her dreams but also have an unwavering spirit and discipline towards what she wants to be the most.. That’s the future of design. It’s an all-encompassing company that can influence various interdisciplinary design fields putting architecture at the centre of it all.

‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can’

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