Top 5 Tips On Choosing An ATS For Your Company

Top 5 Tips On Choosing An ATS For Your Company

Tips On Choosing An ATS For Your Company

From posting multiple job boards to writing job descriptions, you need the best recruitment software covering all your needs. It doesn’t only ensure an efficient recruitment process, but it also helps you attract top talents effectively.

If you don’t know what recruitment software to use for your company, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an excellent tool to consider. It’ll help you handle volumes of incoming applications and deal with various recruitment tasks while allowing you to keep your candidates’ information organized and centralized.

ATS with premium features can offer you more than just keeping track of your candidates. More than ever, it’s critical for your business to leverage recruitment technology. With this, the hiring process will be more efficient for recruiters and for potential candidates to have an outstanding experience from your company.

If you want to choose the best ATS for your company, below are some of the tips you can consider:

1. Comprehensive Features

As you start your hunt for the right ATS to incorporate in your hiring methods, it’s crucial to work with your human resources (HR) department to make a list of features they’d prefer in a recruitment tool. Then, pay attention to the features of every ats for your company available in the market to ensure that your chosen system has everything you need.

Before looking for more niche or advanced features, examine your hiring process. Ideally, you would want to get a system that has everything. For instance, you need a system covering such tasks from the recruitment stage to full automation of job offers, thank you letters, and the onboarding process.

While it’s best to settle with an ATS for your company with many basic features, it’s also a great idea to opt for a system with more advanced features. The reason behind it is that today’s recruitment has changed, and some candidates can be found on social media platforms.

An ats for your company that allows you to use and integrate social media as an option to source candidates is always a good investment. Some features to look for may include document integrations and management with various programs that your company uses.

2. Know Your Recruitment Needs

With the different ATS solutions available in the market, it’s vital to know your recruitment needs before you start making comparisons. Knowing your recruitment needs will help you wisely assess the costs and features of every preferred ATS for your company. So, if you want to improve your recruitment process or resolve particular issues, choose an ATS that can help you achieve your goals.

3. Know the Cost

Your company must also consider the cost of various ATS solutions and weigh the advantages against the expenses. You might be tempted to use a free ATS version, but you should ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs to use the features your business needs.

For instance, a free ATS may help manage your recruitment processes like tracking individual candidates and posting jobs online. However, it might not be able to help you automate approvals. In addition, free ATS has limitations on the open positions you can handle simultaneously.

Luckily, there are many available ATS for your company to fit any budget. You should only consider your options carefully and always work with your HR department to know the right solution and price range that works for your company.

4. Check Whether or Not It Offers Analytics

Depending on your company’s size, analytics is a must-have in an ATS. However, not all ATS offers analytics. With this feature, you can quickly review everything within your recruitment process. Plus, it allows you to focus on what you should improve or resolve in your recruitment process to find the best candidates for your company.

Analytics can also help you determine if your ads are getting clicks or not. Therefore, look for an ATS with analytics and enables you to automate and customize reports to get the data you require about your recruitment.

5. Check the User Experience

When choosing an ATS for your company, you should not only think of your HR or recruitment team. Some of your executives, managers, and candidates may also use ATS. In this case, look for an ATS that offers a superb user experience with easy log-ins and mobile-friendly features.

The best ATS is three-way, which means it allows users to:

  • Click on a candidate’s name to see more information
  • Click on vacancies to check the shortlist
  • Click on the hiring managers to see the number of vacancies they have


Choose the right ATS when choosing ATS for your company, and you’ll experience various benefits, like reduced costs in hiring and improved quality of new hires. This won’t only keep your new hires happy, but it can also make a difference in keeping your recruitment team motivated and productive. In addition, your company will enjoy a faster, cost-effective, and faster recruitment process over time, enabling you to fill vacancies immediately.

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