YouTube updates channel verification terms

YouTube channel verification

YouTube, a widely used video streaming platform by Google is changing its norms for YouTube channel verification. It is also updating the way to show the YouTube channel verification by October. Currently, a checkmark next to the channel name shows the channel is verified or not. By October, the names of verified channels on YouTube will show up with a grey background.

YouTube channel verification | The Enterprise World

YouTube is about to change its norms for channel verification. YouTube does the YouTube channel verification for its users to know the channel’s official presence.

Currently, a channel with more than 100,000 subscribers can be verified regardless of proof of authenticity. But now, YouTube is about to change its norms for YouTube channel verification based on authenticity, prominence, etc. YouTube from now will check whether the channel belongs to a real creator, artist, public figure, or combine it claims to represent. If the channel represents a well-known or highly searched creator or artist then it will be verified. YouTube is going to verify the channels from now on based on their presence outside YouTube and a strong online presence.

Before when YouTube was small and doesn’t have that many channels and followers it was not a big issue about YouTube channel verification. But now YouTube is grown up and become more complex. That’s why YouTube is changing its verification norms to help its users to find their desired official channel more easily.

It doesn’t seem like YouTube users are welcoming these changes. According to the user’s comments, YouTube has many bugs that should be killed first. Another user said YouTube is taking this step to push big channels and kick the little ones. The outside YouTube presence norm for channel verification is confusing people. People are calling these changes in norms a stupid decision.

While YouTube said, users, don’t need to take extra efforts for verification after these updates. Channels will be verified automatically and will change their appearance with grey background after verification by October         

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