The New York Times buys Wordle for Millions!

The New York Times buys Wordle for Millions!

Wordle is an online word game that has recently gained a lot of traction amongst people. It has become highly popular, and almost a part of people’s daily routine. The news just came in about the New York Times purchasing Wordle for a seven-figure price tag.

The game was created by a Brooklyn-based software engineer, Josh Wardle. He recently reported to Times about the payer count which jumped from a mere 90 to 300,000 from 1st November to 2nd January.

Josh developed the game, which is ad-free, only available once a day, as a gift for his partner. He decided to make the game public in October 2021. The deal was announced yesterday, and the amount remains undisclosed with just a hint of being in the low millions.

What happens to your favorite game, now?

Many people are wondering if the ad-free experience along with a free app idea will be turned around now it is bought. But the New York Times said in a press release that they will not change the game’s format, and it will remain free of existing and new players.

As we know, games, crosswords, puzzles, make a large part of Time’s subscription model. Also, this purchase has hinted towards Wordle, to be an addition to that or a free game with levels licked.

Times group has been on a spree, with major purchases racked up. Earlier this month, they purchased The Athletic, a subscription-based sports news outlet for a staggering $550 million. Acquired Serial Productions, a podcast producer for $ 25 million. They also bought Adum, which turns long-form articles into audio.

What lies ahead for Times and Wordle?

It remains unclear whether Wordle will remain free or will charge players at some time later in the future. As seen with the recent purchases by the Time’s group, the company is gearing up for a major overhaul in its subscription model.

As the competition gets fierce for more user base, companies are making purchases one after the other, but in the end, the price comes down to us, customers. So, it will be very interesting to see if Wordle remains free, or becomes a part of some package ahead!

As the online spacing is gaining huge momentum, with exponentially increasing footfall and user base. Companies are looking forward to grabbing the maximum crowd, with the pedal to the metal on their offerings and USPs!

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