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Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 - Vol. 3

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 - Vol. 3 features,

Dr. Tigran holds advanced and multiple degrees in Architecture, Urban Planning + Urban Design, Environmental Science and Regional Planning. He has written over 100 scholarly articles and 10 books and has educated future corporate project managers on a master’s level for over a decade. Positioned at the intersection of architecture, urban planning, urban design and urban studies, KTH’s Centre for the Future of Places CFP was an agora, a meeting place for leading thinkers, practitioners and researchers in urbanism who are pursuing solutions to the city’s key urban development challenges, with a particular focus on public space systems. 

Leadership Talks with The Enterprise World include the stories of-

Christopher Carter of Approyo. Approyo provides deployments, migrations upgrades for any SAP core instance. The company acts as a reliable partner delivering SAP projects on time and on budget. The process behind Approyo’s services begins with a tailored roadmap fit to each clients’ business needs. After an SAP project is complete, Approyo offers their managed cloud services, such as hosting, monitoring, and 24/7 SAP Basis support. Approyo’s global team of SAP experts works around the clock to ensure that all of their clients’ systems are running efficiently and securely. 

“I started Oliver Sanderson in 2011. I left a great job, sold my car to consolidate my savings, and set up an office in the dining room. What started as one woman on a laptop has grown into an international business at the cutting edge of executive search, working with big clients, winning awards, and making a difference internationally!”, says Natasha Makhijani of Oliver Sanderson. 

Ulrich Walder on his successful stint says, “The company was founded as a start-up and found around a dozen of investors right at the beginning to put the ideas into practice. Both technologies exist today as prototypes and, in the case of the mobile applications, have also already proven themselves well in practice. Just over a hundred apps in a wide area of application (insurance, project management, architecture, communication, art and culture, events, tourism and nature) have been created and experienced hundreds of thousands of downloads.”

Paul Guenther of Knowledge Hub Media. Knowledge Hub Media is a b2b advertising company with demand generation and content syndication serving as our core competencies. We’ve had a lot of major accomplishments over the years, including making the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row (Inc Magazine), and, being honoured as an Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur 360 company… The 360 best privately owned companies in America – also three years in a row.

Leadership Talks

Christopher Carter

Assisting Companies In Using The Big Data

Approyo- Assisting Companies in Using the Big Data Christopher Carter