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Fake Casinos And Legit Online Casinos

We come across fraudulent companies almost every day. One minute, people are raving about the company’s services, and the next, they are up in arms, wondering when the rain started beating them. Usually, these cases are prevalent in the financial realm and property investment schemes. But they have slowly made their way into the casino world, and more gamblers are finding themselves swindled out of their hard-earned money. Is there a way to spot a scam before you invest your money in it? Sure!

How to Differentiate Fake and Legit Online Casinos

Online casinos have made gambling much easier than a few decades ago where players had to observe dress codes and opening hours. They no longer must be physically present at the casinos. After all, with accessible legit sites like Casino Red Kings, they can play straight from their phones and desktops. This availability has prompted more people to throw their hats in the ring and have a go at gambling.

The growth is evident in the latest gambling stats, showing that this industry accounts for billions of dollars in revenue. But of course, with such a high number of players, scam sites have cropped up, hoping to get their hands on some fast cash. Can you tell which site is real of Legit Online Casinos and which one is out to scam you?

1. Licensing

Tip: Legit Online Casinos have proper licensing while fake ones do not.

To operate a casino, a company must apply for a gambling license which ascertains that they have met the minimum requirements to open the casino. The license also indicates that the company answers to an authority such that players can always voice their concerns when things don’t seem right. Always check if a casino has a license. To be even safer, go a step further and verify this information from the licensing authority for Legit Online Casinos.

Does having a license mean that a casino will not defraud you? Not really. Some licensed casinos will still try to get away with foul play. However, since most casinos don’t want to lose their licenses, they will do right by their players. Unlicensed casinos have the free will to do what they want when they want and will not hold back on not fulfilling their promises.

2. Scandals

Tip: Legit Online Casinos will have few or no scandals, while fake ones will have many scandals to their name.

Any casino worth it’s salt will go out of its way to ensure that it meets its players’ needs. You can tell how involved a casino is by checking its reviews. If third-party reviews are primarily positive, you can tell that the casino has done an excellent job. But what about a rogue casino? The reviews will tell it all. You will find people complaining about account closures, unreasonable terms and conditions, and inappropriate customer service. When reading through the reviews, you need to be objective.

For example, a casino may have been operational for the last six years and has an average rating of about 4.5 out of 5 on most sites. That’s a good sign. You may find that the people giving it a bad rating are being subjective. Someone could rate a casino with 1 star because they have somehow concocted a conspiracy theory about the casino. As much as you should always read the comments and reviews, go with the overall score, and you should be fine.

3. Contacts

Tip: Contacting a Legit Online casino is effortless but contacting a fake casino will have you jumping through hoops.

Legit Online Casinos want to keep in touch with their customers and will open avenues to facilitate this communication. You will find telephone numbers, office addresses, email addresses, and even a live chat option on their site. So, if you ever want to walk into their offices or call them up when an issue arises, you can do it.

But with fake casinos, you must go digging for information about their whereabouts. Most of these casinos will not even have live chat options, email addresses, or even telephone numbers. Instead, they will have contact forms of some sort, keen to ensure that you cannot unveil the site’s owners. But why would a legit business embrace this level of secrecy? It’s a red flag that all is not right. 

4. Random Testing

Tip: Legit Online Casinos display their testing certificates while fake ones do not

When playing in a casino, you automatically believe that the casino relies on random number generators. Nobody wants to assume that a casino could be playing games with its software to trigger given outcomes to the players’ detriment. To ensure this trust, Legit Online Casinos hire auditing companies to test their software and display the testing certifications on their sites. Of course, you can’t just take their word for it, and you should always verify with the testing company.

Fake sites will either not display these certificates or fake them to fool their players that their games are independently tested. Beware of this and always verify the facts.

If a casino passes the above checks, you can trust that it’s probably Legit Online Casinos. However, always keep one eye open for any red flags because the tides can change at any point. All the best!

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