Thomas cook, A British oldest traveling company collapsed

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One of the oldest holiday companies, Thomas Cook fell on Monday. Many holidaymakers got in trouble to reach their home back safely from different countries. The oldest travel company in the world started back in 1847 is struggling to survive. 

The British Company Thomas Cook, that businesses in Tours, Airlines, Resorts and much more got collapsed on Monday. The biggest and pioneer travel company in the world currently has 600,000 customers abroad.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Government is not going to help Thomas Cook by accepting their request of £150m bailout from taxpayers because of the moral hazard it would produce for other businesses to fail. Mr. Boris added that the government will not help Thomas cook but they will get back their customers across the world back home safely.

The Thomas Cook

The UK government has launched ‘Operation Matterhorn’ to fly home the overseas holidaymakers that are British – in what will be the biggest peacetime repatriation. Grant Shapps, the transport minister said that the operations to get back European people back home are running smoothly. While many passengers are complaining that they are facing long queues and disruption at airports.     

The tourism industry around the world is praising that Thomas cook should stand again as it was the oldest and pioneer travel company in the world. Thomas cook provides services in 16 different countries. 

Mr. Shapps said: “Our contingency planning has helped acquire planes from across the world – some from as far away as Malaysia – and we have put hundreds of people in call centers and at airports.” 

On day one with 64 missions, 15000 passengers came back home. 800,000 future travelers of Thomas Cook who booked their packages will get back their refund within 2 months.

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