Top Pharma Companies in India

Top Pharma Companies in India

The Pharma sector has always played a crucial part in the Healthcare industry as a whole. The pharma sector not only provides the required medicines, drugs, etc. but also provides other required chemicals, etc. for conducting various medicinal researches, etc. The Pharma companies also handle the tasks of providing the required machinery and various precision equipment that not only are technologically advanced but also assure the hospitals, clinics, etc. of quality and precision.

Thus, the Pharma industry and its companies play a huge role in the overall development and growth of the Healthcare industry. Moreover, since the onset of the pandemic, it has come out to be far more important than the attention it was given to earlier, thus, raising the needs and performance expected out of the pharma companies around the world.

The rise of Indian Pharma companies

India is the largest provider of generic medicines in the world, holding almost 20% of the world’s supply and supplying almost 60% of the vaccine requirement spread around the world. One cannot rule out the importance of India’s contribution to the Pharma industry and the companies that carry this legacy and huge supply all over the world. The ongoing pandemic has increased the demands but also requires more effective medicines and solutions, making these companies work round the clock to bring in the latest and most effective vaccines and medicines to fight the virus and other prevailing issues and diseases.

These top pharma companies in India not only provide hundreds of drugs with other products and kits made by experts with extensive knowledge, R&D, etc. but with utmost quality and industry standards.

1. Sun Pharmaceuticals

Sun Pharmaceuticals is ranked among the top pharma companies which sell pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) as well. They are one of the most trusted and reputed companies in India and around the globe with over 2000 formulations supplied around the globe.

2. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is another Indian multinational firm with over 190 drugs, 60 APIs, biotechnology products, critical care, diagnostic kits, etc. being sold pan India and exported too. They have seven active manufacturing plants in India and also expanded their operations to Russia in 1992.

3. Divis Labs

Divis Labs is among the youngest firm in the pharma sector, with APIs, nutraceutical ingredients, and Intermediaries, etc. being exported all over the world. They have 3 active plants and 3 R&D units which give them an edge over other companies.

4. Cipla

Cipla is another leading firm that is also famous worldwide for its commitment to providing generic medicines. Cipla has a presence in more than 150 countries with more than 2000 formulations, known for their diversity in areas such as nephrology, neurology, diabetogenic, etc. and not to forget their assurance and reputation for providing the best quality products.

Pharma sector, emerging or diverging?

The recent inclination and shift towards the pharma companies around the globe and the expectation from them have increased manifold which has raised many concerns among the medical professionals and people alike but has also given rise to new horizons and possibilities for the future roadmap and growth direction.

The changes that are and will be taking place in the pharma companies are one to look out for and the Indian pharma companies will be in the spotlight due to their irreplaceable contribution and advanced and highly skilled and diversified pharma companies. The top pharma companies in India have high hopes set for them, the question remains whether they can offer breakthrough products that will change the face of the Pharma industry as a whole?

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.”

William Osler

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