Travelport and Amazon Web Services team up to power “simpler, smarter and better future” for travel retailing


Langley, UK, 15 June 2021: Travelport, a worldwide leader in travel retail, today announced a strategic, long-term collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to use advanced cloud technology to accelerate the digital transformation of retailing in the travel industry. The collaboration, which unites globally renowned expertise in travel technology, cloud technology, and hyper-personalized retailing, will focus on optimizing Travelport’s recently launched next-generation platform, Travelport+. It will also drive innovation in travel merchandising with the launch of a new accelerator program that will incorporate talent from the tech startup community.

“The travel industry has struggled to keep up with the pace of change in digital retail,” said Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer at Travelport. “This landmark collaboration is specifically designed to address just that. AWS’s retail heritage makes them uniquely qualified to optimize digital retail platforms, simplify complex environments, and enable game-changing innovation in the travel retailing space. With AWS as our preferred cloud partner, we are going to create a simpler, smarter, and better future for travel retail.”

As part of the long-term collaboration, Travelport will migrate its global platform that connects travel agencies and travel suppliers to AWS. It will also use AWS technologies, including High-Performance Compute (HPC), storage, security, analytics, machine learning, and databases to deliver a faster, easier, and more personalized travel booking experience. In addition, Travelport will use AWS Managed Services (AMS) to provide trusted operational expertise to help optimize platform efficiency and security.

Optimizing Travelport+

Travelport+ is an extensive, next-generation platform that creates a simplified, capability-rich marketplace for travel retail. To optimize the platform, Travelport+ will leverage AWS compute, which will enhance efficiency by enabling Travelport to easily scale capacity for processing while maintaining superior performance for HPC workloads. The company will also speed up content delivery through Travelport+ by leveraging its global network to cache content at “the edge” of the cloud, bringing it closer to end-users anywhere in the world.

“Travelport is using the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of the world’s leading cloud to provide the speed and insights needed to put the customer first,” said Adam Selipsky, Incoming CEO of Amazon Web Services, Inc. “By leveraging the broadest and deepest set of cloud capabilities and AWS’s proven global infrastructure, Travelport can enhance the performance of its platform and continue to develop new ways to simplify the travel booking experience. With people around the world beginning to return to travel, we look forward to working with Travelport to help the travel industry continue to innovate.”

AWS will provide Travelport+ with proven global infrastructure and security that is built to satisfy the requirements of organizations managing highly sensitive data, such as financial institutions and travel companies. AWS was selected for this long-term strategic collaboration due to its proven travel industry experience, along with its scalability, global reach, and culture of innovation.

Driving Innovation

To accelerate innovation in travel retailing, AWS will further enhance Travelport’s development and delivery model, enabling more rapid speed to market and the production deployment of solutions. This will give Travelport developers the ability to innovate faster and provide expanded access to solutions developed by AWS’s established and startup travel technology community. They will also use AWS’s world-class capabilities, such as machine learning and advanced analytics, to improve its personalization offering, leveraging the company’s latest technologies to explore new ways to simplify the way travel is retailed.

Sandeep Dwivedi, Chief Operating Officer at InterGlobe Technology Quotient, said, “With the growing demand for and application of digital, especially in the unprecedented times, this collaboration with Amazon Web Services shall certainly bring long-term advantage to our customers. Hyper-personalized retailing in the industry has been a rather futuristic goal for many but not anymore. Travelport is indeed reinventing travel retailing as promised.”

On Thursday 24 June, David Peller, Managing Director, Travel and Hospitality at AWS will discuss the collaboration with Travelport during the upcoming virtual event, Hello Modern Retailing. To register to attend the event, hosted by Travelport, please click here.

About Travelport

Travelport is a worldwide leader in travel retail. Our next-generation marketplace Travelport+ connects buyers and sellers that share our passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences. Unconflicted and independent, we are reinventing a simpler future for travel’s complex ecosystem. We are a truly global company, operating in over 180 countries. Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.

About ITQ

InterGlobe Technology Quotient (ITQ), a strategic business unit of InterGlobe Enterprises, holds a leadership position in the travel technology industry with its avant-garde travel technology solutions. Bringing nonpareil inventory options to travel agents’ desktops and mobile phones, ITQ renders the process of travel booking and agency management, seamless. As the sole distributor of products in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bhutan, ITQ invigorates the connection between travel agents and airlines through a vast network of data.

With innovation fuelling its operations since 2005, ITQ has been technologizing travel agents with inventory, interface, and intelligence by being the neural system of travel agencies in India. Connected to nearly 200,000 agency terminals, ITQ serves over 13,000 customers, including travel management companies, online travel agencies, and retail agencies, in almost 400 cities while providing unparalleled assistance through a 24X7 helpdesk.

Travelport Official Partner

InterGlobe Technology Quotient is an independent Official Partner appointed by the company in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan, connecting buyers and sellers to industry-leading travel content through a single platform. Together, the company and its Official Partners are on a mission to power the future of travel. By focusing all our energy and expertise on connecting buyers and sellers of travel through a single, independent, unconflicted marketplace, the company is reinventing a better future for our industry.

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