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Gavin Quinnies, the CEO of US HealthCenter Inc., reveals that “as an entrepreneur, to disrupt the industry you need to not only have a great industry knowledge, but also zeal to lead a company to new heights. At such point, a deep-rooted understanding of your market is a foremost.

Once you have gained that knowledge, you need to choose your resources wisely, so as to give your customers the best services. While keeping this in mind, a team that understands your vision and goal is a must, so as to exploit the capabilities to the best. And then, to take it to new heights, you must listen to your advisors and work impatiently, while also being patient with the entire process.” 

Trained in engineering and management systems, Mr. Quinnies started his career developing artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry. Afterward, he served as COO for a metals manufacturing and distribution firm, playing a key role in its successful growth from $20MM to $100MM with multi-state operations.

During this time, Mr. Quinnies developed industry-leading health, safety, IT, quality, and sales and productivity management systems. He implemented his first incentive-based wellness program in 1992 resulting in a 4:1 ROI.   

Mr. Rajesh Ranjan Singh, a man committed to transforming primary. A social entrepreneur and a specialist in civic participation, public health, and the non-profit sector, Rajesh Ranjan Singh has nearly three decades of experience. His deep understanding of community processes, health system strengthening, government engagement, and participation across Asia and Africa enables him to manage large and complex international development programs.

In this Interview with Pankaj Varshney, CEO, and Director, let us find out more about their products and services.

“After my post-graduation in Chemistry, I worked for companies in the private sector as an employee for over a span of 12 years. During my stints with these companies, I developed a significant skill and talent to manufacture extracts from almost all types of herbals and simultaneously also developed skills for marketing extracts. During these years, I was moved and inspired by the biographies of successful entrepreneurs who gave new directions and created new opportunities for the masses looking for employment. I decided to establish my own start-up to carry out R&D, manufacture, and marketing of herbal extracts.” 

In this Interview with Mr. Rajiv Nath, let us know more about Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices. 

“As current Managing Director of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd., I am now carrying forward the legacy of fair business practices and the value system for our organization while shouldering responsibility of well-being of 3500 direct employees & 5000 indirect dependents of Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices. Fortunately, our current turnover is more than 650 crores and growing to support them.”

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