3 Salesforce Tips And Tricks To Boost Business Productivity

3 Salesforce Tips And Tricks To Boost Business Productivity

With the advent of digitization, most business processes can now be automated to improve business productivity. And as technology keeps advancing, the need for more automation also increases. Many businesses today have diversified interests, and customers expect a more personalized approach. So, giving the kind of service that customers expect could be challenging without a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Currently, Salesforce is at the top when it comes to its CRM software. It has undergone changes over the years, and today it isn’t just a marketing tool aimed at customer support, sales, and marketing. Organizations worldwide use Salesforce as a vital management platform that incorporates conventional CRM tools and other toolsets such as accounting capabilities, Human Resources elements, and many more. There are about 150,000 companies today that use Salesforce.  (1)

An Overview on Salesforce:

Salesforce is a cloud-based computer software company that assists businesses in keeping track of clients and their requests, with the goal of service improvement for business productivity. Founded in 1999, Salesforce specializes in CRM software, using Software as a Service (meaning you don’t have to install the software—it’s all subscription-based) to deliver its services to organizations.

However, Salesforce’s CRM doesn’t stop with customers; this software brings together your company’s various departments as well, which results in better organization. As a result, a business can make decisions quickly and accurately. Its responses to market changes will be more dynamic, making its relationship with customers more engaging.

For business productivity, knowing their customers’ needs and wants, which are things that Salesforce tools can give them, is a definite competitive edge. These tools have a lot of features that businesses can use, which could help transform concepts into apps quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, Salesforce helps enterprises adapt to the software in a matter of days, so they wouldn’t have to spend months figuring out how to integrate the CRM software into their system. Integrating Salesforce with a number of third-party apps is pretty straightforward, such as with any accounting software that your company might use. (2)

Salesforce Tips and Tricks for Business Productivity:

The Salesforce software has an eminently customizable interface, so there are a lot of things that you can control and tweak to help you get the most out of this handy platform. Check out these important Salesforce tips and tricks below that could boost your company’s business productivity:

1. Maximize Various Functions:

Salesforce’s robust CRM platform lets you transform your sales department into a streamlined and highly efficient component of your company. Its Activities, Tasks, and Email functions are just among the many excellent features of the platform, so it’s best if you could maximize them to your advantage for business productivity.

For example, the Email function allows you to send emails to your clients straight from the Salesforce platform. You can also choose from a number of email templates you can use for easy correspondence with customers. There’s also a function in Salesforce where you can create cases directly from emails. You can find out how by following this link, ‘email to case salesforce,’ and you’ll see it’s as easy as pie. 

You can also keep track of your important meetings and record any interactions with your clients through the Activities functions for business productivity. The Tasks function provides users with to-do items that need to be monitored by the persons to whom the tasks are assigned. You can also add a description of each specific task, the person assigned to it, and other pertinent information. 

2. Take Advantage of Salesforce Chatter:

There are dozens of messaging tools being used today, but if you’re already using the Salesforce platform, you don’t have to use anything else. Salesforce Chatter is a collaboration tool that helps your employees securely work together to update statuses, establish networks, and share files.

Connecting co-workers on a single social networking platform, whether they’re working remotely or not, isn’t just for convenience. It can actually help them be more productive. The platform, in fact, is used by top companies across the globe that employ thousands of workers. (3)

Your employees can collaborate on sensitive or confidential projects and post updates about their project statuses to share with the whole team. And since Salesforce Chatter has a similar feel with other social media platforms, its familiarity makes it a great environment for sharing ideas and proposing new concepts for business productivity.

Your employees could reach consensus quicker, and with a healthy back and forth among colleagues, innovative ideas are encouraged and discussed. Healthy brainstorming among co-workers can inspire concepts that can improve business productivity, service, and overall efficiency.

3. Let Metrics Work to Your Advantage by Using Reports:

The report you can create using the Salesforce management tool will afford you a visual representation of crucial data on sales via a consolidated cloud-based reporting system. It’s also an effective tool that can significantly improve your business’s marketing, customer service, sales, and other elements. You can gain vital insights from the collated metrics through these reports, create reports about KPIs (key performance indicators), or customize your own.

You can find out the source of your most significant sales, the time it takes to close a deal, the industry where most of your accounts are from, and others for business productivity. You can get accurate answers and comprehensive insights into your operations in real-time, thus enabling you to adjust your strategies accordingly.     

Final Thoughts

Salesforce can help you access tools where you have plenty of choices in streamlining your business processes and boosting your business productivity. Now that digitization is the norm, having a platform like Salesforce is a big boon for businesses to use the data from customers to help them achieve their business goals.

The tips mentioned here a just a few examples of the many tips and tricks that aid businesses to use the Salesforce CRM platform effectively.  


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