5 Innovative Startups in the World

The 5 Innovative Startups in the World

The Innovative Startups in the World

Every year, many people come up with many and a lot of creativity. Innovative startups are straight the marketplaces. And with the appropriate marketing tools, the people end up getting huge popularity over a short period. Some of these are of the traditional, conventional kind, for example, the Fabrication industry, or an IT-related service Innovative Startups. Among many, only a few dare to come up with something different, start services that are out of the box, and hold on to them.

There has been a lot of saturation in some industries and there is a need for the world to see some innovative ideas coming on the canvas. What is important with putting these ideas on the table is the accurate execution of the idea. Sometimes, when you are digging for ideas, the last idea expressed can prove to be the best idea for an Innovative Startups. The only thing important for it is how well planned is the idea and the potential market for the business. Here are a few Innovative Startups in the World, which are taking strides towards success in a very less time.

Toast Inc.

Toast Inc. is a company founded in 2013 to help restaurants run smoothly. It takes a great deal of management, creativity, and the will to run a restaurant. Toast helps the restaurants in handling the front of the office work, the back of the office work, and also the guest-facing technology. It provides the hotels with useful and necessary software, like the point of sale, which keeps the record of the sales, software for online ordering and delivery, also the reporting and the analytics for weekly or monthly updates on the running of the restaurant. They also provide hardware services like the guest display, the kitchen display.

All in all, if you want to run a restaurant, or already own one, Toast is here to help you build the administration for one, and optimize the services if you are already running one. The headquarters of the company is in Boston, and the reach of the Toasters (what they like to call themselves) has reached across parts of the US including Dublin and Ireland. That is why Toast Inc. is on the list of Innovative Startups.


Turo is a car rental marketplace where you can rent different cars for your weekend getaways or a long drive along with the country. When you plan a weekend together with your friends and family, and sometimes you decide to go camping somewhere in the woods or just go by sea, and you don’t have a car that fits all of you in or a car that is not suited for the specific terrain. That is why Turo is on the list of Innovative Startups.

Well, Turo is here for the rescue. On the website of Turo, you just have to select the car you want and the duration you want it for, the Turo marketplace helps you locate the cars available for rental in your neighborhood. This way the people can get a car for their getaway without a hassle, and the people who have given the cars on rent can earn some money out of it. Turo is today active in about 56 countries and there are over 850 plus car models delivered to you.


Well, is it a task for you to keep up with your monthly expenditures? Do you always wish to start saving but somehow the plans just collapse right in the middle of the month? Not anymore. The Wealthfront application was founded for similar people. The application helps people to monitor their financial goals by developing some investment strategies for the users, which help them achieve financial stability. That is why Wealthfront is on the list of Innovative Startups.

The founders of the Wealth front observed that there was a need for the people to get proper financial advice, which otherwise they were lacking. So they decided to develop an application that would give the people appropriate financial advice from their current status of investment and expenditures. So his was how the idea was born, with two people wanting to serve the people with proper financial advice.


Niantic is a game developer company, but wait; it is not just any other game developer company. The company develops games that get people outside their homes and explore the surroundings, meeting new people. The game developers at Niantic want the people to get together, meet each other, meet new people every day, and if all of this can happen through a game, then why not give it a chance?
And arguably, their games have let people out exploring and meeting new people.

Their game Pokémon Go was a massive hit. Within a few months of its launch, the trainers had walked around 4.6 billion kilometers while playing it together. Thus the games developed by Niantic Inc. have a great social impact. Their games get people moving and meeting new people. That is why Niantic is on the list of Innovative Startups.


Over the years, the construction business has taken off on a much larger level than it was before. With the development taking place in each sector, especially real estate, there is a need for properly planned constructions. But when it comes to actual work, there is hardly any done. The architects are caught up in the paperwork, the litigations, and sometimes even broken communication.

The application developers of PlanGrid, aim at the efficiency of the work and thus think of putting the technology to use. And there we have PlanGrid, which helps the architects to get tech-savvy and less caught up in the paperwork. Also with the advancements in technology, one can complete the plan of construction and present it to the client with intricate details, which were otherwise impossible in the paperwork. That is why PlanGrid is on the list of Innovative Startups

These were a few Innovative Startups that changed the business scenario. It promoted the idea, that any idea if promoted and executed with planning can prove to be a success, however simple the idea might be.

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