4 Traits that make a Good Leader apart

4 Traits that make a Good Leader apart

What do you think Traits make a Good Leader, apart from the others? Is it their ability to work their way to the top? Or is it the number of connections they have? Or is it their ability to motivate people? While these qualities do help people at varying degrees in their journey of becoming a leader, but leadership is not just that. It runs deeper than that.

Here are some Traits that make a Good Leader apart from the rest-

They Improve Themselves First

It is very unlikely for the people to rise above their leader. It is the leader who sets the mark in almost every area, be it the work ethic, or integrity of the office atmosphere. So if the leader is not giving much thought to the example they are setting, naturally, the others will follow.

This is the first quality that sets Good Leaders apart- they always improve themselves first before they lead others.

They Embrace Feedback

Another important qualities of a Good Leader are to accept feedback from the followers. A leader knows that he/she has his/her own strengths and weaknesses and also the willingness to accept both criticism and praise. However, most of the leaders face the temptation of putting themselves in a bubble of yes-men; people who don’t challenge his/her actions.

The best leaders however surround themselves with a group of trusted people; the kind of people who will give them honest feedback, whether good or bad.

They Are Lifelong Learners

To be at the top of an organization, one needs to learn new skills, gain mastery over new subjects and concepts. They constantly read books and articles that are related to their position. Concluding, the upward you move into your organization, you need to upgrade your knowledge, only then can you do justice to your job.

But when you become a leader, you assume that you have learned everything that was needed. But it is not so, to become a leader, you need to be a lifelong learner, and constantly keep upgrading your knowledge.

They Take Responsibility

Being a leader is a unique position to either take full responsibility or blame the ones working under him/her. It is not worthy of a leader to blame his/her failures onto others and boast of their successes. All the Good Leaders understand the fact that whatever happens, the final responsibility lies with them. So when something goes wrong, it is their responsibility, even though they might have not caused it. When one wishes to succeed, one must be ready to accept the challenges it comes with, to take responsibility for the failures.

These are the most important Traits that make a Good Leader.

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